2016 in Review

I started this “Year In Review” idea last year and fell in love with the idea.  I featured it all last year and the 2015 In Review got almost 100 views.  I know, that is kinda pathetic. Apparently nobody cares about my readers but me. It makes sense since I am the most shocked that I have readers in the first place.

Over half the YIR views came in January so I figured if I was going to do it again I should do it fast. It was actually beat by 15 posts from 2015. That is impressive.

I said last year that I wouldn’t beat the best post or the overall numbers simply due to the size of the one political post that was viewed over 30,000 times.

2016 saw a drop in the number of posts from 79 to 51

  • 4.3 posts per month
  • 1 post per week

Those 51 posts brought my total posts up to 145 and they were viewed over 44,000 times in 2016!

  • 44,370 views in 2016
  • 3697 views per month
  • 853 views per week
  • 121 views per day

500 views is still not reaching for the moon

A year ago I was shocked that 5 posts passed the 500 view mark and this year 13 passed 500 views and 8 passed 1000!

McDonald’s blows it big time!
Published 2015-11-24
Views: 12,161 (12,257 total)

Alberta Education: Gender Terrorism
Published 2016-01-19
Views: 6632

How can someone care so little about our youth?
Published 2016-10-26
Views: 4272

Transgender Insanity Hits Home
Published 2015-05-26
Views: 2892

Scout Uniforms for Halloween Costumes?
Published 2015-11-02
Views: 2194

Home page / Archives
Published 2013
Views: 1929

Hey Alberta, Want to Hear a Story?
Published 2016-01-15
Views: 1694

Alberta Education Could Learn Something from Michael J Fox
Published 2016-10-27
Views: 1265

An honorable mention has to go out to “Kiera Johnson… the craziest thing I heard all week” who hit 829 in 2015 and then 995 in 2016

Last year’s top posts didn’t see one from a previous year crack the top-60 (aside from home pages and about me pages). In 2016, 5 of the top 10 viewed posts were published in 2015 (or earlier).

In 2015 a lot less people “Liked” posts (134 vs. 53) but the comments went from 142 to 255 and I have way more fun replying to comments than I do counting the liked posts.

This year was just as perplexing!

Last year’s Scout Halloween-costume post hit the list again this year in spot #5 with another 2194 views bringing it’s total to 2915 views. I just didn’t understand where the views were coming from until I figured out how to see what people were searching to find me.


You can see from this image that 5 of the searches used to hit my blog included “scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse” and then had the following terms added… police woman, lady cop, name of lady cop, nude…

Once I figured this out I was very excited to post about it.  I knew the exact picture that was getting all the hits for me and then when I found out that the actress that played the topless cop zombie was actually a porn-star I kinda left that draft alone.

By March I had a new perplexing question…

In 2015 I had the phenomenon that was a single post that received over 15,000 views in one day and over 30,000 views over the year. For the record, that post hit 300 views in 2016.

This year I had a post about McDonald’s cinnamon melts that was doubling month over month until the summer. It continued to climb until November and December which both saw views decline slightly for the first time in a year since it was written.


In total the post saw 12,161 views in 2016. It took a long time for me to figure out what was causing the rise but I think I figured it out. These tasty morsels were sitting in freezers in McDonald’s across America. As these restaurants ran out and told customers that they were all gone they hit the internet in disbelief and found my post.

Thank you McDonalds!

Last year I was making jokes about how blogs could never become successful without a laser-like focus and top posts could not have been on more different topics… let’s see how this year compared…

  1. Fast Food
  2. Alberta Education Terrorism
  3. Alberta Education hating students
  4. Transgender Insanity (kinda about Alberta Education)
  5. Scout Uniforms
  6. Alberta NDP freezing wages
  7. Alberta Education shutting down home schooling

Apparently 2016 saw a definitive focus on posts about the Alberta Government with 17,000 total views in 2016. Apparently I get riled up by stupid politicians.

Despite my apparent focus on politics, the blog was rebranded with “A2Z with ADHD” as a new title. It seems to fit what I think and talk about quite well and many of you have agreed. I will likely never make a ton of money from a blog. And that is why I am writing books.  Someday I will finish one enough to publish it and you guys can each get copy.

My Readers Aren’t All Canadians Anymore


Last year I highlighted the top 15 countries that my readers came from but a full 35,000 out of 40,000 views came from the Great White North.

2016 was a little different, mostly due to those Americans running out of Cinnamon Melts!

  • Canada – 25,214
  • United States – 15,266
  • UK – 423
  • Germany – 360
  • France – 303
  • Mexico – 249
  • Australia – 205

While Canadian views increased 40%, views from the US and Germany jumped over 500%.  The big difference is that Canadians made up 86% of views last year and this year they only made up 57% and American views jumped from under 10% to 35%. Once again I have to give a lot of credit for this to McDonald’s and their customer’s love of cinnamon melts.

2015 only saw 5 countries pass 100 views and 2016 saw that number hit 12 with 7 surpassing 200 each.  Only 3 countries hit 200 in 2015.

A picture says 1000 words

I uploaded a ton of pictures again this year but two pictures were clicked on vastly more than any other. From the Scout uniform post, the half naked zombie cop pic was an obvious winner but surprisingly, a picture of Lynda Carter came in a close second place.


I said I was not pleased with the casting in my post about Batman vs. Superman and I am more upset that they didn’t bring Lynda Carter in to play the Amazon Queen (instead of Nicole Kidman or Connie Neilsen).  The Wonder Woman movie looks awesome and I love her as a hero but who are these people that are doing the casting? Lynda Carter is one of the hottest seniors alive today (playing POTUS now on the CW’s Supergirl) and Wonder Woman is one of the most amazing superheroes ever created.


I would have assumed that my viewers were quite split between female and male but looking at those two pictures makes me think I have a lot of young male readers.

Almost an even split of views come from search engines and Facebook so no matter where you get to my blog from, keep coming.

My “followers” climbed ever so slightly from 50 to 60. Hopefully less politics will bring more diversity into 2017 followers without losing the people who already like what they read.



3 responses to “2016 in Review

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  2. I’m guessing i have a lot to do with your views from Mexico – I’m from Alberta and we don’t get much for news around here (not that you can believe what you hear/read anyway) so i always appreciate your non BS views. Thanks!

    • Nice of you to say… what part of Alberta are you from?

      I look forward to having money to retire in Mexico one day… just kidding. I plan on taking plenty of time off work and working until the day that I die.

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