About Me (updated again)

What can I say about me.  I am a geek and husband to the most amazing ex-wife a man could find and father of nine beautiful kidlets.  And typically I am happy… and always thankful!  I truly live a blessed life.

I currently volunteer more than I work many weeks of the year…

  • I put in my 20 hours or so a week for Scouts Canada,
  • help in any way I can with Sunday school and events at our church,
  • run a few computer user groups in Alberta and Saskatchewan,
  • help teach computer classes to seniors at our library,
  • take a week off every year to pour my life into one of the world’s largest children’s festivals.

I am one of the lucky guys who loves his career but loves his wife and kidlets enough to want to run home every day… what more could I want out of life?  Fine, a $40 million lottery win would be kinda cool too I suppose.

Please read my first blog post here so that you understand a little of where my head is. That way, when you get lost reading other posts I can blame you for moving forward after being warned.

I suppose I should let you know that it is my wife’s hope that I actually make money off this blog at some point so if you click on an ad or link from somewhere in here there is a chance that I might make a few cents… we will cross our fingers just in case eh?

5 responses to “About Me (updated again)

  1. Hey there Shayne (and Stacey)! I stumbled upon your blog via an FB comment made recently. When I saw your picture, Shayne, I was fairly confident it was “you” and as I skimmed some of your blog (I’ll admit I didn’t fully read things yet but I’m sure I will) I saw a picture of Stacey and knew that it was indeed “you”. Long story short, congratulations on the 9 (!) kids. I am very happy to see that you, and your family, are well, enjoying life and appear to be as outgoing as ever. It’s been many moons since I’ve seen my favorite DJ and his beautiful wife and it’s hard to imagine that the 4 adorable kidlets you had then are all grown up never mind adding another 5. Wishing you all the happiness in your future and success in your endeavors!


    • It is amazing how facebook really shrinks the world. It is great to hear from you. You are one of a small number of people out there that knew Stacey when she was my ex-wife or my first wife…

      I am not sure that I would recommend you reading all my blog posts… regardless, don’t hold any of it against my wife. In her defense she works very hard to get me to NOT post some of the things you might read.

  2. After your post on f/b tonight regarding the upcoming changes in the school system, I noticed this was coming from a blog. I think I will be spending some time in the next while reading it. You seem to have some very interesting topics. Thanks…..

    • you truly are a brave girl… enjoy the roller coaster of emotions… actually it’s going to be closer to a bad acid trip but you might enjoy some of it… i hope

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