Alphabet Karma

Alphabet Karma

My mother taught me to be proud of feminists in the 70s and 80s. Women have always been the most important part of my life. I was raised without a male influence in my life and never called anyone “dad” until I was married. It doesn’t need to be said, but I married an amazing woman and someone who was clearly out of my league.

Feminism was all about helping women, about building them up, about ensuring that they held a place in the world that was equal to the importance of their existence. There was a point in time when women were paid less than men and it wasn’t even illegal, when they couldn’t vote, and when they were looked down upon as second-class citizens.

At some point, feminism went from having this goal of helping women gain equality in a man’s world, to some weird goal of just crushing men. Today I see feminists out there pursuing agendas that are leading to the destruction of women. They keep talking about a wage gap that nobody can show any evidence of. I haven’t talked about it much, but I did enjoy writing The Hollywood Pay Gap rebuttal post.

How could a feminist ever support an action that turned a woman into a third-class citizen? We all know what I’m talking about. This past week a biological man who took some estrogen pills and some testosterone blockers and claimed his pronouns are her and she, has claimed the top spot in a college swimming event. This is an individual who spent 21 years as a man and decided one day that he was tired of being ranked on the wrong side of 400 as a college male swimmer. Today, not only is this person ranked number one as a college female, but records are being smashed that women fought for long and hard.

As a side note, I did enjoy seeing some feminists at the event standing up for female athletes.

Not everyone is as upset as I am about Lia Thomas crushing biological women in an event that is separated by gender for the simple reason that, in virtually every physical contest, men have a significant advantage. Stanford swimmer and Olympic silver medalist, Brooke Forde, is a supporter of Lia Thomas. She said in January, that she doesn’t have a problem competing against Thomas. Brooke was quoted by the New York Post1 as saying, “I believe that treating people with respect and dignity is more important than any trophy or record will ever be, which is why I will not have a problem racing against Lia at NCAAs this year.”

I didn’t want to go on any tangents today but it’s the name of the damn blog so enjoy my ADHD. It’s a funny fact but after years of research, the only physical sport that I have found women to be competitive with men in is actually long-distance swimming. In this sport, women do not compete, they kick ass. So unless you’ve been a competitive athlete in the water, you might not want to race a woman across the English Channel.

And I just have to jump off for one more little thing. As big a fan of feminism as I used to be, and I would never argue against women separating themselves in sport because of the physical advantage granted to men by some cosmic design, I have no idea why there’s a best male and best female Grammy or Academy Award. Not only can women compete in these areas, in the past it has been hard to choose the male winner of the year over the female winner at either award show. I’m usually surprised by the male winner but rarely by the woman. Maybe that’s just a guy thing.

The Reason For This Post

Now I have to tell you when I started writing this post it was because all over social media all I could see was these Emma Weyant hashtags everywhere. it seems the whole world wants to let Emma know that they thought she should have won. I have two big problems with this.

My first issue is that so many of these people have said nothing for the last few years while this crazy movement has been saying ‘yes a man can be a woman’. I do not care if a man wants to dress like a woman, cut off body parts, or get breast implants. None of this affects me. I like to ride motorcycles in the rain. We’re supposed to be in a free country where we can make decisions and pay our own price for them no matter how stupid others may think they are.

So, if these people we’re all in favor of a guy becoming a girl, they must have seen this coming. They had to know that this was coming to college level sporting events. And they must expect a guy to win a gold medal at the Olympics in a female competition in some crazy future.

These alphabet people have been fighting for more than equality, but special treatment. They don’t seem to understand that there is a difference between acceptance and celebration. For you to criticize me because I don’t go to a gay pride parade is not just stupid but hypocritical… unless you don’t also criticize me for failing to stand up at a Nazi parade. Alphabet people are free to celebrate whatever they want just as the Nazis are free to celebrate their beliefs. While I am okay with them having the choice to celebrate these beliefs, they must accept that I have the choice to not celebrate with them.

Now my second big issue is that everybody is out there hashtagging Emma Weyant and giving her all these kudos. I don’t mind this for Emma’s sake because she is getting way more publicity coming in second place to a girl who used to compete as a guy, than she ever would have coming in first place in a race full of biological women. I certainly never would have heard of her.

The primary goal with this post was to let people know that the biggest loss in this event, in my mind, was not Emma getting silver instead of gold but it was some poor girl coming in fourth place whose name we will never know because she didn’t get to stand on the podium at all. Because a human being who went through 21 years as a man, trained and competed for three years as a competitive male swimmer at the college level, was allowed to swim 500 meters against a field of biological women and utterly humiliate them. I say that because it didn’t appear in the video that Lia Thomas gave it 100% (constantly looking back to make sure that first place was locked in).

My goal with this post was to put a big fat hashtag in front of some poor girl’s name and beg you guys to promote the crap out of this post. It was gonna be my little rage against progressivism… My little slap in the face of modern feminism.

I don’t know how many of my posts you’ve read but one of my favorite things in the world, besides bitch-slapping a hypocrite, is karma. I’m a sucker for karma. YouTube knows it. I can’t go a week without getting sucked in by YouTube suggesting I watch some idiots in a Russian dashcam get dealt “instant karma”. And that always ends up being two or three hours down a rabbit hole. But I crawl out of it with a smile on my face and maybe that’s enough.

Today I’m going to tell you something special, something you haven’t heard from me very often. This post is for your enjoyment, and you can just enjoy it alone. You don’t need to share it with anyone. You don’t need to talk about it or repost it or even comment on it (unless you really feel an urge).

You see, I don’t get to post a lot about karma, I’m mostly focused on the hypocrites. But today I would like you all to know that I went into this post feeling utterly horrible for #4th place. I would like you all to guess who came in fourth place…

Did you guess?

Did you guess that it was a young lady in her last year at Stanford? A young lady named Brooke Forde, who will not get another chance to come in 3rd place at a college swimming event, came in fourth to a man who decided to be a woman. A trans person that she said she would have no problem competing against. Less than three months later there are no hashtags for Brooke and nobody put a bronze medal on her neck. I really wanted to find an interview of her after the event but to be honest I just don’t care anymore. She wanted to swim against a guy taking testosterone blockers and now she knows what it’s like.

Lia Thomas crushed the record while also crushing three Olympic silver medalists in Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan, and Brooke Forde.

The picture below has been taken out of context all over social media. It is not a podium protest against Lia Thomas but a celebration with three friends who were on Team USA at the 2020 Olympics. I do feel bad for Leah for still being in the frame but at the end of the day all the gold medals that she’s going to rack up will more than make do for it.

I Just Don’t Understand

If there are some of you out there who still think that women compete can compete against men that physical sports you need to understand something. On the right side of this picture, you see the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ranked American college female swimmers at the 500-meter freestyle. On the left side of the podium, you see the #1 ranked college female and the #462nd rank male. it basically means that 461 other college men in America could beat everyone in this photo.

I strongly believe that there is going to be another revolution or civil war in the United States because I have never seen a nation so divided and so happy to be so. I never knew what would start it but with debates on abortion, black lives matter and Antifa, defunding the police, forcing experimental drugs into children, the rights of teachers to educate 7-year-old children about safe sex or transgendering, or the systematic attacks on America’s 1st and 2nd amendments, I honestly never considered that feminism might have a role to play but here we are.

I have no idea where this road ends, but I would like America to know that they’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Here is a fun video. Not funny. Actually, it is quite sad.


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