Dear Justin – A Convoy Rebuttal

I just want to take a moment to respond to PM Justin Trudeau for his Facebook post yesterday…
Sorry Justin Trudeau. We are not all frustrated by this pandemic. Many of us are frustrated by your reaction to it. We are done fighting Covid and now turning toward fascist, racist, misogynistic d-bags like you. I have been shocked – and disgusted – by some people condemning my fellow citizens for standing up against fascism and fighting for my freedoms and rights.
I want to be very clear as well: We are NOT intimidated by those who hurl abuse at small business workers (like truck drivers) and steal food from every Canadian by increasing inflation and stopping many businesses from opening altogether. We will not give into racists who claim everyone who doesn’t lick their feet is a racist while they paint their face black and mock other nationalities with costumes 12 months a year. And we WILL NOT cave to those who encourage violent left-wing vandalism (antifa, blm, ?). And we will always remember their horrific disdain of our living veterans as well as those who have given everything for our country and our freedom!
You are correct, there should be no place in Canada for this behavior (is this why you take so many vacations in the Caribbean?). So to those responsible (check the nearest reflective surface): This needs to stop! And to those who joined the convoy but are uncomfortable with the symbols of hatred and division that our Prime Minister keeps displaying: Be courageous… do not run away like his wife, keep standing up against Justin Trudeau’s intolerance and hate and Canada will stand with you!


Justifying my position is quite simple while Justin just looks like an idiot calling all truck drivers unvaccinated when thousands of them drove up from the USA and had to be fully vaccinated to cross the border.
Justin Trudeau validates Omar Kadr’s $10M payment because the Canadian government ignored his Canadian rights… so does Justin admit that he owes the rest of us $10M?
Trudeau only attends rallies and protests that share his beliefs… like the BLM (see picture below) as he shares lies and hate and states that he thinks every trucker here is unvaccinated… then threatens provincial Premiers. Classy.
I want to comment here how sad it makes me to see so many people complaining about this convoy. There are tens of thousands of people in this convoy. Are there racists? Absolutely. Are they all racists? That is just a stupid question, instigated by Trudeau’s hateful rhetoric. What kind of misinformed divisive fascist would want these people arrested? They are there fighting for the freedom and rights of all Canadians, even the fools that are backing Trudeau and his lies.
But my Justin Trudeau is not a fascist misogynist! (in a whining SJW voice)
But my Justin Trudeau is not a divisive racist who mocks anyone and everyone!

14 responses to “Dear Justin – A Convoy Rebuttal

  1. I think Trudeau wants to discredit those who protest to make people hate. He is a negative person. He did not understand the desire for freedom and the courage of these people. I respect those who protest and I don’t respect this heartless prime minister. Here in Italy the government is doing the same thing. Tell lies about those who demonstrate to fuel hatred among us. Politicians are all corrupt, remember that.

    • I don’t know that I believe that “all” politicians are corrupt but the odds seem stacked against them.

      Trudeau definitely has his sights set on dividing Canada but the people are complicit. They voted for him and many refused to acknowledge his tyrannical efforts. All they want to talk about now is Russia. Too many people don’t think for themselves, they let the media tell them what to think. Critical thinking is not rare, it is condemned.

      It kills me how many people will criticize the actions of Putin but not a tyrant like Trudeau. Putin is a Communist tyrant who took over a Communist government from another tyrant. Trudeau is a tyrant moving a free country to tyranny, and a large part of the population refuses to admit it.

      They will just start complaining when Canada is run by their own Putin and they will wallow and complain about how they never saw it coming.

      • Unfortunately, even here in Italy most of the people follow the thought they see in the mass media. They are easily manipulated. Every tyrant knows the methods of influencing people well and uses them. I am also angry with people, yes, because even here they allow Draghi to always make new destructive rules for us who do not want to bend. Draghi also tried to divide us and he succeeded and people did not understand. Now we only talk about war and in the meantime Draghi and the others have changed two articles of the Constitution and soon there will be more damage and we will be persecuted even more. Now I no longer believe in any politician because everyone says good things and then comes to Parliament and changes his ideas. I believe that many politicians are now paid and corrupted by the pharmaceutical companies. Even journalists, presenters and musicians and actors, all corrupt.

        • As a general rule, I would agree that the media is more corrupt than governments. At least in governments there are still some trying to fight for what’s right. I don’t see this on most news outlets today. Just lies and deception. I hope that you get your country back!

    • Hopefully enough Italians still remember the glory days of Fascism. Here is Canada it is only remembered by the soldiers and they are few and far between now. I have enough Italian blood in me to feel for your plight and pray for your strength. Do not wait on Canada to come help you, we are joining you in fighting for our own survival.

      • I had two grandparents who fought against the fascists and the Nazis. They always talked about the suffering caused in that war by those two dictators. I condemn all kinds of tyranny and selfish power. I have supported and sent my support to everyone fighting in Canada. I have never asked for help, neither in my blog nor in any channel, even though I am sick and not money for my drugs. In my blog I don’t even advertise my books because I’m not looking for money. I write only to have contact with others. I have always fought alone and will continue to do so. I was happy to see brave people who had found a way to make Trudeau escape and I also advised the Italians to do it and cause Draghi to escape but no one listened to me because I am not famous. Thanks for your support. I hope to continue to be able to help and in return I ask for nothing, never for anything. Peace and serenity to you. 🌸🌼🌻🌺🌹

        • I would love to check out your books. Would you post links if I asked for them?

          I was so happy that I gave the convoy here money anonymously when Trudeau started seizing bank accounts of people who donated money. He is pure evil.

          I totally understand why you write. It is therapy for me.

          • I just went through some your writings on Wattpad. Not the genre I typically read and there were some translation issues but you sure found a way to hook the reader at the end of each chapter. It was so difficult to stop reading.

            Keep up the creativity!

          • Oh thank you so much for reading. It’s true, I should check all the translations but I don’t have much time and sometimes I can’t even sit at my pc to check and fix everything. But you were really very kind to come and read my other stuff. Thank you, thank you very much.

          • I did not know these things about Trudeau and you did well to inform us about these things. He was really bad at blocking people’s accounts. But sorry, aren’t bank details secret in Canada? Did he bypass privacy laws? Then Anonymous should punish him well and I hope he does.

          • Justin Trudeau enacted the War Measures Act (recently renamed to the Emergencies Act) to declare war on peaceful Canadian protestors. Once the Act was enabled, he had a short time before the House of Commons (which he controlled with the socialists) or the Senate could overrule him. He had to show the reason for why he declared war on someone and since he couldn’t do that, he used the Act to seize bank accounts and arrest people without notifying the judicial branch of the government.

            He is a horrible politician and a horrible Canadian. He has not been shy about his disdain for our country and his love for Quebec. He simply wants Quebec to be Canada. And he hates Western Canada which is where I live. We have a different mentality that out East. We don’t mind being part of something bigger but we demand that everyone fights to pull their own weight. There are some out East who believe it is our job, as the workers, to support their artistic endeavors. It is difficult for me, as a writer, to tell them to go pound sand, but they need to hear it.


          • Unfortunately I can tell you that no type of election is valid, that is, it is not us with our votes who truly elect those who govern but there are organizations that rig up the votes to ensure that only one specific person is elected. Here in Italy the government is destroying the economy and everything else. And none of us elected Draghi but with the covid excuse he was taken to fix certain things and instead he ruined everything. Not that Trueau was elected either, but that these organizations must decide to have him run in order to destroy Canada. So I think these criminal organizations want to divide people, they want to create hatred, among people. Those of Quebec against the others and also in Europe, those of the East against Europe. In short, it seems that there are powers in action that want discord, disharmony and violence. I am very sorry for the situation you have in Canada and you were right to talk about it. Everyone should know what kind of asshole Trudeau is. I personally supported Canadians demonstrating and knowing that they were punished just for demonstrating is really a terrible thing. I believe that people can still fight. For example, taking money out of banks, no more debts, no more loans, no more government bonds, no support for certain multinationals. I believe that the people have power but they must be united. And they try to divide it to prevent it from compacting and winning over politicians and powerful criminals. THANKS FOR YOUR INFO ABOUT CANADA.

          • But are the other Canadians in Quebec like Trudeau too? That is, they also want to break away from the rest of Canada? What do other people living in Quebec think about it? Do they support Trudeau? Don’t they notice what kind of person he is?

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