Canada 2019 – expectation and hope

What’s at stake?

First off, in my half-century in Canada, I have never seen the country more divided. Even a few decades ago when Quebec was holding provincial referendums on leaving confederation the country was only hearing the discussion on one province and the rest of the country sat back as spectators. The current discussion involves several provinces and I have heard sentiment to have BC leave on it’s own, the maritime’s separate, a ton of talk about western Canadian provinces joining or leaving individually, and I have even heard people talk about Ontario leaving Canada.

I hated the idea of Quebec leaving confederation 30 years ago and I hate the idea of anyone leaving now. But… I pointed out in a post four years ago, how pleased I was with Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and the maritimes for electing Trudeau four years ago. Justin made it clear that he hated Alberta and he hated Western Canada on whole and he has gone above and beyond to prove it by decimating the energy sector and doing nothing to assist the largest industry in Canada. He has ballooned our national debt to a point where we owe more than we make putting us on a scary list.

Bullying still celebrated

Bullying is still celebrated and I haven’t seen much change since the 2016 article by Ian Robinson. I have actually talked to several people out East who honestly believe that when an Albertan worker loses his job it just means he has to sell some of his trucks, skidoos, ATV’s, Motor homes, or even the lake cottage or second house he rents in Fort Mac. These people are idiots.

Environmentalists and activists in BC are still using the population of the lower mainland to bully their own northern BC citizens about building dams. They don’t want gas and oil… they don’t want dams… they don’t want forestry. The Green, NDP, and most Liberals, simply want us to stop using engines, electricity, and plastics. They are willing to start with just banning single-use plastics but make no mistake they have an agenda to force us back into the bronze age… except without firewood.

Parties and ideologies

I typically vote conservative and usually there is only one option at the polls. This year however, there are two options by definition. Both Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives and Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada claim to be a little right of center, which is where I like to hang my hat. My problem is that one of them seems to not be very honest in their claims.

While I believe that Trudeau is too Socialist to be running for the Liberal party, evidence would suggest that Andrew Scheer is much too liberal to be running for the Conservatives. If this is the case then the only candidate who actually stands on the right of center is Maxime Bernier.

While I would rather have one of the Teletubbies run Canada for the next four years than suffer under another four years under Justin Trudeau’s corrupt government. And don’t give me any flack about the corruptness and fake news. The facts are clear. He has been accused and busted more times by the ethics commissioner than any other PM in the history of Canada. No PM has ever been accused of interference by his own Justice Minister and then fired her regardless of her doing her job better than any other politician in the country. Taken into consideration that Justin promoted himself as a feminist to get female votes and then fired multiple female MPs. He touted himself as a friend to indigenous groups but then lied about over half the promises he made before the last election and fired the first female indigenous Minister of Justice.

Why I feel the way I feel about Scheer

I have high hopes that Trudeau will be unemployed after tonight. No more Mr. Dressup wannabe running our country. While I would love to see more of Maxime Bernier policies promoting free enterprise and freedom of the press, I would be crazy to assume this could happen in the PPC first run at government.

Andrew Scheer lost some of my trust when I challenged him with something that, in my mind, was a total win-win for him and the Conservative party. I told him that if he promised publicly to make Jody Wilson-Raybould his Minister of Justice if she got elected no matter what party she was representing. I don’t even know if this is allowed but I do know that there isn’t another Canadian citizen that I would trust more in that role than Jody for the simple reason that she committed political suicide by showing that she would do the job properly.

Scheer has also banned Rebel Media and True North Media from events which just screams Liberal propaganda. Why on earth would a politician NOT want to have more publicity unless they were afraid of what they would say? Locking out the press is a tool of the left and not something I would support in any way.

Finally, the one thing that really got under my skin in the past few years was watching Trudeau repeat the same bullshit response over and over while never responding to the actual question. I would love to post all the videos of Justin Trudeau and how many different questions that were responded to in this manner over the past four years but this is a blog not a book. To hear Scheer NOT answer a simple question two days ago in the exact same manner made me ecstatic that I chose NOT to vote in advance polls. If you want to hear his ridiculous response 18 time in 20 minutes, check out the video here.

Is the media at fault for what is going to happen?

The media is still responsible for being filled with propaganda on all sides. I don’t know where these people get the nerve to attack people based on lies and accuse politicians of lying when they clearly have no moral compass. CBC’s Olivia Stefanovich attacked Scheer on his claim that Trudeau was looking at an NDP coalition if needed to continue ruling Canada. The only difference between the Liberal and NDP agenda is that the Liberals are going to bury us in more of the same $10B+ annual deficits and the NDP have said they plan on spending way more than the Liberals.

Mike Le Couteur from Global national attacked Scheer on the exact same point. He had the balls to tell Scheer that he “put out a lot

If in fact Trudeau claimed to plan to stay in power even if he didn’t win enough seats there are only three options Mike, please let me know what you think Trudeau means by staying in power?
1. he is planning to form a coalition with the NDP
2. he is planning a coalition with someone else
3. he is planning to over-throw Canada’s democracy with some sort of military coup.

What do I expect and hope for?

I expect Scheer to win a minority but I expect to hear nothing but coalition talk for the next week.

Atlantic Canada is going to go at least 1/3 Conservative. There is a ton of welfare mentality and socialism East of Ontario but who can blame them. Most Canadians that I know don’t mind supporting Eastern Canada with transfer payments and anything needed to keep them as part of Canada. There is clearly a line drawn with Quebec because nobody on planet earth is smart enough to understand how a province with a balanced budget can actually show net gains of $2B after taxes and transfers while Alberta loses $10B in transfer payments in one year. There needs to be some common sense on top of the 7 pages of math calculations.

Quebec hopefully loses some Liberal seats to the Bloc.

Ontario is my big question. With Kathleen Wynn getting the boot I had some huge hope and still hold onto Conservatives getting some seats in the GTA… which they were all red in the past election.

I am hopeful that there will be no red all the way West until Vancouver again and I hope those people move more to the Green party.

You will hear from me later tonight after polls are closed I am sure.

3 responses to “Canada 2019 – expectation and hope

  1. I wish that Ronna Ambrose was eligible to have run as the leader of the Conservative Party. I think we would have different results today.

    • Why wasn’t she eligible? I have always wondered how those two clowns were fighting over the party when they had such a strong and awesome woman running it after Harper left.
      I am kinda glad Trudeau won again though because it gives us reason to get rid of Scheer and put a conservative in his place for the next election.

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