2 responses to “Second best advice about Facebook!

  1. Imagine that now I tell you, to you and to all those who are reading, that there are pedophile predators who go through the pages of facebook, of mothers, to see where those children live, what they do, what time they go to school, which now come back. Imagine that they can see all the habits of the family and get organized and make a child disappear. Will parents ever know they got everything from facebooK? Obviously not. But this happens. Many mothers talk about their little children and do not know that there are many pedophiles who read everything, look for everything, look at everything. They even steal the photos to put them on the clandestine market for children. And if they find someone interested they carry out the kidnappings. So please tell everyone to stop posting photos of young children or minors if they want to save their children.

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