I’m Back!


Welcome to my diary.

My wife started this by asking me to start a blog because she seems to think you can make money at blogging.  While I agree that there are hundreds of bloggers making money off their posts and a handful of those actually make a living off their writing.  When you consider the 200,000,000 blogs on the Internet suddenly you see the chances of making one cent off writing.

The easiest way to make money off a blog is to write stuff that so many people want to read about that advertisers are beating down your door to pay for a small corner of your site.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to focus your blog posts on one detailed topic and promote the crap out of it to a specific segment of the population.

You will learn quickly that this is not going to happen.  I will be writing about technology, family, home schooling, public speaking, road trips, teaching, learning, scouts, volunteering, employment markets, personal finances, real estate, economics, religion, politics, authors, singers, actors, movies, books, writing, Disneyland, the downfall of society and Caillou… and now you understand why I will never get those focused eyeballs on my blogs (…just thought of two more topics I want to write about).  You can tell by the picture I attached to my first blog post (one of my kidlets) that I have no focus.  My wife has been trying to get my on Ritalin forever (add pharmaceuticals to my topics).

Another great clue to getting lots of eyeballs is to keep the blogs short and succinct so that people can enjoy the read and then get back to their day quickly and not feel like they just lost an hour of their lives.  You probably already understand why knowing this hint will not be helping me… I simply can’t write short anything.  In my youth I started writing a few short stories because I was told I had a great imagination.  Every short story ended up being a book and I got tired of writing… and most of these short blog posts will likely end up being short stories.  *smile*

So if you somehow find this blog through the modern miracle of webcrawlers or a link from Facebook or Spiceworks… please enjoy… and don’t ever complain about the posts being too long or not on topic.  We don’t need no stinking topics around here… this is my diary dammit!

6 responses to “I’m Back!

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  5. my 9 year old was the first person to ever read my blog. He got halfway done and asked me to finish reading it and then made one quick observation. “That was so boring”. I love my kids.

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