Trump should not waste this amazing opportunity

We are all well aware that there are 7000 people marching from Honduras to the US border.  President Trump has threatened to cut off Honduras aid if they don’t do something about the group heading North through Mexico.  He has deployed over 800 military personnel to the border in anticipation of their arrival… some news outlets have claimed that over 5000 troops are being deployed.

My question to President Trump is why?


If you know me, you know I am not a fan of illegal aliens.  I am also not a fan of harsh immigration laws.  I am a big fan of seeing America protect its borders.  I believe that there should be a wall.  Funnel illegal aliens to gates but make it easier for them to stay in America if they want to share in the American Dream.  If America would spend more time making sure that the people moving in believed in the same values they would see huge benefits.

The USA was built on immigration and Trump should be embracing this, not fighting it.

He has weeks before the caravan arrives.  He should call FEMA to build a tent-city to house them all and start preparing for their arrival.  Offer every able person the opportunity to work toward getting on the immigration track.  Pay them minimum wage to build the damn wall.

The worst case scenario would be that thousands more who want to live in the US will come North and spend some time working on the wall and then become productive members of the American economy.  These people do not want to come to America to apply for welfare.  They aren’t coming for free stuff… to abuse America’s graces… to hurt the American people… they are coming for a piece of the American Dream.

Stop making it more difficult for immigrants to get the same opportunities that all of our ancestors received.  There are tough decisions to be made and I believe that the right solution lands somewhere in between tightening all the immigration laws and letting everyone who arrives move right in.


The fact that a dedicated and passionate workforce is on its way to the exact location that Trump wants to build a wall should be seen as a huge opportunity, possibly one of the biggest opportunities that the Trump presidency has to pull off a monster win.

These people are not going to “displace” American workers.  They are going to BECOME American workers.  If I had to pick one thing that I complain about Trump talking about it would be him complaining that foreign countries are sending the lowest of their citizens, their criminals, their unwanted.  While I will agree that many unpleasant people have crossed into America, this caravan is filled with people who are walking thousands of miles because of what you are doing in America… because they believe in a future in America… a future that you have promised to Make Great Again!



In the President’s words, he said the only people he wanted as immigrants were those based on merit.  Surely these people qualify.  Give them a tent to live in while the build the wall for 6 months, give them three square meals a day, treat them as good as you treat your military and you will be rewarded as such.  At the end of the day, give them a temporary green card, show them a path to citizenship, and pay them for their time on the wall.  This is how you Make America Great Again.  Something Democrats would never consider and Republicans would never dare.  You might just be the ONLY man for the job Mr. President.

Show the world what you are made of Mr. Trump.

2 responses to “Trump should not waste this amazing opportunity

  1. Just want to say that migrants invading a country is illegal, by law, which seems to be your suggestion for Trump.
    We should not throw away legal immigration by allowing any form of migrants to bust through borders, or welcome them as PM Trudeau did – I believe this act constitutes a type of treason, but it is good for votes or “feel good” feelings, to maybe offset some type of guilt feelings. “The UN Migration Compact” voiced similar illegal acts to destroy North America – we should be contacting our MP to not sign this radical “Compact” in Dec.2018, with the UN world which wants to give our money and rights to the illegal migrants who do not want citizenship, but welfare, like the family of the little boy who washed up on the shore.
    The “Compact” even recommends that all countries might offer the same welfare package so these migrants won’t shop around. We should not pay people to break our laws – they will never stop coming, but welfare will eventually cease to be there for Canadians and Americans.

    • I can’t say a single good thing about Trudeau or the UN… or welfare for those who have never contributed anything to our country.

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