2018 in Review

So much for the tradition of reviewing the previous year in January to see what happened on A2ZwithADHD… mid-February will have to do this year because of my schedule.  I am not sure that I learned anything new about writing last year but I learned a lot about my followers.  This was a super slow year for my writing and I didn’t even progress very far in the novel department, but a few loyal readers are following everything.  It looks like, if I died today, I would get about 600 views per month forever.  Crazy.

2018 saw my family move homes.  While it was in the same city, I would still rather light myself on fire naked in the Vatican courtyard than do that again.  I worked on a remote project in BC in April and May and I ended up so sick for a few weeks in July that I basically never left bed except to go to the doctor.  I spent a week at a scout camp in the middle of August and then went to California for most of September for my daughter’s wedding.  You might have read the post about her florist… *smile*

I still haven’t done the revamp of the site that I have been planning and talking about for the better part of two years but let’s review 2018 and see where we end up at the end of 2019…

  • 2015 – 79 posts
  • 2016 – 51 posts
  • 2017 – 16 posts
  • 2018 – 11 posts

For the third year in a row my writing has slowed down both in volume and in views… this year, my views dropped twice as much as my posts with almost a 50% decrease to 12,843…

  • 2015 – 40,287 views
  • 2016 – 44,381 views
  • 2017 – 21,608 views
  • 2018 – 12,843 views


The 500-view mark still stands

I only had four posts pass the 500 view mark compared to six in 2017 and the funny thing is that NONE of them were written in 2018.  I tried to stay away from the trendy topics that bring out the social justice warriors and get me a hundred messages on Facebook and the result was fewer eyeballs.  I am thinking that this means that the eyeballs I got this past year are actually interested in what I have to say more than how to defend their opinions no matter how wrong they are.  *smile*

McDonald’s blows it big time!
Published 2015-11-24
Views: 6457 (31,795 total)

Scout Uniforms for Halloween Costumes?
Published 2015-11-02
Views: 868 (4670 total)

Views: 691 (5359 total)

2016 in Review
Published 2017-01-08
Views: 572 (754 total)

For the first time an annual review article has cracked the chosen 500-view mark.  It only had one like, so it might not be as useful to other bloggers like I thought it might but I enjoy going through the last year to see what it might teach me so I will keep doing them.

The really odd thing was that it was not the 2017 review that was published last year but the 2016 review that was published two years ago.  Very interesting indeed eh?

Biggest 2018 posts

My biggest posts of 2018 include a rant about “cultural appropriation” (that is in quotes because I struggle with considering it a real thing), home schooling, scouts, and the environment.  I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t give one second of their thought to our environment, they only care about spreading hateful propaganda and ranting about shit that makes no sense.  Do they know how this makes them look?  Do they care?

Geography hasn’t changed much

The odd change last year from a 60% Canadian readership in 2016 to a 60% American margin in 2017 continued in 2018 where 60% of my clicks came from the USA and only 25% were from Canada.  I am thinking with the provincial and federal election this year this might sway sharply.  Although I refrained from writing nearly as much as I wanted to about politics in 2018, I will probably be much less restrained in 2019 due to the importance of our political landscape in Canada.

Searches still a target

If you recall from the 2017 Review article, 67% of views came from search engines and only 13% from Facebook.  2018 saw much the same with 69% from search engines and only 8% from Facebook.  WordPress readers went from 0.6% in 2017 to 1.8% which is a 300% annual increase.  While the numbers are small, it is not something I should ignore.

Blog Focus

Once again, after thinking I found a common element with last year’s review, I am back to the drawing board with no focus on my top 5 posts.  It might be true, my blog is not about stupid people, just written by someone who fits the bill.

I will continue to write, try to be funny, and most of all have fun while doing it.  Sorry to say, while I love you for finding time to read my stuff, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about most people in this world.  I am a stubborn old man but I try to be open minded even though it goes against my natural personality and I will continue to try to learn more than I teach. 

Happy late 2019!

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