Transgender Insanity Hits Home

This post is not going to go over well for some but someone has to step up and be the voice of reason… as unlikely as it may be, it seems as though I am already in the minority.  How on earth can this be? Let me tell you a story about some seriously disturbed people…

Now up front, I will tell you that we are NOT going to get into a discussion about the transgender thing… I really don’t care what you feel about it right now because at this moment in time I am infuriated by the selfishness and irresponsibility of a mother in my home town of Edmonton, Alberta.  You can read up on the whole story in two quick articles if you want but here is the breakdown…

  1. A 7 year old boy thinks he is a girl (yes, I said seven)
  2. the mother complains to the Catholic School Board that her kid feels uncomfortable in the boys bathroom (no shit eh?)
  3. the school places a gender-neutral bathroom in every school for this child (this shocked me)
  4. the child wants to go to the girls bathroom to feel more like a girl (this shocked me even more)
  5. the school board says no, go to the bathroom we built for you (yay for common sense)
  6. the mother goes bat-shit crazy, accuses the school board of discrimination and files complaints with the Human Rights Commission (goodbye to common sense)
  7. one irresponsible liberal housewife (Patricia Grell, a school board trustee) takes up the fight (you knew one of these people had to be involved in the post eh?)
  8. the school board allows this youth to now use the girls bathroom (you had to know this blog post was coming now…)

My wife tries not to read my blogs but considering some of the friends we have she has probably going to be asked to comment on this post. I am sure I am already infuriating these individuals, but let me reiterate, I do not care about the whole, your boy is not a girl discussion.  This discussion today is about these 8 points but I don’t have the inclination to talk about all of them so here is the abridged version of my opinions…

1. A 7 year old boy thinks he is a girl

This is easy to understand whether you agree or not.  This is something that has been going on for a while and is getting much more popular, especially with the psycho liberal housewife movement building steam.

 3. School board builds gender-neutral bathrooms

While I think it is a little nuts that a school has to do this, I accept that there are kids that are messed up and think they need this.  My acceptance will allow me to quite easily understand this.

4. A boy feels like a girl and wants to go to the girl’s bathroom

I don’t get this but I have to believe that some of it comes from parents.  I suppose that if I can accept a 7 year old boy dressing like a girl I can absolutely understand that boy in a dress feeling uncomfortable in a boys bathroom.  But let’s get real.  This child is going to have problems everywhere in life, and as messed up as the child is, the bathroom in grade two should not be such a life altering conflict.  I mean this grade 2 boy is wearing a dress to school and a bathroom choice will solve anything in their life?  Seriously?

 5. The school says use the bathroom we built for you

Well they built a gender-neutral bathroom so that a boy in a dress wouldn’t be uncomfortable.  Wow, they are very accepting, especially for a Catholic-based school board.

8. The school board changes it’s mind

When I first heard that the School Board caved, I thought they meant #3, that they built the gender-neutral bathrooms.  I thought, hey, that is old news.  I knew that already.  Then I was told the grade 2 boy in a dress was going to be able to use the girls bathroom because the kid felt more like a girl in the girl’s bathroom.

Now most of us don’t go to the bathroom to feel more like an anything.  Most of us go as a form of weight loss… we come out lighter than we went in and that is the only purpose for the room and it’s furniture.  While I get not wanting to walk into a bathroom filled with grade-school boys in a dress but what on earth could a room filled with girls do to help?  In the grand scheme of things, a school has let a boy into a girl’s bathroom.  I think this is nuts, ludicrous and absolutely insane.  Hell, I think it verges on criminal!

If I had a daughter in that school I would be losing my shit right now!  Hell, if I was in a wheelchair in that school right now I would be losing my shit.  If your son can wear a dress and get to go to the girl’s bathroom even though there is a gender-neutral bathroom, why can’t my wheelchair-bound body as well?  Then the school would say, look at the nice “accessible” bathroom we built for you and your wheelchair.  What if I went and told the school that I wanted them to allow me to go to the regular bathroom after spending millions of dollars to upgrade them all to accommodate me and my wheelchair because it would make me feel less handicapped to be in a bathroom with all the other youth?    I would feel better if I was trying to get from the bathroom to the toilet paper

They would probably start the work but I would have to sue them and accuse them of discrimination.  This is absolutely nuts and I am stunned that we have leaped so fast from acceptance to bend-over-backwards-for-no-reason.  Let me say this again, your son wears a dress to school and you are so mentally challenged that you think your child would be more comfortable dressing like a girl in the girl’s bathroom than in a gender-neutral one where the child would be all alone for the 3 minute visit.

I will say again that we are destroying our nation and family values not by accepting these changes, but by celebrating them.  I do not want to celebrate this young child, nor do I want to celebrate the mother or her discouraging ideas.  I want to live in a world where they would both be happy that I accept them as they are.  Why do these people insist on my celebration and the conversion of all other youth at that school to their way of thinking?

Why can this kid not be happy with a bathroom where they can do what  needs to be done in private?  Why isn’t the perfect solution, the one the school board offered, enough for this family?  There is only one reason that I can think of, this family wants to extend their pain and suffering through their struggles to the school system and to all the other students.  One of the reasons our society is falling apart is because too many people think they are owed something.  This family is trying to collect on a debt that is imagined.  It is not real.  They got a just solution and they pushed, and are still pushing, for rights they do not deserve nor do they even exist.  Who is going to stand up to the people like this and Patricia Grell and say “Enough is Enough!”?

14 responses to “Transgender Insanity Hits Home

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  2. I have worked with Gender identity Children and Adults. While I agree with some of the comments I do not agree with all. We all know what a bathroom is used for. There has never been a legal problem with this. The Child or Adult should use the washroom thay identify with. Also it should be mentioned that we watch and monitor those with identity issues let’s try to be a little understanding on this. I know some of you will jump on me and some my have quistions . But please do not feel all those who have a gender problem are just going though a faze and will get over it please show some compassion. Cindy Roberts P.hd.

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    • Thanks… I feel very alone sometimes… even with 6 kids left at home. My wife is not a fan of my vocal un-political correctness.

  4. Let the uncomfortable student use the staff washroom, for his own safety, but don’t imposed any more stress on those poor young female students who are experiencing natural hormonal changes, among other things, who don’t need to wonder if the person in the stall beside her can hear the tampon wrappers being removed. Growing up is uncomfortable enough and I would be worried about what other changes will be demanded and complied with. What happens when these boys or girls decide they would be more comfortable in the girls\boys shower after gym classes in high school? At what point do we stop bending over backwards to accommodate an individual, and ignore the rights of the majority? I think I’d be opting for home schooling.

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  6. I would be losing my shit! Considering this boy’s mom was losing her shit, I’m thinking she may be the one needing the help… perhaps she wanted a girl all along and has been brainwashing this poor kid since birth 😛

    • I doubt it but would not be surprised. I have a 4 year old girl that plays with cars and trucks and loves to wrestle with her older brothers… like many young girls do… of course mine is doing it in a Disney princess dress or a tutu. There seems to be nothing I could do to make this little princess feel like a boy, but making her want to use the boys bathroom just seems so alien to where I am at right now. I really can’t imagine how I would feel at that point if something like that happened.

      I would like to think that I would accept her wanting to be a boy but at the same time, I sure hope I would still have the common sense to not allow her in the boys bathroom… and convince her (him) how insane it would be to think of something so crazy.

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