One last day before the election… could the NDP turn Alberta on its head?

I keep hearing about polls predicting an NDP victory. As much as I hate polls for their abhorrent inaccuracy, I have to say something.

For those of you unaware, the NDP stand for New Democratic Party and their values include a party with very little democracy.  They were formed during the great depression by joining some conservatives, socialists and unions together.  They have not changed their ideology.

Brian Jean hopes to be the next Premier of Alberta... as do many of us!

Brian Jean hopes to be the next Premier of Alberta… as do many of us!

While I will admit that the Alberta NDP ideology is somewhere in between an Ontario PC and Liberal, they are still way too close to their Socialist (I often use Communist here) roots for my taste (CCF and CLC).  The basis of their campaign is balancing the budget by raising taxes for businesses.  Even as a business owner I never complained about taxes… well never as much as the way the government spent the taxes. I agree that the PC party has been in decline since the days of King Ralph and though many people in the public sector.

My home, most of the metro Edmonton area, is often a sea of red at election time and I often get swallowed up by liberals who love cushy government jobs they know should never exist and union posts that are burying their employers in a mountain of debt.  These people never loved that Ralph eliminated the debt and for the most part, financially saved Alberta and made it the envy of the free world.  They just wanted secure jobs with a false sense of security.

Orange Crush... on the road to crushing another Canadian economy...

Orange Crush… on the road to crushing another Canadian economy…

Now I  hear that a sea of orange could be coming.  It is fitting that they use a can of Orange Crush in their campaign because every time I see a picture of her holding that can I can’t stop thinking of the way decades of NDP rule in BC have crushed that province to the point that I am unsure of its recovery.  I love BC and taking my family there in the summer but it seems like every worker in that province is unionized unless they work at Walmart or McDonalds.

I can’t predict what bad would come from an NDP rule of Alberta but the PC voters who are disenchanted with their party should look a little closer to home.  They have the Wildrose and Liberals and even the Alberta party to choose from before they turn to a socialist labour party. Some tell me that they aren’t interested in voting for a party that doesn’t have a federal voice.  Why?  Alberta has never had a voice in Ottawa.  We have oil and that seems to have been working for us for as long as I can remember.

An NDP voice from Alberta in Ottawa would not be an Alberta voice at any rate… it would be the voice of an NDP marketing experiment.  It would never last long and I would hate to think of how long it would take us to recover. I can only hope that enough people come to their senses and vote for someone who will help the province without decimating the tax structure and labour system we have.

I myself have to vote Wildrose.  I love the platform of saving money rather than increasing taxes (the base of the NDP and Liberal platform) and love how they plan on doing it without affecting front line services.

I have to say though, before I go, that I met some very inspiring candidates at last week’s Poliwings event in St. Albert and If I lived in a different part of St. Albert I might have to vote for the Alberta party as their candidate, Gary Hanna, was one of the most down to earth and inspiring candidates I have ever met.  I really enjoyed listening to him chat over wings about various topics but for me, Shelley Biermanski is the only choice.

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