Taking Manitoba off the family travel plans

This is my last night in a hotel in Manitoba, and I do not look forward to ever visiting such a backward, fascist place again. The people I have worked with here are amazing but I would never bring my family here to visit.

They have over 85% of their population fully vaxxed… they have 189 new Covid cases where 48% are vaccinated… yet they continue to berate anyone not vaccinated and lock down their province with an iron fist… I would love to tell you that I checked out restaurants and left some of the money I made here but all I did was waste money on a negative covid test back home because it does me no good in Manitoba, where these clowns have mandated full vaccinations to get into restaurants and most other venues.

This is their premier:

Manitoba premier says anyone not vaccinated against COVID to be removed from caucus (msn.com)

“I very much believe in vaccines. They are working … and I think as leaders, we should lead by example,” she told reporters.

Do you know what else works? Exercise and eating healthy. But clearly “leading by example” only includes forcefully injecting experimental drugs into strangers.

Don’t get on me for fat-shaming this cow because I am fatter than she is. The difference is that I am not going around telling people that ‘vaccines work and that I should be leading by example’. I don’t do much for my health, except avoiding the covid-19 jab lately. But the hypocrisy of this clown irks me beyond belief.

“Stefanson had earlier said she would impose a new rule on Dec. 15 that will require anyone entering the legislative building — politicians, staff, even public visitors — to show proof of vaccination.”

Without requiring negative test results, she shows that she has zero interest in slowing the spread of covid, only virtue signaling to the media and blind voters. Their own data shows that.

They admit that their healthcare system “can manage” but they spread fear about the lack of staff they have… but they use draconian vaccine mandates to restrict their population without allowing testing anywhere? Draconian and backwards.

Maybe if they allowed people to get together with negative tests they wouldn’t have 172 new cases. They certainly wouldn’t have the 83 new cases where they trusted people with vaccines not to spread Covid. Clearly math is not a strong feature of this provincial government.

So why is the province testing 7.4% of their civil servants who are “required” to be fully vaxxed if only 12 people are not complying with the draconian mandates? That is a great question. Here is another one…

Why are they adding “AND refuse testing” to make it look like 184 people aren’t vaccinated when their math is that 2728 people are NOT vaccinated or won’t share their personal medical info? Because 7.5% (recognize that number from above?) is a much larger number than 0.5% and they want unvaccinated people to think they are all alone… and more importantly, that medical professionals (I am going to have to stop using that term soon) are all vaccinated.

What I really want to see now, is the 2728 people sue the government for not providing a safe work environment. Their data clearly shows that vaccinated people are spreading the disease, so by only testing unvaccinated people, they are allowing a huge threat into the workplace every day. If I were not vaccinated and they wanted me to test to come to work, I would sue the government under whatever OSHA/OH&S law this province had that forces employers to provide a safe work environment. I suspect they would win considering the government data proves their point.

Here are the Manitoba reports where I tracked down their data:

Province of Manitoba | Reports (gov.mb.ca)

Province of Manitoba | COVID-19 (gov.mb.ca)

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus – Public Servants and Testing (gov.mb.ca)

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