Mariah Carey Vaccination Fake


I have tried my hardest not to write much about Covid-19 but the government simply is not helping me to stay calm or quiet.

I know some people who have faked their vaccination status so they can live as normal life as possible. In Canada you need a QR code to eat out, partake in social events, or sporting events, and attend school… and now to fly or take a train. Today I stumbled upon Mariah Carey’s video of her vaccination shot in April of 2021 and I instantly knew that she faked her vaccination. I understand why, but why would you show off your lie to the public on social media?

I honestly don’t understand the adrenaline fix to stay in the spotlight, and I am as big an extrovert as you will meet.

I am one of those people you talk about under your breath. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I have been vaccinated against many things, my children have a list of vaccinations. I am not even vaccine-hesitant, because that makes it sound negative and what I am is vaccine-informed. I read the scientific data from the CDC and the FDA. I also read studies in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine as well as many other publications. I also have some sick fascination with the numbers that are available in VAERS and the inescapable truth is that the Covid-19 vaccines don’t work like they had hoped. Their efficacy drops significantly after as few as 15 days and any benefit is virtually non-existent after nine months. Not to worry, they are going to be giving you booster shots every six months for the rest of your life, or until enough people stand up for your right to bodily autonomy to change the minds of the governments.

But this post is about Mariah lying to all of us. I wish that she had the courage to speak her mind but I will take her lying to the government as an alternative. But I do not accept that she understands the vaccine is dangerous and virtually useless in short order, but still pushes it to her fans. That kinda pisses me off.

Watch the video and comment, especially if you are a nurse or healthcare worker who has injected people before. I am very curious as to how this video could be explained or how it could be faked.

And don’t give me any of this “you edited the video” crap. I am not that smart. It took me several hours tonight to compile what you are about to watch in the first place. Editing it is clearly not in my skill set.

EDIT: I have to go edit the video now because I have been schooled. There are very few things I enjoy more than the satisfaction of writing something in hopes of teaching others what I know or learned. And I absolutely love the research process. For many of these posts it surpasses 40 hours for a single 1000 word post. Today I am going to show you the true benefit of education because I asked people smarter than me what they thought of this… and I asked healthcare professionals, not my peers in hopes of getting some pats on the back… and that request came back with evidence based truth that made me do a 180 degree about-face.

If you have followed me long, you probably know how much I love conspiracy theories, mostly because I love to punch holes in them. It is rare that I jump on a bandwagon but when I zoomed in and saw this video I was stunned. Now I am going to do something you don’t see me do often, I am going to admit that I was wrong. That felt kinda dirty, but fun at the same time. If I were a leftist shill I would have just deleted this whole post but I hope that my children read this someday in the future and I want them to know that I made a mistake… I owned that mistake… and I am posting an update not just apologizing for the mistake, but hopefully to help others who fell for this lie.

To Mariah Carey… I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the thoughts that I had of your lack of concern for your fans… and for sharing those erroneous thoughts online. I can only hope that I have corrected that error in more people than read my mistake in the first place. I hope that you forgive me.

Here is an animation of the explanation I was looking for and Mariah Carey’s complete vindication…

4 responses to “Mariah Carey Vaccination Fake

  1. I often tell people to use their “gut instincts” to hear if the truth has been spoken; hearing you apologize was not only the sound that truth makes but also your acceptance of being wrong about something was
    really a taste of how sincerity sounds and maybe even more important, what it feels like coming from a heart and mind that is not divided, but stable.
    I was very impressed with the man speaking, and the man within.
    Truth has and will take you the Way to the Light of Life!
    Your mom is proud of you!

    • It was illuminating to be proven so wrong. It felt great to apologize for the mistake. Mariah will survive. I am glad that you appreciated it for sure… it means a lot.

  2. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. Very good and interesting re Mariah Carey. Perhaps one should label the video ‘How to strike fear into the simple minded’. Pure propaganda of course.

    The picture of the babies I like. I realised last year why we have this innate fear of needles; we have no idea what is in the syringe. If we want something to go into our bodies we breathe it or we eat it.

    We can also listen to things too which feed our minds for good or evil. We sense when something is too loud or discordant and stop listening, hopefully.

    With what we breathe we can usually sense a noxious atmosphere we wish to avoid.

    With what we eat or drink we use our taste buds to discern what is good or nasty.

    But we cannot do that with the needle and syringe.

    The comparison photo 2019 and 2021 is very good. The correct one is of course the first, the second shows the lie and the mad who wear masks AND visors. And who think the vaccines will do any good whatsoever.

    I used to think that vaccines were of some use until, at 60 years of age last year, I researched properly. I changed my mind. No vaccine ever has been of use, it was only made to appear so by advertising incessantly that they were of some use in preventing a specific illness or limiting the extent of that illness.

    And I have had my fair share of vaccines, certainly polio, tetanus and a BCG. The last mentioned may well have been the cause of what was diagnosed as measles when I was 15 years old.

    I put the following link on my website if you or anyone is interested. Please note I do use humour to lighten the mood and to help make the points.

    This may be of use.

    I see you are in Canada. I have written about Justin Trudeau. It might be helpful too.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    • I look forward to checking out your blog this weekend… in the meantime, I thank you for the comment and like, and humbly beg you to watch the video again. I found myself making some significant edits tonight.

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