Hard choices in the upcoming election… or maybe not?

For those of you who believe that I shouldn’t talk politics or things of controversy in my blog, I ask you to stop reading my posts.  I love to talk politics and it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who I vote for each year.  It would be very easy to tell who I won’t vote for at the very least.  If this bothers you, stop reading.  You should have stopped by now.  I really don’t care… This year, something has to change.  I believe that the principles of the PC Party have gone in a different direction from my beliefs lately.  I believe that they think I am stupid.  Unfortunately for them, I am not.  As a home schooling family, I feel it is my responsibility to let my elected officials know that they will not only not be getting my vote again, I will be working hard against them.  I have voted PC basically my whole adult life.  That ends on May 5, 2015.

Brian Jean hopes to be the next Premier of Alberta... as do many of us!

Brian Jean hopes to be the next Premier of Alberta… as do many of us!

It is my sincerest hope that the Wildrose Party takes power and understands why.  They need to stop making sweeping changes that do almost nothing to help the budget, but force parents to either pay to educate their youth or put them in a public school system that costs our government $10,000 per year per youth. My personal belief is that our current education system is drastically failing to provide an education that will prepare the youth for the world they will be entering.  I will continue to home school no matter what but new parents who look at the costs of educating kids might be forced to look at alternatives or consider putting their kids in a public school system that they weren’t fond of to start with. If my home schooled child costs the government $1500 per year, and a publicly schooled child costs $10,000 per year, what on earth was going through the PC party’s head when they decided that forcing parents to put their kids back in school was going to save the province money. I am ashamed that I live in a province that is willing to go from being the most forward thinking region in the country and possibly the continent, to a backwards story of education and the least proactive supporter of home education in the nation… all while risking adding $80,000,000 in expenses to the annual budget.

Head to the Polls MAY 5

Head to the Polls MAY 5

Please check out the front page of the AHEA site (Alberta Home Education Association) for more information from people much smarter than me. Also check out the Wildrose Party… Not sure that the government spends $10,000 a year to educate your child?  It is a huge number but I got the numbers from the government so if they are wrong, it wouldn’t make sense.

5 responses to “Hard choices in the upcoming election… or maybe not?

  1. I had some questions about my numbers. I actually didn’t think this post would be so popular but I have had people take issue with my numbers. Basically, I was questioned (facebook, email, phone and in person) as to where I get my numbers about the province paying $10,000 per student.

    If you follow the link in the bottom line of the post to the government document from 2012 you will see on page 3 that the Alberta Government budgeted $6.4B for education which they attributed to 606,627 students. This comes to a cost of over $10,500 per student.
    We know that private and charter schools get significantly less than public schools for whom the majority of students are registered.

    The public students might cost $12,000 or more per year, but they definitely do not cost less than $10,500 so I used $10,000. For those of you that heard that students cost us taxpayers $3000 per year, you are sadly using numbers from a time long before my birth.

  2. Here here! The PC’S have squandered our province’s wealth. They don’t deserve to be elected again.

    • all politicians are the same… squandering wealth is what they excel in… these guys like to blame the middle class and then make us pay for their mistakes and that is unacceptable.

  3. Hey Shayne, like you I have voted PC for as long as I can remember. When I told my son I was crossing the floor to NDP or wildrose his reply was ” omg PC’s should be very afraid if you are willing to defect” . he is right, I wrote to the PC reps I usually get their newsletter and let them know that government will change on may 5th. I am smart enough to accept my one vote won’t change the election but I also realize if I have had enough, I know there are many more that feel the same. Let’s just make sure we all vote so that our one votes do make a collective difference.

    • I don’t think I could ever vote NDP because I think Unions are devastating to our economy… and I hate thinking of myself as a communist… but I can live with this decision since I don’t actually live in BC.
      I agree with you that many people are feeling disillusioned. If they evenly split their vote between Liberal, NDP and Wildrose though, who knows what could happen.
      That is why I deemed it not enough to denounce the PC, but to go actively help the Wildrose. I am also trying to get a political sign for my front lawn for Melvin of the Sock Monkey Party. He looks pretty smart too.

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