Cubs meet some new friends

This post is being bumped up the line, this week our Cub Scouts met some new friends and I took a ton of photos and videos and there is simply no easy way to share them all on our facebook group so I am sharing them in a blog post…

If you have a queasy stomach and don’t like watching the lives of children hang precariously in the grasp of wild animals then you have something in common with me.  Thankfully, everything you are about to see was as safe as could be imagined…

Butterflies anyone?

Our family has released butterflies as part of our home schooling regimen and I would encourage every parent to try this a few times.  Kids and adults will enjoy the experience.  One of our scout volunteers invited a wonderful company to come do a presentation and I cannot say enough good things about Dee from Butterfly Wings n’ Wishes Ltd.  The kids had a blast and so did I.  Enjoy the pics and videos.

Vinegaroon Scorpion

Here are some pics of the vinegaroon scorpion…


Tree Frog



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 responses to “Cubs meet some new friends

  1. Loved watching the children’s reactions Shayne. You have a wonderful group of youth in 12th St Albert!

    • I cannot disagree Jean, and they are a much braver group than I have ever given them credit for. I was happy to be holding the camera.

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