Apology to Veterans Everywhere

Welcome to today.  I am ashamed to be Canadian.  This would be a huge story if it wasn’t for ABC news leaking video of them burying their evidence and interviews about potentially the biggest news story of my lifetime.  ABC and the hypocrisy of main-stream media might bring down giants from Buckingham Palace, to the Clinton’s, right through to corporate Disney.  I would not want to be Robert Iger (CEO of Disney) today.  More details here before I blog about about that story

But I also don’t like being a Canadian today because our leftist agenda has attacked free speech so much that we no longer have the right to even say it.  People always tell me that Canada only guarantees freedom of expression but those freedoms can be overruled if the changes are “reasonable and can be justified in a free and democratic society”.  Freedom of Speech however, is a fundamental right in part one of Canada’s Bill of Rights… one that is trampled on by every province with a human rights tribunal.

Today it is being trampled on by a leftist school board filled with Social Justice Warriors.  Of course, that school is in Northern Manitoba, one of the last bastions of the NDP in Canada.  Granted there is not a large population in Northern Manitoba, they still show up as a static orange blob on a map where socialism is now biting them in the ass.

And in case you weren’t sure, in last month’s federal election they voted NDP once again…

A 17-year old student named Natalie, from Stonewall Collegiate in Manitoba, was suspended this week for hate speech which stemmed from her refusal to wear an LGBT-colored poppy.  She asked her teacher if she could just wear a red poppy and for that, Natalie and a fellow revolutionary were sent to the principal’s office.  At this point they were suspended.  When the principal and vice-principal, adults named Jason Calissis and Bryce Baldwin (and I use that term ‘adult’ lightly), were yelling at her she pulled her phone out to record the interaction.  Her phone was immediately stolen from her.  Natalie’s parents were notified that her daughter was suspended for using hate speech at school only after the suspension was given.

You can read about the story here at the Post Millennial… and it is clear that the school board suspended the students for hate speech and not the refusal to wear LGBTQ poppies.

The most powerful quote of all from this story was this,

So I asked why? Why am I being suspended and punished for expressing my feelings? And they said everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, opinions, and way of life. So I asked, why am I not?
~ Natalie – student suspended for hate speech

Now I want to get a couple things off my chest… because that is why I write this insane blog… this thing that I was trying to ignore all November so I could focus on writing  by book.

First off, why is nobody asking why the school is allowing LGBTQ poppies in the first place?  You want hate speech?  If there was ever an attack on a more deserving group in our society, changing the poppy from red, to alphabet-people-rainbow is a deliberate attack on veterans by a subset of our society that has no interest in equality.  They want to be set on a pedestal above our society.  They want to be celebrated as victims.  The social justice warriors who fight for rainbows are the ones that make most people sick of rainbows.  It is getting so bad that I don’t even like the rain anymore.

Search any legion organization on earth and see what they think about the poppy…

The poppy is the sacred symbol of remembrance and should not be defaced in any way.
~ Royal Canadian Legion

How this school board came to the conclusion that they should stand with alphabet people and their disgraceful rainbow poppy over Canadian Veterans is mind-boggling.  Not only do I not trust these people to educate out youth, I don’t trust them to talk and chew gum at the same time.  We are supposed to be celebrating our freedom of speech and every time someone says the word “hate speech” they are attacking someone’s intrinsic right to a freedom set out in the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Secondly I would love to know where the money for these poppies goes?  This is a major fundraiser for veteran legions across our nation this week and this school is buying gay ones off amazon or from some other third party that is using SJWs to steal money from veterans.  I would love to know where these came from.  Was the school supplying them or asking students to pay for them?  If they were free, who paid for them?  If this was something that public funds paid for, could I ask how much you paid for last year’s red poppies from your local legion?

To my surprise, these are not the only alphabet people in the world trying to belittle veteran memories.  Make no mistake about it either, soldiers on front lines do not care about sexual choices.  When I was standing shoulder to shoulder with these people there was bigotry, there was racism, there was homophobic individuals.  Do you know why?  Because they are people.  Men and women are bigots so it stands to reason that there will be bigots in the military, the medical profession, education, police services, and every other group of people you can think of.  This does not mean that the soldiers on the front lines, from all types of groups, thought of themselves as anything except being soldiers first.

Let the veterans have their damn red poppies!

They signed up to put their lives on the line so that we could have freedoms like freedom of speech.  When we do anything to make their memories less, please think twice.  In this instance, not only are we taking away their symbol and assigning it to a small group of leftist nuts on behalf of alphabet people who are probably mostly as outraged as I am.  They are more thankful for veterans protecting their freedoms than most of us.

When we use the freedoms they protected, to attack the free speech of a Canadian youth, well I just can’t think of a bigger insult.

This remembrance Day I will be standing out in the cold and the snow with my children.  I will be celebrating a minute of silence at 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month while watching members of the military past, present, and future, as they pay respect to their brethren.  I will be paying my respect to them and making sure that my children learn what they risk for our freedom.  I will be celebrating those freedoms with my children and I will be thinking also of the people who stand up at home, like Natalie, for the freedoms they risked everything for, showing them that their dedication to all of us is appreciated after all!

Today I will just be apologizing to veterans who risked everything on behalf of the SJW asshats who act without thinking of what our freedoms should mean to us.

5 responses to “Apology to Veterans Everywhere

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  2. Thank you for your support.


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    • I am guessing that you have or are serving… at which I cannot say enough how proud I am to stand up and defend with words, that which you have offered to give you life for. It is literally the least I can do.

  3. What an excellent defense for Natalie and free speech! I have one further comment, Son, but a story first: Have you ever heard me complain that almost every CD sold has one terrible song that ruins the CD because you have to get up and skip it to the next song? – well, this happened as I read your story. If we say damn you – that’s bad, even if we say it to crazy-left people –  we should not want to see anyone damned to hell, which damning a thing does, if you think about it. Let me also take the opportunity to apologize for ever saying “damn you” in anger to you or anyone else and in Jesus’ mighty Name, I break the power those words have had over your life and the life of others. I would send out a quick apology for saying: Let the veterans have their damn red poppy 1. The poppy belongs to us all, not just the veterans (you spoke this way earlier in your letter – swearing/anger always brings evil) 2. Let the veterans have their poppy is ok without the damn

    • I say “damn” when I feel it… I type what crosses my heart and I really try not to use profanity (except asshat… I like asshat). I read back through the post and still feel like “damn” fits… so it wasn’t a momentary lapse on my part. It was not intentional, but it was absolutely meant. Sorry, but it stays.

      I will try to watch my potty-mouth in future posts though, as much as I do always at least.

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