I need to say thanks to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (and the Maritimes)!

I can’t believe I have to say “it’s gonna be a long four years” twice in the same year.  We elected the most ass-backward NDP government the country has ever seen (and our country has seen its share of socialist NDP parties) and now we have 4 years of Trudeau.

This posting might come off a little harsh but I am kinda sick of getting kicked by millionaires from Quebec so I am using my angry voice.

This man has made it clear that he hates Alberta on more than one occasion.

This man has made it clear that he hates Alberta on more than one occasion.

Let us forget that the man’s father was prime minister for 14 years and hated the idea of Canada.  Justin has come out publicly and said that Alberta is the cause of problems in Canada…

Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertan’s who control our collective socio-democratic agenda.”

He believes that the greatest prime ministers of the 20th century are from Quebec (all millionaire lawyers from Montreal)…

The only (prime minister’s) that really were any good were from Quebec like Trudeau, Mulroney, Cretien, Paul Martin.

Then he goes on to say that Canada belongs to Quebecers.  And before you say that “just because you saw a meme on the internet doesn’t mean he actually said that about Alberta”… here he is saying it…

Why can we not get a politician from Quebec that actually likes Canada as a country and doesn’t want East and West as rivals?  Where is national pride.  Trudeau has made it clear that he cares more about immigrants than Alberta and that is not making any friends out West.

But the country has spoken, Harper was horrible because he didn’t come from Quebec, or maybe because he came from Alberta.

...at least you're special

…at least you’re special

Let’s look at what Harper did so bad for Canada…

  1. brought in the Federal Accountability Act (this is the kind of stuff that got Mulcair and his NDP charged $2,750,000 that they still haven’t paid)
  2. he reduced the GST from 7% to 5% – something Mulroney brought in and Cretien promised to abolish but lied about (and why does anyone trust any politician from Quebec?)
  3. created the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to make monetary reparations to pay over $1.6B to 80,000 former Indian Residential School students
  4. withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol (which Cretien signed us up for) before Alberta would have to pay $14B to eliminate pollution that China has no interest in eliminating (China’s pollution rose 200% from 1999 to 2009)
  5. he cancelled Cretien’s Canadian Firearms Registry, the one that Cretien said was going to cost $2M a year but was cancelled (by Harper) when costs surpassed $1B… but then what is $998M to a Liberal millionaire from Quebec?

Harper did some stupid things and might be known for scandals…

  1. The Senate Expense Scandal
  2. The Sponsorship Scandal… nope that one was from Quebecers Paul Martin and Jean Cretien,
  3. The Red Book should be considered a scandal since it was a book of lies… but it was used to get Cretien elected
  4. The Airbus Affair… nope, that was Mulroney, another great Quebecer who should be in prison

Please don’t remember Harper for anything about a Niqab… it has nothing to do with religion unless a Muslim can drag it out in front of our court system.  He was making a point that when a woman is celebrating her new citizenship in Canada she should not be wearing something that epitomizes degradation of women in a culture that she came from.

I thought it was just Trudeau that hated Alberta

In Alberta, the Trudeau name is synonymous with “Western Alienation” which has run rampant since Pierre created Petro Canada to directly compete with Alberta oil companies and then the National Energy Program which was designed by Pierre to take revenue from Alberta and give it to Ontario and Quebec.

I understand the Vancouver voting because most people are immigrants and don’t give a crap about Canada… or do none of you like us?

Metropolitan Vancouver has spoken... they don't care about us...

Metropolitan Vancouver has spoken… they don’t care about us…

In Toronto, do most of you hate that Alberta didn’t get crushed by the recession of 2008 or do you think that you are all that matters in Canada…

Toronto proves again that they don't care about anyone else...

Toronto proves again that they don’t care about anyone else…

I suppose I understand Montreal because you want to vote for the hometown idiot who will keep those transfer payments coming in…

Montreal: home of millionaire assholes who don't care about Canada but want to run it anyhow

Montreal: home of millionaire assholes who don’t care about Canada but want to run it anyhow

What I don’t get is the Maritimes.  Why would Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and New Foundland and Labrador go Liberal.  I don’t get that vote at all.  Did you not hear Justin talk about how much he hated us out here?  I would love someone to clear this up for me.

I don't get this one... you guys have oil too... New Foundland / Labrador isn't actually getting Payments because they are too rich now

I don’t get this one… you guys have oil too… New Foundland / Labrador isn’t actually getting Equalization Payments because they are too rich

The problem is, we needed more educated voters and apparently not enough of you know your ass from a hole in the ground.

We have a brand new government over here.  Yes, our citizens used their democratic right to oust a wanna-be criminal and rather than give Liberals a chance, a whole pile of them voted for the NDP, the closest thing they could find to a socialist.  Shockingly, they voted enough to give them control and now the NDP run the breadbasket of Canada

Six months later we have a devastated economy, the fastest growing debt in the country, no budget in place to gauge the spending and no hope of recovery with the current oil market… where is Trudeau getting his money from now?

For those of you who do not understand what “Equalization Payments” are, it is the federal government’s way to standardize services between provinces by taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor provinces.

I do not understand why any province would vote to hurt the province that pays all their bills?

I do not understand why any province would vote to hurt the province that pays all their bills?

For the record, Alberta is the only province to never receive an Equalization Payment.  

In 2005, almost $11B was divided up by everyone except Ontario and Alberta.

In 2015, over $17B will be divided up by everyone except Alberta, New Foundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan (just got rid of the NDP), and BC (got rid of the NDP a few years earlier).

This shows a lot of money going out... but where does it come from?

This shows a lot of money going out… but where does it come from?

Most provinces try to be self sufficient and their Equalization Payments don’t change much but the big winners of the past decade are Ontario, which is still suffering from a crushing blow from the 2008 recession and over a decade of Liberal rule (and spending), and Quebec, who seem to have nothing to offer Canada except millionaire lawyers for Prime Minister… oh wait, now they have a millionaire drama teacher.

[edit: sorry I forgot about maple syrup]

Before you guys get excited about your Equalization Payments (Ontario gets $2.4B next year from $0 in 2005 and Quebec has gone to $9.5B from $4.8B), think about where that money comes from.

That is right, this Trudeau can’t steal it from Alberta anymore.  What the low oil prices haven’t taken already, the new NDP will spend long before you get any.  Watch closely over the next four years at how many times Justin says or does something to hurt Alberta, or play favorite with Quebec.  Then think about how many times Harper did something to help Alberta and hurt another province.  Harper was not perfect, heck I told you all he had to go, but at least he loved Canada.

I used to be upset by all the talk about Quebec separating because I loved Canada so much but with another Trudeau in power and the new immigrant concerns, I think more and more Albertans are going to stop waiting for the leadership problems in this country to be solved with Quebec separating and the discussion of Alberta separating will become a hot topic.

Please remember this next time you cast a vote to elect another millionaire from Quebec… especially when he publicly states that he hates Alberta… remember the hypocrite from Alberta.  And please, don’t hold it against me when I say something negative about voters from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or the Maritimes.  You had a chance to give Harper another 4 years but instead chose to screw Alberta.


76 responses to “I need to say thanks to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (and the Maritimes)!

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    • What on earth are you talking about? I assure you I would not be taking my daughters to the UAE anytime soon. Heck, I probably wouldn’t be taking my sons.

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  6. Wow, no matter how articulate you can make an article, you still sound like an idiot with sour grapes. The Conservatives were a terrible government, who did so much harm to our country. I don’t care how much hate you have for the rest of the country not voting for your BFF Harper. What Canada did was vote for the better government for a better Canada. Not just a better Alberta, you selfish prick!

    • i guess we are going to have to disagree… even liberals i know hate that Trudoh is running the country now… he is simply not qualified and he absolutely has a hate on for Western Canada. If he hated the maritimes I would like to think Westerners would speak out against him but apparently there are a lot of you whiners that hate us Westerners… i miss the Canada before the Trudohs when we felt like one country.

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  8. Wow I don’t quite know about writing that book unless it is a satire on common sense. This rant is exactly that, an misinformed rant. The reason they were bounced was because of the inequality in economic planning and the lack of a credible political option. It has already been shown that Canada cannot rely on an economic platform based solely on natural resources. Eastern Canada has been crippled through the stupidity in participating in free trade brought in by Brian Mulroney and Mr. Harper’s new version the TPP (toilet paper partnership). Manufacturing which used to account for 60% of all jobs in Ontario has literally become non existent in the province and has resulted in low paying or non existent employment prospects. Ontario has now become a service sector economy that requires help. We need a government that has an balanced economic plan for the country not just one province. Canada should be a unified country, not one based on regional disparity or separatist interests. Do you really think that the average Canadian in Ontario woke up thinking hey lets screw Alberta by voting for Trudeau. The populace voted Liberal to get rid of Harper because they felt the NDP option was even worse. I don’t like the Liberals and their platform either and the NDP are a party buried in a political platform that is 50 years to old. The problem is that the “New” Conservative Party has continued with the destruction of Canada with their economic platform. While it may have been great for Alberta it has sucked for the rest of us and I do not resent the prosperity of any province, it’s just missing for the rest of the country. We need a “new” political party in this country that represents the needs of all Canadians.

    • first… eastern canada’s manufacturing was mostly crippled due to the 2008 recession, not NAFTA (which didnt kick in until Cretien was PM and he was too busy lying about cancelling the GST to care about NAFTA)

      second… canada on whole only gets 10% of its economy from the energy sector… alberta does rely on it so when another trudoh steps up and starts telling us that we need to stop looking to oil for revenue then i have to assume he wants alberta to leave confederation because we sure as hell need it right now.

      third… before condemning alberta income or celebrating idiots (trudoh and nutley) who hate the oil industry, you should consider that ontario is heavily reliant on transfer payments from alberta right now…

      if you want to be from ontario or quebec before a canadian that is up to you but i am telling you now that for the next 40 years oil is going to be huge… why would you want the west to leave canada?

  9. This article is pretty much every reason why I voted for the Liberals. Because of a government that inspired ignorance and fear amongst their voters… “Oh but the scary Muslims are coming!” Please… Fear is the most powerful political tactic to control the weak minds, ask our idiot neighbours from the south.

    Then you go on after your hate speech of regionalism, and pretend like you know economics. The bread basket of Canada?? Alberta only brings in 17% of the national GDP. 17%!! Ontario, Quebec and BC combine for 70% of the national GDP. In fact, the only reason you blue collar red necks can sell oil, it’s because of the business people in Vancouver and out east who do their best to sell all your overpriced oil!! In fact, when the global price of oil is down and half of your province sits at home collecting EI, guess who has to support your broke unemployed asses!?

    So please, go ahead. Keep on going with your incredibly smart proposal of separating Alberta from the rest of Canada. But don’t include us British Columbians in your pseudo nation. We are very happy where we are, and we’ve got more resources than all the other provinces combined under our land, we just choose not to touch it because we care about the environment that we call home, and we are smart enough not to depend on a single resource.

    Cry all you want and call us uneducated, because the truth is, you and your conservative friends are done. The majority of true Canadians have voted, and we decided that enough is enough. Peace.

    • i didnt even know how to reply to someone who sarcastically says they aren’t ignorant but then spouts off some imaginary fiscal theory… the western half of this country brings in a ton of revenue from energy… which is responsible for up to 27% of the GDP, not 17%. they are not going after alberta, they are going after the entire energy sector.

      You should not talk about EI unless you want the numbers… especially from BC… Alberta is the lowest EI claiming province and only one of two (SK is the other) with less than 1% of the population making a claim (statscan latest numbers from 2012).

      before you call me lazy, i like to make sure you are informed… you can be a tree-hugging hippie if you want but it has only been the last 5 years since bc started paying into transfer payments… we have never stopped… so remember who was supporting you when lumber was down eh?

  10. First and olny time reading this, probably will not read again; even after posting. So ill make this statement clear. The east sucks, do you want to feel neglected as an independent individual that is able to contribute to the work force even after having the certificate or deploma. Move there. I lived there went to school there the best job i was offered lowballed me, the regular staff attenting made 8 to 10 dollars more. While i was giving a higher title than most of them. After that job it was tough as nails to find a job that wouldn’t put me in the throws of poverty. The areas were from halifax to the annoplis valley. I spent 10,000 getting a license class 1A couldn’t get a job, was told by the eastern oil tycoon irving my experence was an issue? Even though i just received trainging from a school? Also have a humain services cert and tried to work inbetween earning that and going to night classes the places i applied to profiled me because i was under 5.6ft, did the labour board do *uck all about it. No, in fact I have 2 witnesses while I was discribing this situation to an offical that was to “help me” get very confrontational about it then asked me and my party to leave. I was told by a 75 year old man, thats the way of the east boy its all who you know. Not what you know that will get you places and its a rich man worlds out here, there is no middle ground. So i moved to the mid west, and am getting the same pay as a starting rate not a finishing rate and am taken more searious as a person. Not that im hating on the east but they are not progressive with economics, nor political views they follow. worry about nastalga (i know spelt it incorrectly oops) and hate change unless it involves the legalization of pot. Oh and *u whom ever says otherwise cause you must be one of the full time employees whom have a job year round. Trust me i know many from there poor to rich, hell my next door neighbor is a lawyer lol in closing good read i agree a little less french dressing on the salad might be a good thing but sadly the people opened the bottle and forgot to put the top back on before pouring. idiots hahaha peace.

    • i feel for your career and sorry that your education isn’t paying the dividend you had hoped… in four years you might be able to come out West when we get rid of the NDP again…

  11. what a beautiful article, so accurately perceptive..
    Any way, it would be nice to separate sask , AB and BC(we need access to a coastline.. ) then the east and the territories can go fuck themselves because no matter how much natural resource the sit on they’re too stupid to make any use of it..
    I think it’s absolute bullshit that the provinces that add economic value to this country are controlled by the mass populous east coast welfare belt..

    End of rant..

    Keep blogging, somebody gotta yell some sense.

    • if bc doesnt want to join us we will probably have no problem giving money to washington or oregon for their coastline… hell it is cheaper to ship something straight south to texas than it is to vancouver

    • I am sorry that you feel that way. I know that there were cuts to the coast guard and stuff but i thought it was just budget tightening… never considered that it was favoritism. Can you send me a link to a newspaper article from out there?

  12. So much hate! We are Canadians, we need to stop this “you and I”, “them and us” hello-we all share this country together! Harper is hated for creating such a divide in our great country, turning citizens against each other.. Wake up folks.. It’s easier to conquer a country if its divided into smaller groups.. Makes me crazy to think you’re all okay with this! This is not the CANADIAN way! As for the Muslim head piece..that “epitomizes degradation”??? Are you serious! It’s a personal choice you dumb dumb to wear the head dress or not.. It can be empowering for a woman to have such say over who gets to see her true beauty..not a punishment! It’s uneducated statements like this that do nothing but provoke hate and discrimination! You should be ashamed of yourself.. Maybe while you write this book, you can stop eating pages! Stop spreading hate! When did we become American? This is our government, not “harpers government” and real Canadians are sick of watching our country fall apart and our national pride diminish! Harper envoked fear..fear of different cultures, fear of terror, fear of helping poor, fear of making our country great.. Rise above this folks, there’s nothing to fear! I couldn’t be more happy to see Lego man go… See him next week on house hunters..lmao we need to rebuild the damage that has been done, and let’s start with putting those pointing fingers away.. If you want our country to end up like the folks down south, the boarder is there feel free to leave! I am a dam proud canadain, and I will not allow some dictator to tell me to fear, to show greed and to only think about myself! Collective thinking, collective actions, we can make our country a wonderful place again.. But first we need to stop the hate! Geesh, I tell my children to play nice with others, should I really have to remind adults that the things you’re saying is mean! Shame on you!

    • I am going to need a new blog post to reply to you Katie… there is no hate, just observation and anxiety… headdress is a personal choice? can empower women? true beauty? Since when have you ever been able to see a woman’s true beauty without talking to her? when I speak of a woman’s physical beauty I never put the word ‘true’ in front of it… and my statements were never discriminatory… if a woman wants to wear a ski mask so her husband doesn’t beat her or a construction worker doesn’t whistle at her that is her choice… but not to a citizenship hearing, not in a photo booth for any form of ID… and certainly not when celebrating living in a country where her husband goes to jail for treating her like a second class citizen

      I am ashamed of some things but definitely NOT anything in this blog post… I have not seen National Pride in Canada since the last Trudoh ran the country…

      As for your last comments I have to believe you are referring to Harper’s stance on immigration. On that alone, I would love to invite you to take a long walk on a short dock. I love Harper’s position of care… Trudoh sounds just he wants to turn us into Germany or any country in Europe. I hate not being a proponent of freedom of religion but when the KKK started saying they were a religion we all put clauses into our laws to not allow spreading of hate yet we allow Islam to promote it constantly… I do not understand the insanity.

      Muslims are the only group of people on the planet that try to take over countries in this manner and we are simply not prepared for it… yet. Hate that Katie.

    • Katie – you really should practise what your preach – you try to open your comments giving the impession that you are kind, loving, forgiving & and great Canadian – then further down your speach you make such rude and mean comments about Harper – name calling & laughing at him as he will be home hunting. Aren’t you just a mean spirited as you are proclaiming others to be? Pointing fingers? Sounds like you need to remind yourself about playing nice. Check the mirror – shame on you!

  13. How withdrawing from Kyoto is a good thing, are you insane?? Sweden is going fossil fuel free http://www.triplepundit.com/2015/10/sweden-on-target-to-become-first-fossil-fuel-free-nation-on-earth/

    And your justification is that if China had a 200% emissions raise, that we should be allow to pollute more??what?? If anything, we should be on their case to fix it and boycotting their products until they do so. Since we are on that subject, we could demand the abolishion of obsolescence engineering.
    Your “stuff” not breaking anymore (when warranty expires), would diminish the use of resources to build your new “stuff” to which in return would leave you more money to buy, you know, an ice-cream or some different “stuff”.
    And by the way: I’m an immigrant myself and love and care for Canada.

    • Kyoto was the stupidest thing in the world but it was based on the myth of global warming… and please don’t use the words “fossil fuel” together unless you want to start a debate… they just look stupid…

      I love that you would choose to spend more money on a quality product than some piece of crap from the dollar store but with the Liberals in power federally and the NDP in power provincially, I won’t be able to afford it for a while…

      I love that you are an immigrant that loves Canada… welcome to this great nation… I feel for you though as I think the road for immigrants is about to get much more difficult than it used to be.

  14. As nice as your charts are, unfortunately I dont think most liberal voters have the patience to read them and understand what they mean, let alone the immigrants who couldn’t even laugh in English.

    You happy liberals now get a drama teacher as Canada’s new leader. He’ll be embarrassed in every meeting on the national stage and paint canada in an equally embarrassing light.

  15. Do you even know what socio-democratic agenda means? He’s saying the whole country depends on alberta oil money and that it is a problem. He’s not blaming alberta for anything; he’s saying the system is flawed and it needs to be changed. He didn’t “blame” alberta, just stated a fact. Do a little research.

    • wow… did you watch that video? have you ever seen the man talk? he absolutely blames Alberta (and if you want to read between the lines… Harper himself coming from Canada). What the hell does socio-democratic agenda have to do with a natural resource?

      If he and you don’t want alberta’s money that is an easy solution… stop taking it. Every single province takes money from Alberta and then some of them have the gall to complain about how we make it.

      I am not a Liberal so I do not need to do research before typing my opinions.

  16. Interesting note, I enjoyed reading it. For full disclosure, I am a Torontonian here reading this, raised in Southern Ontario in an area that is now perhaps more blue than most of Alberta.

    While I agree that the former Trudeau caused Western alienation, I don’t agree that the current vote wasn’t inspired by Eastern vs. Western ideology as you seem to think. In parts of Canada, including Calgary and Edmonton, the push has been inspired by a need for infrastructure to bring our cities back to global standards, embracing diversity, creating progressive tax systems to support those less fortunate. Our cities have fallen behind in terms of global standards and don’t have the revenue means themselves to build infrastructure: most developed nations have coordinated infrastructure programs, and the lack of this in Canada puts us at a severe disadvantage in terms of staying economically competitive and efficient. Frankly, the Tories in the most recent election moved down a road of fear: “barbaric cultural practices” and invoking the niqab debate, both of which were targeted attempts well known to be used by Lynton Crosby, the Australian strategist the Conservatives hired for the election. Many people would be happy to vote for a more progressive version of the Conservative party, but could not stand for the direction the current leadership was taking it. I include myself in those that will be in paying the extra tax; but given my discretionary income it’s simply greedy to expect that I can reap all the gains of a stable, safe, progressive, vibrant society that supports this without contributing to it at some level. The true test of this government will be whether they spend responsibly, laid the groundwork for a globally competitive economy, and can create a fair system without hundreds of loopholes (the laundry list of tax credits we’ve developed in the last 20 years) that distort economic progress rather then embracing capital market forces.

    Now on some specific issues you have noted, the 2010 comments made by Trudeau I think were expressed once and clarification statements have been made on these. Invoking these is akin to invoking Harper’s firewalls around Alberta comments, and I believe most of us think that Harper did have best intentions for the country – despite a solitary quote made years in advance in a different context. Your list of achievements, although to some may be debatable, are notable. Balancing good with bad though, some of these have come with a cost: he has slashed basic research funding for Canadian institutions – sending most of our best researchers doing fundamental research elsewhere and income disparity is reaching its highest ever in this country.

    On a final note, Alberta received equalization payments in the 1960s. Although the rest of the country is thankful for it’s generosity now, this is a fair system that Alberta has benefited from at one time – an insurance policy of sorts – that provides regional economic and social stability and accounts for less than 1% of GDP.

    • i dont know if you could convince me that someplace in TO is bluer than alberta… but thanks for making me smile.

      i wouldn’t say that Harper “invoked” the niqab debate… he simply gave his comment and said that you shouldn’t be wearing one in a citizenship hearing. I agreed with him and his reasoning. The court needs a smack in the head though.

      I agree with your economic assessment but I have never seen a fiscally responsible Liberal gov’t so just crossing my fingers now…

      i never minded gov’t slashing of services to balance a budget so long as they are saving money in one area to piss it away somewhere else… the debt needs to be erased at almost any cost… negating these wonderful recessions of course… but it is a horrible time to add $10B in debt as Trudoh has promised.

      Since the current equalization methodology was created in 1967 we haven’t received any… prior to that, the data is not dependable as the calculations were off every year… but you are right that we did receive them when they were created for several years after 1957.

      My comments now are geared toward those people you say are grateful… I am very tired of hearing them complain about how we make the money we give them.

  17. Hmm… you speak of educated voters but do not know how to spell the country’s newest province?

    Oh…. that and you ignore the fact that Harper lied on the daily, was pushing a racist agenda, was untrustworthy and ignored the rights of canadians and ignored most every provinces’ leadership in a country based on tiered government.

    But you go ahead and believe the Harper misinformation.

    Good news os now that he is no longer the Conservative leader, there is chance for renewal of the party…. just silence the tea party wannabes and you will do fine.

    • We aren’t getting into how to spell or say New Found Land & Labrador in this post… Harper never said a racist word that i heard… i have been exhausting myself with Trudoh’s lies and Mulcair’s misrepresentation for so long that I haven’t double-checked most of Harpers comments but didn’t find many lies.

      Hopefully the Conservatives find someone with his ideals and a little more charisma… I loved harper and his Legoman hair but he was no Reagan for sure.

  18. As disappointed as I’m with the outcome I think one message is very clear. Time for change. Canadians in general have been flogging the same political parties for way too long. They are all arrogant, corruption ridden, and elitist. I think that is time for a new political party. Perhaps call it the Conservative Libertarian Party ( CLP). The name reflects ” careful freedom”, which I hope inspires the thought of responsibility. Conservatives as proven in alberta had become arrogant and stuck in a proverbial rut. Liberals are distrusted in the west because of their track record and tend to only think of the east. Even though some of their policy actually reflects the opinions of the west. I vote for the development of a new party. A fresh start if you will, where we take the positives from both parties. Economic development and financial responsibility of the PC and some of the more moderate liberal policies. I honestly think a good portion of the liberal vote was because of anger towards the PC party. Just like how the NDP came to power in Alberta. There will be buyers remorse. Let Canada really be represented, I bet that if there was a party like this there would have been fewer liberal votes. It is possible there was an NDP spook and anger at PC so that left Liberal…… Makes sense doesn’t it.

    • The message was heard but not as clearly as you seem to think… (another blog post I am sure)… the arrogance, corruption, and elitist mentality are in the politicians, not the parties…. Liberal policy that includes the West has never been acted on in my lifetime… except the part where they cripple us to lift up Quebec… that part was made clear by the last Trudoh…

      you don’t have to vote for developing a new party, just join the Libertarians or start your own… I agree with the buyers remorse…

      yes, it does make sense

  19. Spoken by a typical Albertan redneck racist Center of the universe not in my backyard oil lovin Ontario envy prick.

    • I do love oil and the money that it allows Alberta to send to your province so that you can enjoy the socialistic healthcare that you are used to.

      If you want to talk about it we can meet at your work for lunch tomorrow if you can pre-order me a big mac and large fries.

  20. I’m from Alberta, born and raised; I hate this province and the conservative scum that inhabit it. I’ve never seen such a cacophony of redneck idiots with their big trucks and fucking cowboy hats. Not that I voted for liberals either, but anything is better than a conservative. Albertan people deserve to suffer and I plan to jump ship to BC before it happens. I have never encountered a province with more stupid and hateful people in it. This entire article just screams butthurt

    • What can I say Nathan… we will miss you. Sorry, did you hear me laughing. It was not meant to be disrespectful but do you need help packing?

    • Good riddance, you come here to make money because where else can you find a job that pays you what your worth. So what McDonald’s do you work at? Can’t stand people who slam the province that feeds them.

  21. No one likes Albertans. It’s not just Trudeau. Y’all are a bunch of ignorant, terrified-of-knowledge brofessors. with strong opinions who want to exploit the environment and act like a bunch of drunk Texans.

    • Thanks Rob. So nice of you to put so much thought into me personally and my fellow albertans… I feel a little bad though Rod… we have never given you a second thought.

    • There are good and bad people in Alberta, just as there are good and bad people everywhere. You’re comments were quite nasty so I guess I know which side you fall on wherever you are from.

    • Then leave please. Although I think you might be disappointed with BC, may I suggest northern Manitoba?

  22. Please don’t forget to remind Ontario and Quebec that the Federal Transfer payments between provinces relied upon large sums of money from Alberta Oil to fund those two provinces with huge benefits. We are happy to take those away. Oh wait, we aren’t making any oil money at the moment. I guess we should expect some transfer payments coming in our direction for once…not likely.

    • Dave, I wish it worked like that but the Equalization payments are based on the wealthiest provinces paying the others to bring them up to a more balanced level between provinces. I do not forsee a time when Alberta will ever be below the national average.

      Keep in mind though that being from Alberta still allows us to have among the best and least expensive services (like healthcaare) in this country… even though the point of the transfer payments to equalize the country.

  23. Wow. You must have some sort of limited (and faulty) Boolean logic in that head of yours. A true Harper supporter.

    • I was not a true (or any other kind) of Harper supporter, which you would have realized had you actually read any of my posts this month… but they are long and I apologize for that.

      Your name sure does say a lot about how you (and your master, Trudoh) feel about your party position… I will correct you though (get used to that), I do not and will never have a “Liberal Master”. I serve my God and my family… my government, whether I voted for them or not, serve me.

  24. Lol, butthurt Conservatives can’t accept the fact that the rest of the entire fucking country disagrees with your backwards, racist politics. Oh, and the NDP didn’t cause the oil collapse, you can thank Saudi Arabia for that. This article is hilarious, you should consider writing for the onion.

    • I do love open discussions with Easterners… Toronto I suppose from the rhetoric… and I am unsure of where your racism comes from unless you already feel guilty about something? I would never dream of blaming the NDP for the low oil prices and you might have issues with your reading comprehension if that was what you read in my post.

    • If you’re referring to the immigrants/niqab garbage, neither are “racist” policies. Religions aren’t a race.

  25. If every province is an equal Emily then why were we all told who the majority government of Canada was several hours before the polls closed in BC ??? and as for the maritime’s if they are doing so great then why are so many people from there working in Alberta and BC ???

    • dear Brian – we were told the polling results from the eastern provinces before polling was finished west of there because of the Fair Elections Act which was passed by our dearly departed former government.

      • the fair elections act was definitely a debated topic but the Supreme Court ruled that the ban on posting election results was unconstitutional and the PM has no way to influence the court…

        On April 9, 2014, Justin Trudeau said that he would eliminate the fair Elections Act if elected… let’s start counting the broken promises shall we?

    • Because Brain, Stephen Harper thought the oil industry in Alberta was the end all and be all for the Canadian economy. So what happens when you focus money and jobs to a particular province? You take away from their provinces, leaving certain places with no jobs and no money to progress on.

      • emily… am i missing something or do you think that the prime minister decides what industry to earn money from and to open new jobs for? I mean that’s what it sounds like but I can’t honestly believe that anyone thinks that totally and perfectly backwards…

  26. I would just like to put this out there- if you can’t even take the time to correctly name the province of NEWFOUNDLAND and LABRADOR, you have absolutely no right to express your opinion on the provinces political standing as you could clearly care less about “(the maritimes)”.
    I will assume you live in Alberta, as did I for most of my life, and believe me this is the most biased article I’ve ever read.
    Canada voted for an government who sees every province as an equal and that is how it should be.

    • wow Emily, you must have been excited that the liberals and the ndp both want to legalize pot… but next time you want to reply to one of my posts you should do so before you get high… we can debate the spelling mistakes all day but we wont truly get into it until we start in on your ass-backwards pronunciation…

      And your close-minded socialistic ideology should be wary when telling me what I have the right to express… I am a Canadian and have the right to express anything I want so long as it doesn’t hurt another person… so if my views of the voting maritime provinces (all four of them) bothers you, you have the right to respond and tell me that you don’t think I have the right to express my opinion… don’t you feel better to know that you still live in a country where you are free to be wrong?

      to set your record straight, I don’t live and die by spelling and grammar, Canada did not vote for the government you describe, they voted for Trudoh, and you need to read more if this is the most biased thing you ever read because I love Atlantic Canada and the few people I know from there.

      PS – when being a grammar-nazi, don’t put the word “an” before government…

      • Great article, Shayne. I like somebody who has insight, integrity, and has researched the facts. Your responses to so many Trudoh supporters that are dense is refreshing. I agree, my friend, it is going to be a long four years, and the broken promises will only pile up😖

      • Kelly… i am seriously hoping that Trudoh surprises me… i would rather only have to deal with the idiots running our province instead of federal incompetence too

    • I truly feel sorry for the voters in Atlantic Canada thinking they are going to see any change by voting Liberal. They are going to be living in the same conditions regardless of who is PM. Blind faith in a trust fund brat…geez Trump couldn’t even help you guys out on the rock. I do find it hilarious that gas is 10 cents a litre cheaper in Halifax than it is in Calgary.

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