Welcome to an ADHD rant about Idiots, Justice, and our screwed up society

Well out come the PLH’s again… it seems like every post I have talks about them in one way or another… they are infiltrating our society… but after the comments calling me a racist on the last post I just want to jump up and scream.

i had more fun replying to comments than writing the blog post

I had more fun replying to comments than writing the blog post

Who are you idiots that you think a comment about a religion can make someone a racist?   I understand how the line gets blurred because Islam is a religion that also dictates how a society lives outside of religious context.

I find myself living in a world where it is unacceptable for me to say something negative about a religion that is rooted in the death and destruction of all people who disagree with it but convicted pedophiles get out of jail with ankle monitors to be monitored by a parole system incapable of monitoring its last bowel movement… and please don’t tell me about your Muslim friend that is the nicest person in the world… I am not as naive as you and this post is about justice, not ignorance.

How long will Jarod serve? Why is he not in custody right now while he awaits trial for the crimes against children that he has already plead guilty to?

Jarod Fogle confessed to being a pedophile

Jarod Fogle confessed to being a pedophile

We have a justice system that turns good cops into shells of the people they once were because the people they catch get released before the ink is dry on their confession. How did Phillip Craig Garrido hold Jaycee captive for almost 20 years while parole officers visited his house to see how he was doing. I read a blog post that talked about how the system failed that man… failed to heal him.

I will tell you who the system failed was Jaycee. It let a pedophile and rapist out on the street after serving less than 11 years of a 50-year sentence.  He should have been in prison until he was 75 but we let him out and at 40 he grabbed an 11 year old Jaycee and held her captive in a shed in his back yard for almost two decades.


In this time she gave birth twice, at 14 and 17, and was left to fend for herself while parole officers visited the home several times.  Why would they never check the outbuildings?  How do people hold the power to allow psychopaths loose on our streets when society knows that they should never be free?  The first judge gave him 50 years for a reason!

America has a sex offender registry which puts a guy like this on a list to make his life more difficult and supposeldy to help safeguard society.  I was shocked to find out that you could be put on a Sex Offenders Registry as a minor, yes, a ten-year old child was on Arizona’s watchlist.  A 13-year old boy is on Colorado’s for hugging people too much in school.


Even more surprising is that you don’t get a clean slate at 18.  A 15-year old girl took a photo of herself and put it online and was convicted of spreading child pornography.  At 23 she was still on that list.  I understand justice better than our system does but I also understand compassion and adolescent stupidity.

Here we are, how long after all these women came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape, and this man is still free.  Because he is famous, or old, or what?  I can’t even tell you how many women have reported him and how many times he has gotten away with it from women that aren’t stepping forward.

Cosby's Alleged Victims

Cosby’s Alleged Victims

My wife got me hooked on Chelsea Handler’s talk show years ago and we actually went to see her live before her show ended.  The fact that she believes that she would have been assaulted is enough for me to raise eyebrows but having dozens of other women making claims of sexual assault leads me to believe that the law likes money more than justice.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

We all have the right to believe what we want, it is a by-product of living in a nation with freedoms.  There are some people out there, like me, who believe that we are going down a dark path on so many fronts that it is hard to keep up.  There are some that believe that people like me over-react.

I have never been a big fan of capital punishment or the Old Testament laws because so much of it seems to exact a level of revenge rather than justice.  I have never been a big fan of concealed weapons on members of the public because it gives people too much opportunity to be stupid and puts those not armed in harms way.

For those NRA fans, I have to say that I am becoming a fan.  For those who believe we should house life-sentence prisoners in cages in the second and third world rather than paying obscene amounts to house them up here, I am becoming a convert for you as well.

Do you know what you, as a tax payer, pay to maintain an inmate in correctional facilities?  American numbers range from $40,000 per year to upwards of $167,000 per year for each inmate.  In my home of Edmonton the most recent study reports $117,000 per year to support each inmate.  This is clearly insane.   I keep my wife and I and six children alive on much less, mind you I can’t afford cable TV but every Canadian inmate has access to it.

Find some country with a needy economy and send them $40,000 a year for each person we convict to life in prison and let them put them in a pit.  Their economy will appreciate it, as will ours.  Just pick one from this list…

If you want to get back to me being a racist… get in line.  I will not stop talking about the downside of allowing Islam to be promoted as a religion so long as these people use our nation’s freedoms to suppress mine.  They want to dictate how I act and what I eat… which leads me to think about how unhealthy fat people are.

Which brings something to mind… without Subway, Jarod would still be too fat and too poor to be able to chase or buy children for sex and would likely not have even done anything to even deserve the 5 year sentence he is going to get.  How many screwed up people are out there thinking this is all Subway’s fault now?  I am sure there is at least one idiot out there thinking of suing them…


God Bless social media where any idiot (insert Helen Conforti here) can get on Facebook and speak their mind.  The real insanity is the people that read something once, form and opinion, and they go about spewing their new gospel of truth.  Please take a moment to read and make up your own mind.  There is no shortage of crazy people out there writing crazy things(that one was a joke… please don’t call the authorities)

I have a good friend who trusts dogs more than people.  I love conversations with Rod but my demeanor to him is slowly moving from “Rod, I love you but yer a little nuts… not all people are scum”… to a more mellow “when is God going to wipe man out once and for all and let this planet live in peace”.

Regardless of my opinions, please do not judge people by race, accusers, or ideology.  Judge them by their actions and punish them accordingly.

With our society’s warped sense of justice, what the hell does “accordingly” even mean?

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