Kiera Johnson… the craziest thing I heard all week

I hate posting two posts in the same day but just saw this article about Kiera Johnson and have to say something.

Here is a woman who is married and has two kidlets already and just had a new baby.  Kiera, Ken and their two existing children are all white… the new baby… came out a little darker than Ken had expected.

To her husband’s questions, Kiera came up with a plausible explanation.  She convinced him that the only person she has had sex with besides him, was… are you ready… Michael Jackson’s ghost.


First off, MJ’s ghost is probably even whiter than MJ… secondly, I am not 100% convinced that if MJ were still alive, he wouldn’t produce white kids after all that shit he has done.

So her husband, Ken, did what any man would do when his wife told him that the baby belonged to Michael Jackson’s ghost… he told his wife that she either attended marriage counselling with him or get the hell out… Oh wait, that wasn’t what he did… he sued MJ’s estate.

That is right.  He claims that he is giving the Jackson estate until January 1, 2016 to respond and that he is willing to accept a decent amount of child support to raise Michael’s son.

I hope that this goes to court because I would love to see what ghost DNA looks like.  Who knows, maybe they will extend the lawsuit to The Talauega brothers accusing the Michael Jackson hologram of some indiscretion.

As absolutely insane as I think this woman is, her husband is the one I want to smack.  Someone needs to get Kiera into politics because anyone who can convince a man of this absurdity would have a great career in an industry of deceit… thinking on your feet and being able to convince people of lies like this would surely help her excel.  Regardless of how good she is at lying, she has an amazing future in improve because who the hell could come up with that story in that situation… kudos to you kiddo!


This is not the craziest story as black kids have been born to white parents before, but never has the mother come up with such a crazy explanation as Kiera’s.  Some are funnier and take the irony of the situation to a whole new level like Sandra Laing who was black and born to white parents in South Africa in the 1950’s.

Sandra Laing was black and born to white parents in apartheid South Africa

Sandra Laing was black and born to white parents in apartheid South Africa

There is apparently a 1,000,000:1 odds of having a white baby to a black mother even if the father is white.  So what are the odds of a black baby coming to white parents?  Who knows, but whatever those odds are, they are infinitely better than getting pregnant by a ghost…

…and both are infinitely less likely than a mother forgetting about a chance encounter with the pool boy or delivery man.

4 responses to “Kiera Johnson… the craziest thing I heard all week

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  2. Kiera Johnson claiming that the ghost of Michael Jackson got her pregnant. She is softer than a door nail. God she needs her head checked better yet lock her in the
    mental hospital. No way any person can come back from the died first of all. Tell the truth jerk you cheated on your husband and make up a lie about something that really cannot happen. Your a money hungry jerk. How dare you start on Michael Jackson. Let him rest in peace. You want to make up stories about a man then iI will be making your life hell. Shut your mouth really dumb cunt.

    • I agree that Kiera has problems… sooner or later Ken is going to meet the mailman… but until then, I am impressed that Kiera came up with something so profound and think of when she did it… moments after delivering a baby.

      I have watched my wife deliver nine times and i can tell you one thing, right after all that work, sweat, screaming and head rotating, she has never been in a position where I would expect that perception of thought and execution… that story was simply amazing…

      It would have been a whole lot more realistic had she said that the baby was Bill Cosby’s though…

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