Me and Tom Cruise… Two Peas in a Pod

You are about to know me a whole lot better just by watching a 3 1/2 minute video.

Have you ever watched or heard someone famous and thought, “Hey, we sure do have something in common there”?

Well that happened to me watching a video of Tom Cruise a while back.  I actually had tears in my eyes… so did Tom.  That makes two things we had in common I suppose…

David Letterman may never fly with Tom Cruise but if you want to know who I am… just look at that video and don’t worry about being my friend too much because I haven’t got my pilot’s license.

But if I had my pilot’s license I would do exactly what Tom did and tell the story exactly as Tom told it.  That man got a year’s worth of laughter in that 2 minute story.  That is healthy living.


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