Get out and vote… unless you hate Canada…

By looking at my blog statistics, and seeing  as though the majority of people will be hitting the polls between 4pm and 7:30pm (when polls close in Alberta), the absolute most people who will read this might hit 60 views… and considering that 30% of my readers are not Canadian, I might be hitting 40 people with this… on a good day.

Yes, I do feel like I am beating a dead horse!  Are you listening or do I need to throw on another storm trooper?


Brent Butt has a great sense of comedy and I agree with his recent tweet that we need some change but we definitely disagree on how to get it.

Luckily, I get to vote for a different Brent… sadly most of you have to choose between the same idiot who likes secrecy and talks transparency but votes for C51… or the guy who should be in prison for basically stealing $2.75M … (how could any sane person give Mulcair our budget?) or for the ego-maniacal idiot who will do much worse for Canada than his father ever did and, by Canadian law, should be in jail as well… even if I couldn’t vote for Brent I would have to vote for Stephen Harper until the other parties produced a viable alternative.

What do these parties stand for?

What do these parties stand for?

At the moment… there simply is NO viable alternative. least you're special

…at least you’re special

Trudeau is simply a punk.  He is a spoiled kid who has yet to grow up.  Ezra Levant has him pegged and this is a great example of why this man CAN NOT be called our Head of State!!!

This man has made it clear that he hates Alberta on more than one occasion.

This man has made it clear that he hates Alberta on more than one occasion.

If you can watch the first 18 seconds of this short video and still vote liberal then you are an odd duck indeed.

But for those who still are undecided, vote for what you know.  Vote for the country that has performed the best in the last 5 years since the recession hit in 2008.  Vote for the party who has managed to used our debt… he has increased it yes, but with a great proportion to the amount of infrastructure spending to maintain a healthy economy where other nations have had problems.

Mulcair wants to monstrously increase Federal and Provincial debt to offer cheap daycare.  The fact that he is making promises that require provincial funding is insane.  He knows less about money than my kids do.

Tom Mulcair simply cannot run a budget.  He has remortgaged his home 11 times, let his party steal $2.75M where he was directly responsible for $600,000 and he has been ordered by the government to pay it back.  If he gets elected he will have the country’s budget in his pocket and we will suffer beyond imagination.

We need more leaders like Reagan... they said it like it was.

We need more leaders like Reagan… they said it like it was.

Trudeau is simply not capable.  I can’t imagine a world where this punk runs a country.  How could anyone else outside Quebec?

My buddy Melvin calls it as he sees it… Kevin has a smart room mate for sure!!! #MelvinOnAShelf

Kevin's room-mate shoots from the ankle like any good sock

Kevin’s room-mate shoots from the ankle like any good sock

I feel for you if you can’t vote for Brent Rathgeber, but at least put in a vote that will allow us the same rule we have had for the next 4 years.  At least I know I can survive it.  I simply can not say the same about the Liberal or NDP.  It is nice to see a journalist see things my way for a change.

Now here is your ending smile for this blog posting…


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