2015 in review

For those of you out there who are curious about how many views these blog posts get I thought I would summarize what 2015 looked like for http://www.PlanBMentality.com (rebranded to a more appropriate http://www.A2ZwithADHD.com now) just in case you care.

2015 was a Game Changing Year for My Blog

2015 was a monster year according to the numbers and the vast majority of this was due to one single post.  Since 1/1000 people in the entire country of Canada read it, you probably know which one I am referring to already. Despite the time I spent trying to figure out how or why so many people read that one post it was not the one that made me scratch my head the most this year.

Of the 93 posts I have published in the past 3 years, 79 were published in 2015… which is 98.3% of all posts I have ever published.

  • 6.6 posts each month
  • 1.5 posts each week
  • 1 post every 4.6 days

Those 79 posts were viewed 40,262 times.

  • 3355 views per month
  • 774 views per week
  • 110 views per day

500+ Views is No Longer Reaching for the Moon

Initially I considered any post that hit 100 huge (only one post in 2013 hit this mark).  2015 saw me bump this up so I now consider 500 views a hugely successful post and 2015 saw 5 pages pass 500 views…

I need to say thanks to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (and the Maritimes)!
Published 2015-10-20

Kiera Johnson… the craziest thing I heard all week
Published 2015-10-23

Let’s talk science – How is Global Warming being tested?
Published 2015-12-07

Scout Uniforms for Halloween Costumes?
Published 2015-11-02

Boys (and Girls) and their Toys: Spiceworks
Published 2015-02-28

Only one post for 2013 and one for 2014 got zero views in 2015 but nine other 2015 posts surpassed the old 100 mark with 1395 views between them.

Skewing the Graphs

That crazy political post really caused me problems as it skewed numbers immensely and made so much work out of reading graphs.


You can see how my typical day and a normally great day look much the same after a crazy day.


You can see that Nov 5 looks exactly the same as Oct 19 yet before Oct 20, my average views per day ran around 20 views.  You can see that Nov 5 is 135 which should look significantly larger but with the Oct 21 day of 15,090 it really threw off the graph for a while.

Since the October spike, average daily views rose to 52 from 14 for the first 9 months of 2015.

15,090 Views… That was a Busy Day

My largest single day of views was 15,090 on October 21 and 14,834 of those views were for my political thank you post.  My second biggest day for a post goes to the global warming science post with 371 views on December 9.

Currently I am struggling with the Scout Halloween post because in December the views went up over 3000% and I have no idea where they came from.  Facebook shares didn’t jump.  Unless someone linked to it without me knowing, who knows.  The average weekly views went from 7 in November to 100+ in December and 550 of the current 721 views coming more than 6 weeks after publishing.

That is the mystery I am dealing with now.  If you read my “I’m Back” pinned post you will know that my wife always had the intention of me earning money from a blog.  This is why I am trying to figure out where my views are coming from so that I can help them stay up a little.

Focus… Focus… SQUIRREL

You will also recall how I mentioned that the blog could probably not ever become successful without focusing on one topic.  Despite the myriad of science and political posts I have made, my top 6 cover…

  1. Federal politics in Canada
  2. Terrorism
  3. Scouting
  4. Technology
  5. Science
  6. And sex with Michael Jackson’s ghost

If these topics could be more varied I don’t know how.  Apparently I know me and called my writing style long before I filled this blog.  Now that I am willing to focus a little more and change things up, I can’t figure out what you people want to read about.

My readers were mostly calling Canada home but check out these other views from the top 15 of all 125 countries that viewed my site…

  • Canada – 35,073
  • USA – 3423
  • UK – 263
  • Australia – 172
  • France – 118
  • Mexico – 69
  • Germany – 66
  • Netherlands – 53
  • Ireland – 38
  • India – 36
  • South Africa – 29
  • Turkey – 29
  • Brazil – 28
  • Vietnam – 28
  • Italy – 26

I uploaded 439 pictures in 2015 (you could probably tell I like pictures) and included over 200 links which were clicked on almost 3500 times.  This is the kind of stuff that advertisers want to see.  It leads them to believe that people will click on ads as well as links.

I ended 2015 with 50 followers which is quite impressive in my mind at any rate.  Last year I had 5.  This would be more.

One of the biggest indicators of readership in my mind is comments and this year my political post had over 70 comments on it with over 140 throughout the year.  Many of those were mine but if you read through them you would realize I had more fun replying to comments (especially from liberals) than I did writing the post.

So raise your glass to celebrate an amazing 2015 and ring in a slightly different 2016… I am not sure yet what will change or how, but there will be changes.  We won’t fear them and we definitely won’t fear writing about them!


4 responses to “2015 in review

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  2. Your stats are really good!

    I started my blog in September and I get around 40-50 views on a good day.

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