World’s Best Commercials… My 12 Favorites at Any Rate

Kudos to Coca Cola on the most honest and amazing commercial I have seen in my life and one of my new favorites.  That is right.  Not in the past year, not in recent memory, not even my favorite in all of the food and beverage commercials, but this is one of my favorite commercials of all time.

If you have any comments or favorites I missed… leave comments below because I can’t track the shares of social media all the time.

There is some stiff competition (fitting for some of these for sure). Here are my other favorites to round out my top 12 Commercials of all time in no particular order!

Hyundai – an oldie but a classic

John West Salmon

Here is a classic if you want to learn English… or join the German coastguard

Volkswagon Star Wars – this kid is an amazing actor!

Levis Blind Man – I laughed so hard at this one

Fruit Flavored Condoms – yes, not kid friendly

Sony Vaio – probably not kid friendly either

Who doesn’t just love Ikea Commercials?

Their best yet?  You probably should not have your kids around by now.

My favorite insurance commercial…

Who doesn’t love Kylie Minogue?  Your kid does!

Got any favorites that I should add to this list?

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