10 Things I Miss from Disney… and they may be back…

You heard me very recently say how much I miss watching Disney stuff on TV… well it is back and tomorrow you can watch Mary Poppins with commentary host, Dick Van Dyke!

That’s right, on October 25th my post mentioned how much I miss the regular weekly broadcasting of some amazing Disney show.  ABC has four special events planned this month (see the link above) and with any luck they will be running much more.


That last blog post can be viewed here and I posted a bunch of specials that I have missed dearly.  I also loved the black and white videos of Walt walking through fields talking about how he was going to build Disneyland… and how people laughed at him.


Here is what I posted before…

What kid didn’t grow up watching Walt Disney every Sunday night?  Some of my best Disney memories were on TV back then and some of them are hard to track down today…

This list could go on forever… who doesn’t miss all these oldies?  It was the safest hour of TV back then and would be still today but finding these classics is not an easy task.

Is there anything you miss?

Would you actually watch a family-friendly hour of TV?  


I know that most of us have watched the remakes of the classics… but how many of us have seen the originals?

Race to Witch Mountain brings back some amazing memories too… and one of my favorite Disney Easter eggs… but that is another blog post…



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