Let’s talk science – How is Global Warming being tested?

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So many people have criticized my thinking because I like to rock the boat with common sense.  Am I a conspiracy theorist?  I don’t think so.  I think I just like to have an open mind.  I am a conservative to the point that I would definitely not like being called a liberal.

Do I hate liberals?  Hell no!  I love them!  They give conservatives a great balance and keep them in check.  Would I rather have a smart Liberal run my country than a stupid or corrupt conservative?  Absolutely.

Unfortunately, right now we have, in my opinion, a stupid, inexperienced, brash, foolish Liberal running our country… with a majority government.  It is going to be a scary four years and my children will be dealing with the aftermath for many years to come.


Today I want to talk a bit about science and scientists.

Let me get this out there that I hate the “greenhouse gas”, “global warming”, “climate change” scientists much less than I hate the liberal politicians and psycho liberal housewives jumping on their bandwagon without any thought.  It’s not that these people have no brains, they simply aren’t using them.  There are people whom I truly admire and think highly of their analytical thinking, yet they don’t seem to apply any of their skills to this science.

The Scientific Model

As it was explained to me in college (I was not that great of a student back then), the way that the scientific method determines how things happen and why goes something like this…

  1. You observe something in nature you cannot explain
  2. create a hypothesis that explains it
  3. make a prediction on the hypothesis
  4. test the prediction
  5. if not consistent, modify the hypothesis and go back to #3
  6. if consistent, you have the base for a theory you can now publish


Now the fun part happens.

Every college, university, ragtag group of scientists that are at all interested in your theory work diligently to DISPROVE your theory.  That’s right, they try to prove you wrong.  If they can, they get to publish their work and get a name for themselves in the proof they created and how they created it and their professors and students start asking for more grant money and sponsorships because they are so smart.


If they can’t bust the theory, they might actually come up with further proof that the theory is correct!  This will get them possibly more attention when they publish their results and more attention gets them even more money.

If a theory can’t be proved but also can’t be disproved, then it sits and waits and after a long time people give up trying to prove or disprove it on whole and it becomes accepted (but still just a theory).  This is currently where the theory of evolution sits… it is accepted because it hasn’t been proven nor totally debunked or revised.

Charles Darwin was wrong eye quote

There is a monstrous scientific debate in the world right now which demands a new hypothesis… let’s look at “greenhouse gases”, “climate change” and “global warming”.

The current hypothesis is this…

  1. Greenhouses gases are bad because they allow the sun’s heat in but they don’t let it escape from the earth
  2. CO2 is a greenhouse gas
  3. the increased CO2 is causing the “climate change” and “global warming”
  4. we need to reduce CO2 emmissions to cool the earth down

I have written about how little faith I have in this current hypothesis and you can read about that here.

This hypothesis can be crushed by fact…


By observation… from 1898 to 1998 the earth temperature has increased less than 1F.  CO2 gas increased from 295 ppm to 367 ppm.

From 1998 to 2015 there was a zero increase in global temperature yet CO2 has increased from 367 ppm to 403 ppm or half of the previous 100 years!  If you still believe that CO2 is a major contributor to global warming you might want to have your head examined.

#2 SourcesGreenHouseGas

And by Scientific Model… there was a theory published by a guy who won a Nobel Prize for his work on this theory… and for doing such a great job of creating fear about his theory… Al Gore.  He has changed the dates a few times but his last published push-back was in 2009 when he said…

there is a 75% chance that the entire polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice free by 2016-2018
~ Al Gore

I wanted to put that video here but since he changed the date three times I suspect he is just going to change it again in his next speech.  The fact is that he is quoted as saying we might not have any ice as early as 2013.  If you really want to see his new quote… check out 2:12 of this video.  He doesn’t even sound sure of himself here but take what you want from it.

For an update, this past July 22, 2015, John Leclair, the assistant commissioner for the Coast Guard, said that the Arctic summer ice is the worst he has seen in 20 years.

MoS2 Template Master

Political Propaganda in Science

This is the defining moral and political cause of our age and it is all based on lies and propaganda.  As much as this sickens me that the hypothesis has been totally debunked and people are still calling the science “settled”, we got here with conspiracy theorists and politically funded propaganda rather than good science.

What really drives me nuts is that the world’s governments, and especially the American government, have been handing out money hand over fist to any scientist who can prove that this hypothesis is valid.

Science should have no political agenda.  Well not outside China and Russia at any rate.


The US government alone spent  $21 Billion dollars in 2014 and has published expenditures in excess of $200 Billion in total on “Climate Change Expenditures”.

Do you know how much the government has given for scientists to debunk global warming?  You guessed it, nothing.  How does a government expect to get any true science out of $20 Billion dollars a year spent in research and studies to prove only one side of a hypothesis?


Of course the answer is that the government has no interest in debunking the global warming myth.  They have left that up to people with their own money.  They are only supporting science that helps them scare the populace into handing over Carbon Tax revenue.

These governments aren’t just encouraging the hoax, they are creating it and using lies to promote them…

Anyone who is aware with how national debt works and what companies and families manage the world’s finances is aware of what this debt is designed to do.  The only country that has any chance of surviving this global hoax is the country that refuses to jump onboard with the corrupt IPCC (don’t dare argue that one with me).


Provinces and states like Alberta and California both have governments who are hell bent on burying their people in debt and both jurisdictions have the full support of the idiots currently running the countries (Obama and Trudoh).  Obama has actually said that Climate Change is a larger global concern than terrorism.  Did you hear that?  The weather is more important than protecting American lives!  How is he still in power?

If there is a single person in California who thinks that spending $450B to try to eliminate CO2 from our atmosphere is a worthwhile expense, you need to shake your head.  California is being punished because it makes money from energy which is the same problem we have in Alberta.  We need to stop punishing ourselves.  California unemployment and rocketing debt will be crippling and Alberta is coming for the ride.


A New Hypothesis

When you want to be a dick like Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) or almost any leftist politician (or democrat if you will), you can question why there aren’t as many scientists on the denier side of the global warming discussion.  When you want to come at the discussion with an open mind, consider for a moment, if you were a scientist, whether you would speak out against the government that has openly criticized  deniers and finances ONLY one side of research.

The world governments clearly subsidize this hoax… actually they created it!

If you remember from the top of this post I outlined how science happens… step 5 said…

5.     if not consistent, modify the hypothesis and go back to #3

I will be posting a couple different hypothesis.  We obviously need a new one and I can probably come up with a couple to peak your curiosity.  I would love to know if anyone else had any other hypothesis that might explain why the UN and the world governments would back environmentalists in spreading this propaganda.

Feel free to get creative, the IPCC has.

Let’s be honest… Global Warming is not a theory anymore… it is a failed hypothesis.


8 responses to “Let’s talk science – How is Global Warming being tested?

  1. i am a boy scout, and i just got home from the sustainability merrit badge, and my councler showed me graphs explaining that global climate is actually decreasing. i checked the dates and #s in most of the examples that he said were wrong were very enhanced to about 1-3 years, the graphs he showed me looked like this /\/\/\/\/\/\/ <-where we are most of the enhanced graphs looked like they were going strait up, but really that is where we are now

    • I love that your scout leader is willing to tell you opposing views but I love more that you are looking at the data for yourself. Kudos to you young man.

      Just a few minutes ago, our Venturer company went to bed at a camp and we just finished a lengthy discussion about climate change and how schools don’t actively teach history the way it really happened… in regards to the start of WW2.

      Youth today seem very interested in learning but I tell them that they need to read and learn for themselves. I told them to all go home and read a book… I have a list… and then search for answers. I am always here if they have questions but when I find a youth like you out there searching for answers and new questions I can’t help but think that I might be talking to a future president or business tycoon.

      Keep up the great work Sterling!

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  4. “Would I rather have a smart Liberal run my country than a stupid or corrupt conservative? Absolutely.”

    Okay, I’ve met stupid and corrupt conservatives but a smart Liberal? Nope. I doubt there is such a thing.

      • not sure i agree… the worst thing in my mind about being a conservative or republican is that your ego can convince you its time to talk when it is actually time to listen… the liberal gives a check and balance like nothing else can… so when the people get weary of the ambition of the republican they simply elect a liberal for a term (or two if they forgot what true progress was).

        Keep in mind that it really doesn’t matter what party you are with, if your predecessor was a great leader (either charismatic like Kennedy or truly decisive and honest like Lincoln, or perhaps Charismatic and a great leader like Reagan) you will likely get elected for at least one term to follow suit…

        In the last 100 years the Democrats did this twice… Truman followed FDR, who was awesome… and LBJ followed JFK who was awesome…

        The republicans have had more awesome presidents to follow mostly because the Republican personality is much more decisive and prominent… Harding, Coolidge and Hoover ran the country for over a dozen years straight… I won’t mention Ford and Nixon, not because Nixon didn’t have promise, but because Ford was never elected into the vice presidency or the presidency… Bush was a shoe-in after Reagan but then America had a string of idiots who blew their second terms…

        Clinton was okay with the money and the foreign affairs but he was a pussy (which usually goes along with being a democrat) and then Bush Jr. was, well, a Republican from Texas. What more needs to be said. I still can’t believe that terrorists attacked the US with a Texan Republican in the oval office. Terrorists are stupid.

        And now Barack… there is such a slim chance of a Democrat getting voted in after this pussy that I would give odds to anyone with money.

        Maybe you are right, there aren’t any smart Democrats / Liberals…

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