Alberta Education: Gender Terrorism

Edit: Please click on the petition and rally link at the bottom of this post!

If you are unaware of my position on boys and girls sharing a washroom, I think I made it clear in a post called Transgender Insanity Hits Home back in 2014.  Back then, when an Edmonton school board allowed a 7 year old boy to use the girls change facilities and washrooms, I stated that they had violated the trust of the girls.  They are now plowing ahead and planting the seeds of sending our education system straight to hell.

A roadmap to hell

If you haven’t heard yet, Alberta’s new NDP government has just announced that all school boards in the province are being forced to allow boys into the girls change rooms and washrooms all in the name of ‘respect’.  The problem is that they are basically scrapping all respect for the girls in that school in the name of respecting a youth who claims to be another gender.

Their “Guidelines for Best Practices” is a great read.  Feel free to download the whole thing and see if you disagree with anything I have said…  91383-attachment-1-guidelines-final

Think about a 16-year old boy, dealing with puberty, and being allowed to shower after a basketball game… with the girls.  Even if he actually was confused about his sexuality, this is NOT going to help.  He will feel 1000 times more uneasy in a room filled with girls trying to undress behind towels and in toilet stalls while they ‘keep an eye on him’.

Why do schools not enable these individuals to have their own washroom?  I have been asking for over a year where the common sense is and Nutley’s crew just proved that they are not just socialist but they are terrorists!


Take what you want from this quote… I love it.

Oh No… Did He Just Use the T Word?

I know, you think I am a radical for using the T word but what would you call it when one group of people are legally allowed to intimidate another group but political terrorism?  Now I sound like Ezra Levant… except he wouldn’t go this far… I don’t think he has 4 daughters and maybe that is why I am a little more passionate. The government has given Alberta schools until March to allow any individual to start terrorizing the people that Alberta Education has zero respect for, the people who know what gender they are.


Here is a story about a trans-gendered guy in Ontario, who was actually a convicted sex offender for previously raping a 5 year old girl and a 27 year old handicapped lady.  Because he claimed to be a girl, they had to let him into a woman’s shelter where he sexually assaulted a lady in the washroom.

He is now back in jail but who is on this woman’s side suing the Ontario government for violating her rights?  These pompous politicians think they can just walk all over our rights and see no pushback.gender-neutral-bathroom

Understand that if a police officer tells a school NOT to allow a boy in the girls washroom due to a criminal record there is nothing the school can say about it.  They have to let him in the girls’ room…

Self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Hey Nutley!  My daughters will not be test-monkeys in your psychotic game of political correctness.

I would encourage every mother and father to let your school know that if they follow along with the Provincial edict on this, that they will pull their kids out of school and start home schooling them.  It might be more difficult for you as parents for a while but you will save money and protect your children from the disaster that is becoming the Alberta School System.

One more note, for those parents who don’t think that there are any boys in the girls’ facilities at their local schools.  Are you aware that this new rule will not allow school teachers and administrators to notify the mother and father (oops, not allowed to use those words anymore either), I mean the parents of the individual to know that their child is choosing to identify as another gender to use another washroom?

How exactly would you find out if his own parents aren’t going to know? Your daughter isn’t going to find out until she is standing naked in a shower beside a boy… and when are you finding out?


Get your kids out of the school system before this happens.  Every school in the province has to adhere to these new rules by March… except Home Schools.  They already have gender neutral bathrooms and they get to keep running their homes with common sense rather than political correctness!

If you absolutely can’t make this happen in your home, take some proactive measures and sue the school board and the province.  A few successful law suits in the million dollar range might slap some sense into them.


John Carpay from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms sure seems interested in taking this fight to the courts… he can be reached at

This opens the door for all kinds of violations… the province should now be liable in civil court and I hope someone nails them for a monstrous lottery winning… this is not an if but a when.

Before you make up your mind, let me point out that if a student’s male father identifies as a woman, he is allowed in the school’s girls washroom as well!  As shocked as your daughter would be at seeing a male student in the washroom, what on earth would go through her head when a 40-year old man came in?

Family members are able to access washrooms that are congruent with their gender identity.

She would think that her parents have done nothing to protect her.  She would grow up feeling that the world was against her and that being what she thought of as ‘normal’ was the new target of bigotry.  If she is unhappy in a school doing this, she is allowed to use an alternative, like the handicapped bathroom.  You know, the bathroom that the trans-gendered people should be using.


I said it in 2014 but nobody gave a shit back then, hell, I was called names for writing that blog post, but today we are staring the result of that insanity square in the face.

So get ready to enjoy more psychotic episodes from Nutley’s NDP team.  Your children are being stripped of their rights and they have made it so you aren’t even going to hear about it until your child is sexually assaulted.

Watch Ezra Levant tackle this subject like no liberal media will even try…

This may actually be the NDP plan to reduce the size of classrooms in public schools… and for a change, I think they might have a plan that could work.


Please click on the “Parents for Choice in Education” link here and sign their petition and join them at their organized demonstrations.


Edit: (added 2016-01-21 after giving up on all the facebook comments)

I want to reiterate one more time before I permanently give up trying to keep up with the comments (there are still about 400 tagged to me in Facebook that I have not answered)…
I accept people who have gender conflicts. I will not celebrate them however because I am not that excited about their cause. If I dont go to the caribbean parade or the pride parade it does not mean I hate, dislike, or do not accept jamaicans or LBGTQ community members… I simply don’t want to go to the parade.
I do not hate the idea of this law because boys and girls will be using the same facilities, I would rather see all buildings, including schools, have all-gender facilities rather than gender-neutral facilities (not a fan of that term for some reason). Until then, let the law determine at what point someone goes from being one gender to another. In the meantime, when there are questions, the person making the change or dealing with the gender conflicts should have a private bathroom available to them.  Their right to feel comfortable does not outweigh the right of everyone else to be comfortable.
My BIG problem with this whole discussion is the draconian way that Nutley’s NDP have implemented this new solution. I am stunned at the brash tyranny they continue to exude in everything they do. Where is the consultation, the discussion, the learning?
Most schools already have solutions in place that answer many of the concerns covered in their new agenda. Without consulting the people who deal with these issues already, you are telling the citizens and the administrators of the schools and the medical professionals that work in this field that the NDP Alberta has no need for them outside of paying their taxes.
This is a Tyrannical policy and I will stand loud and proud against tyranny until they hang me from a gallow.

48 responses to “Alberta Education: Gender Terrorism

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  4. Friend me on FB :). We’d love to meet you guys! My husband is a Christian school principal, so I have concerns all over the place…

    • I believe that most right thinking people feel very unsettled over this issue. Christians in particular will enjoy less religious freedom under Notley, Trudeau, etc, and might even face hate crimes charges if they voice their opinions in public. Such is the madness that political correctness, social engineering, “progressive” government policies, all fueled largely by the homosexual movement, has brought us.

      The irony is, Canada takes in most of its immigrants from countries where homosexuals and lesbians are hanged, beheaded, stoned and run out of their communities. I wonder what will happen to these pro-gay pro-transgender laws once Canada becomes a minority white country by 2031. With the most extreme form of Islam, Wahhabism (Saudi Arabia) now funding the growth of Islamic schools in Canada, along with the ever-expanding ethnic enclaves in every city, one can only wonder what kind of Canada we will have in another three generations as the left-leaning “progressives” spit on our Christian heritage, water down our culture, and rush towards the cliff edge like lemmings.

  5. The truth is I want to repost on FB. I want to rant and make a big deal about this but i am scared. Like a lot of my coworkers in government I am afraid of bieng branded a biggot. Career suicide

    • one of the benefits of working for myself… but then i have always wanted to run for public office as well but with my mouth and opinions I never truly that that was possible… until now… if Trump becomes the next President I will definitely be running against Nutley in 3 years!

  6. To the suggestion of gender neutral bathrooms, one student in Ontario was offered a gender neutral bathroom but declined. An intact male felt like a girl and didn’t want a separate bathroom. 150 students protested, but in the end, the Ontario government was going to cut the funding for the school if they wouldn’t let this student use facilities for girls. They offered, he declined. It’s not about removing students from embarrassment and harassment and making them comfortable, it’s about a liberal agenda.

    • I agree 100% and the fact that their agenda is being pushed down our throats without consultation from parents, schools, medical professionals or the LBGTQ community is simple tyranny.

  7. Maybe Notley is a little confused and can`t quite decide whether to wear pants or a skirt. Is she a man or a woman, wants to be a man or maybe a woman, doesnt` really matter which washroom , can`t decide that either She is so full of shit she`ll just shit on Alberta again and again and……..

    • I wish she could decide whether she was a politician or not… or whether she is Albertan or not… and now her flip flopping telling leaders in the East that our energy sector is important and then coming home to destroy the energy sector… make up your damn mind!

  8. Please consider writing a handwritten letter expressing your concerns and potential alternatives that you feel will work instead
    Handwritten proves its not just some copy of a letter taken from a post somewhere on the internet
    Then whenever possible hand deliver it to your MLA office and/or your MP’s office.
    I’ve already posted shared and signed a petition online but a personalized hand written letter delivered to your representatives office has so much more clout.
    This bill endangers all of my grandchildren I still pay taxes to the public school if this bill is not struck down I will seek to f8mf a way to no longer have my taxes paid to the local school systems promoting and enforcing this legislature that bullies terrorizes and traumatizes children who are non gender confused.
    If this cannot be stopped I guess anyone who wants to protect their children from being molested and/or psychologically traumatized will have to homeschool.
    Hopefully people who home school can refuse to pay taxes to their local school boards
    If the government loses enough tax money if their programs or the schools lose enough financial support just maybe they will reconsider
    Sadly the rights of the non gender confused do not matter.
    Transgender children should not be bullied and need to be protected and be able to attend school and feel safe but not at the expense of the safety freedom and rights of those who are not transgender
    Thank you in advance to all who will contact the representative to prevent this bill from taking effect.
    Thank you for taking the time to search out the truth and the impact this is Bill will have if it goes unchallenged.
    The only thing needed for us to lose our freedoms and our rights is for good people to do nothing.

    • Joy, I will write a letter but so far as taxes, even if I could stop paying them on the basis that I have been homeschooling for 16 years and still have another decade plus to go, the government would just invent something stupid like a carbon tax to get the money from me.

  9. well said. I am amazed and appalled by the comments you’ve had on the *homeschooling* list on FB. Amazing that people can be going to such great lengths to build relationship with their children, to protect them, and then ? I have four boys and four girls – one boy at a public high school (grade 10) and one girl finishing grade 12 at a public outreach high school. One has graduated, and the other five are still homeschooling. I am thinking hard about how i can create the rigorous academic program needed for high school for these last five, because schools seem more like brothels now than places of learning. (This is the first year and first time I’ve ever had a child in public school, and it’s been very eye opening, to say the least).

    • Stephanie, we should do coffee one day… or wine… my wife likes an excuse to have a drink with a ‘normal’ person because her husband doesn’t touch alcohol…

      I have had 4 kids graduate already, two went to high school and one did a year or so… this past few years I have really felt validated in my beliefs due to the son that I thought would be my biggest test. There is a blog post coming about him someday…

      Thanks for the support with the Homeschooling FB group… I was shocked to see all that anger toward my comments in there and then to realize that it wasn’t my blog that started the thread… nobody had even read it. *smile*

      This is basically political correctness gone mad and dished up by a tyrannical government. Not a good mix for a loudmouth like me.

  10. THIS HAS GONE TOO FA4..teaching our children that they have no value…I don’t even want to be a Canadian an6more…I am actually embarrassed. You are forcing parents everywhere to take drastic measures to ensure their children’s rights are protected. SPEECHLESS AT THIS DEPRAVITY…WHAT ARE WE COMMUNISTS!!!!!!…and yes that is a communist bssh…f’ng deal with i5..I’m so tired of this in peace..there’s enough room for everyone..and certainly enough room for goddammit separate bathrooms for children. YOU ARE NOW ENDANGERING MY NON GENDER ISSUE CHILD WITH A DISCRIMINATORY ACT. SO LET’S OPEN THAT CAN OF WORMS SHALL WE.

    • We don’t need to open that can, it was opened by the Tyrannical government we voted into place last year.

      I never realized how much I missed King Ralph until I got Czar Rachel.

  11. Disgusting…I am actually speechless at all the levels of trust, appropriateness, and respect this is breaching. As a parent in Alberta, I would be organizing a school wide walk out forcing resolving this issue. Maybe they should just build a gender neutral school?? For the less than 1% of any given schools population that may fall into this category. DON’T PUT THE 99% of the remaining school population for the sake of a few. OMG …I CA hardly believe this was even suggested. Disgusting display of human 4ights and how f&%$#@ up it has become.

  12. Thank you for confirming feminists declaration that all men are perverted rapist pigs that can’t be trusted. Finally a man steps up and speaks the truth about his kind. Straight men, gay men, trans men, all potential rapists. Lock em up and throw away the key.

    • Yo Yo (I wanted to type that as soon as I saw your name)…

      Although all genders are potential rapists, I believe this may be one of the distinguishing features that makes a young boy question his gender. When every other boy around you is a sickening pig, it makes it difficult to think of yourself as one of them. I worked in the Alberta oil patch. I know this feeling too well.

      In short though, you’re welcome!

  13. “To be honest, I’m so over being PC. If you dont like what I say, to damn bad. Fact of the matter is, pc has gone so far it silences us. I really don’t care anymore. If you get hurt feelings, go cry in a corner. Time to stand up and get backbones. It doesn’t make you racist, bigot and all the other fancy new names being tossed around like confetti. Being PC is being submissive to this garbage. They want everyone to be afraid to speak up for fear of being labeled.”

    • agree 100% with you… you are dead on! These political terrorists running our province are driving wedges between two groups that have no issues with one another… the LBGTQ community wants acceptance and some physical concessions for confused youth… those of us who want to accept them and love them through this confusing time want to accommodate them…

      but then along comes Nutley’s NDP and a group of psycho liberal housewives and suddenly we have to celebrate the LBGTQ community in everything we do, add it to our curriculum, let them share private facilities with all the unconfused youth… and now everyone is confused.

      this only serves to wedge issues in between the two groups which allows the government to assume more responsibility to maintain order… what is next, martial law?

  14. You know what I truly believe bothers you is the fact that Dr. Frank N. Furter, a self-proclaimed “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania turns you on. You get a woody from Tim Curry’s character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and that bothers you. You are afraid that if you admit this that others may think you are a homosexual. It is ok to have such feelings it does mean you are gay. Is that what you are worried about? I should have guess, especially the way you talked.

    • none of that would worry me… it would give much stronger footing to attack idiots trying to help the LBGTQ community with fool rhetoric like the stuff you liberals are shooting off with… but then most people don’t like you so this ranting makes you feel loved.

      If you want, I will give you a hug… even it is means you are gonna grab my ass.

  15. You are so full of shit it’s coming out of your mouth. The sheer insanity spouted here does a disservice to rational right wingers.

    • you must mean radical right wingers because i get the impression that you wouldn’t know the meaning of rational if it bit you.

      as for the shit and insanity, please grace me with your interpretation of the new law or my analysis… and if i was wrong I will even brush my teeth again just for you… shit would leave an awful after taste

      • Honestly you are so ignorant and hateful towards things you don’t understand that it’s not worth my time to correct you. By the way straw man arguments and appeals to fear are poor ways to construct rational arguments. Maybe you need to reread the actual guidelines. Honestly you would give homeschoolers a bad name if anyone actually paid attention to your ignorant rantings.

      • Sorry to inform you Kris but 6400 people have cared enough to red this post thus far… and with over 2000 shared on facebook and 4000+ comments (I lost track and have given up) and all these comments on the blog (I do try to keep up)… people do pay attention.

        Does it sadden you to realize that your liberal agenda is getting the silent majority so riled up that they are speaking out against you?

    • Sorry Debbie but that is the government of alberta’s number and I am a taxpayer, not a lobbyist and they have already made it clear that my opinions do not matter.

  16. I am by far an NDP supporter, however you are misinformed and ignorant. As with all people who try to rally support for their cause, you quote the bad and not the good. As for a transgender, they are not confused about their sexuality. A person that is gay or a homosexual is referred to being confused about their sexuality as they are about to exit the closet. A transgender is about the gender itself they can be confused about if they are male, female or androgynous. We are born in a corporal body either male or female with an androgynous spirit. As we age, the androgynous spirit does not always follow the way of the flesh it goes the path it was meant to, therefore these people chose to be happy in their own skin. Can you say the same about yourself? Don’t fool yourself kids are more resilient in protecting themselves and are more understanding than you believe. The question I ask are you trying to protect your kids or yourself? What do you see in yourself that you don’t like?

    • Two things actually… I would like to lose about 30 pounds… I would also like the fortitude to be able to ignore psycho liberal housewives but i have a personality that cant shut up and i have no filter… actually I am okay with being fat and loud… so socialists like you can suck it… i am okay with me.

      • There is a first for everything 1. being called a liberal housewife and 2. a socialist. I am far from either one. I just found you very uneducated, small minded, quoting misinformation and having no personality at all, which explains why you can’t keep your loud mouth shut.

      • uneducated: compared to some i suppose
        small-minded: haven’t had it measured
        quoting mis-information: not a chance bucko
        having no personality: actually I am a demanding mix of choleric, sanguine and melancholy… but just enough melancholy to have the anal offset the sanquine

  17. I was in a meeting about this last night until 11:30, you are not alone in your thinking. My problem with all of this is that we are protecting the rights of a few to the detriment of the majority! I learnt a lot last night… These are guidelines, each school board has to write their own policies, but are encouraged to basically go with these ones!!! Phone, write your school board trustees, and let them know what you want the policies to say!!!! They are who are going to make the decision to stand up against the insanity! They have to write policy that follows the law, but can at least push back!!!!! Bill 10 has already come in to affect, and in it self is scary!!! Write, phone your MLA, and stand up to this!!! I know I’m rambling! Lol but am so angry!

  18. I’m sorry to say that I wish Notley had been on that plane with her Commie dad in October ’84. But even if she had been there , there would probably be some other Commie taking her place right now. We simply have to be more vigilant against these types, and call a spade a spade when we see one.

    • I believe in being respectful, even when admonishing someone, but Nutley and the NDP have shown utter negligence with this law and have shown that they have zero respect for our youth so I cannot disagree with your sentiment.

  19. this is part of the communist agenda, which Motley learned at her communist father’s knee, destroy children’s sexuality, confuse them. Please fight back, My children are grown, thank heavens but I have grandchildren and worry about how these types of things will impact their lives. Hopefully, Albertans will continue to be as strong as they’ve been with other issues.

    • we are not strong… they are wearing us down and it hasn’t even been a year yet… if we don’t stand up to them to protect our kids, what will we stand up for?

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