Climatologists are now attacking their own data.

A brand new video on YouTube is trying to destroy a couple of people because apparently the satellite data has been reporting wrong or something.  How convenient for the liberal climate fear mongers.

Let’s discuss this video…

0:14 Michael Mann PhD – Penn State University

Claiming that the graph will show that 2015 was the warmest year in recorded history… once again, this is just one year!  No scientist worth his salt will base a theory on one year but then this is the guy trying to get the US to enact laws to let scientists not be bound by the first amendment and the doctor who used to claim he was a Nobel Laureate.

0:32 Michael Mann PhD – Penn State University

Criticizing the satellite data doesn’t make sense since climatologists first introduced the data sets from NASA and NOAA when it was pointed out that the tree-ring data that Mann (and Briffa) used was actually showing temperature declines.

It has to be pointed out that nobody takes Mann seriously since climate-gate and since Mann’s blatant removal of non-corresponding data where he simply removed declining data that he could not explain.


1:49  Ben Santer PhD – Livermore National Laboratory

Getting data that was 4 hours off makes absolutely no sense.  If I get data from one satellite at 2pm and the next capture is mistakenly being done at 6pm, I agree that this will make the temperature somewhat cooler.  But by this ridiculous circular logic though, you have to admit that if I was capturing temperature data at 10am at another location, my second capture would be at 2pm, which would absolutely make the temperature warmer.

In the grand scheme of things, this data should offset itself.


3:32 Andrew Dessler PhD – Texas A&M

I can’t even listen to these clowns talk about models.  I have spent at least 20 hours watching videos and reading papers where these scientists argue over the validity of the ‘models’ which are basically the algorithms or mathematical equations that scientists use to guess.

Seriously.  If these models were worth spit, meteorologists would be using them to figure out what next weeks weather will be.  We all know how successful they are in that arena.


4:53 Carl Mears PhD – Remote Sensing Systems (the satellites)

Does he seriously condemn the way Senator Cruz (R Texas) uses his graph that he made with his satellite data?  Let us take a quick look at the graph that Senator Cruz uses.


And now his choice of where to start is criticized because it doesn’t take into account the cooler years before.  What these climate terrorists continually forget to mention is that the graph says “No global warming for 18 years 9 months”.  It does not say that the globe has never warmed because it has.  But it has also cooled and no matter what is happening, liberals want to take over the energy sector and run every aspect or our lives all in the name of saving the planet and I am sick of it.

Here is a little side video with Senator Cruz’s perspective.

6:31 Carl Mears PhD – Remote Sensing Systems (the satellites)

Did he just say that?

Senator Cruz focuses on one data set, mine; from one type of instrument, satellites; and he ignores all the other evidence
~ Carl Mears

After our discussion about how the ‘hockey stick’ model was created by Mann with tree rings (only one data set from one instrument, tree rings).  He doesn’t ignore other data sets or sources, he deletes them.  He blatantly removed the Briffa data that showed a temperature drop.  Good science.

Let’s look at that ‘good’ science from the IPCC…


Since 2005 the satellite data and the balloon data have been dead on.  Are they saying that we don’t know how high the balloons are either?  Maybe it is the climate change scientists that are wrong.  That red line is the IPCC ‘model’ that was run in 1998.  Notice how they are always exaggerating the numbers even when they are historical?

Like I said, good science.


7:18 Ben Santer PhD – Livermore National Laboratory

…the planet is warming and despite our best attempts to see whether natural causes can explain that warming, they can’t.
~ Ben Santer

I know that you are a scientist and a doctor but enough with the god-complex.  You can’t prove what is causing this theoretical warming, you can’t even prove the warming part, so you blame humans.  You ego maniacal bastard.  Do you have any idea how many people you have sucked in with the shit coming out of your mouth and you admit that you have no idea what is causing it.  Why can’t you keep looking?  Why would you blame CO2?

I have talked before in these posts about how CO2 is a vital ingredient in photosynthesis… the process in green plants that produces oxygen.  The more CO2, the more plants.  The more plants, the more oxygen.

If it ever gets out of control, rather than adding $40B a year in carbon taxes to residents of California, cut down some damn trees.  Boom!  Problem solved.


“We are not to blame says top scientist… it’s a con to raise tax”

The answer to the question…


So the question this new video asks… “how reliable are satellite temperatures?” has one really good answer, from the video itself… who cares?

I am going to stand by my previous post about climate change and say that I would rather spend $1B getting rid of pollution and garbage from our air, land and oceans, than spend $1 cutting back CO2, the gas that keeps my ass alive!

In that post I got to respond to someone in the comments and my response should have been it’s own blog post…

Oh miss JovialSpoon (love your name by the way), I have no interest in a Nobel Prize. First of all, I agree that the earth is on a warming trend but I would just as soon give credit to 7 Billion people’s body temperature or 1.3 Billion cows passing gas without fear of embarrassment… on that note there are at least 2.8 Billion men that do the same.

Your comment was going great, and I might not have even replied, but then you went and added, “Due to human induced global warming”. If the climate could be blamed at all on humans you wouldn’t see scientists by the dozens coming forward to discount the “global-warming” myth. I used to call it a theory when you people called it a theory but then you started calling it fact and science out of the blue. It is you that need to prove your statement and I will shut up. I have not made any claim except to say your ‘science’ is not science, it is just a theory and a crappy one at that.

You see I am not the one with the onus to prove anything… the burden of proof lies with the claimant so bring on the science… and not science that says that the world is warming up because I am from Canada and welcome some warmer winters.

Bring me some real science that proves pollution is responsible for the climate. While you are waiting you should watch The Day After Tomorrow… until then, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your comment… I actually edited my blog post for you. Yep that’s right, I added a picture at the very bottom just because you commented and I knew that it would make your liberal heart happy to know that others cared as well.


Please feel free to leave comments like ‘jovialspoon’ and who knows, maybe I will still be talking about you next year too.

I would love to stay and chat about climate change all night but I have another post where I want to try to convince some other sheep that the earth is not flat.


JovialSpoon… this pic is for you eh!


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