Parental Alienation – PA Syndrome

I knew that parents did stupid things, especially during divorces, but I didn’t think that it happened so often that there was a term for it, let alone an awareness campaign.  Can my blog handle another draft to think about?  *smile*

PA Awareness.  Who knew this was even a thing?

I know parents and “adults” in general can be serious douche bags during divorces and such but somehow I just assumed that I knew people living through the worst of the worst but now I hear from a friend I haven’t talked to in almost 20 years that this is happening so much that they named it!

That’s right, pitting your kids against your spouse isn’t just you being a douche-bag, it is called Parental Alienation.  Who knew?

It isn’t just issues from divorce but some parents are just bad parents in general, and often just bad people.  How can you protect your kids from issues in their future if you are teaching them to be racists or bigots as children?

I remember seeing kids cheering after 9/11 and I was shocked that some parents were brainwashing their kids at such a young age to so hate another segment of the world population that they would be actually pleased at someone dying.

Divorced Parents… Some of the Biggest D-Bags

A quick story about a good friend who had a couple kids and got divorced.  Let’s call the parents Jack and Jill.  Then the father , Jack, got remarried to another woman (Betty) with two children of the same age and gender… actually the same sex.  With all the new terminology and definitions I am not even concerning myself with whether I am using the right words now because this blog is NOT about Transgendering or the LBGTQ community.

Let’s just assume that the boys and girls have the plumbing for their gender and they think that they are the same gender that match their plumbing.

So Jack and Betty are married and at the same time, Jill has a new baby with Bob.  So we basically have three families in two homes.


Jill and Bob decide to take their 3 kids to Disneyland.  They discuss it with Jack and Betty and come to the conclusion that the other two kids will feel left out when the four of them get their week together.


See how happy my Disney princesses are in Disneyland?

Jack and Betty agreed to pay for the additional costs and Jill and Bob agreed to take all 5 kids to California.  How could this be anything but the most amazing divorce scenario in the world?

Well in order to take Betty’s 2 kids to the USA, Jill needs a letter signed by Betty and her ex-husband, let’s call him Dick.  Not for any reason.  I was just the next name that popped up in my head.  Stop trying to read something into it.


It’s hard to be sad in the happiest place on earth

So Dick decides that he doesn’t want his kids going to Disneyland with a stranger. Realistically he is pissed that he can’t afford to take the kids to Disneyland and he would rather act like a ten year old than an adult or a parent.

So it would be one thing to prevent your kids from going to Disneyland with your ex-wife, but then telling your kids that Betty was not a great mom because she was trying to pawn off their kids to a stranger so she can have some alone time with her new husband.  Is there a lesson here?

Don’t be a Dick! (okay fine, you read that into it right away… I am so proud of you).


This video is boring as crap but very informative.  I mean it is very exciting!  Check it out!

If you know someone going through this, please share the post so people can see these things actually happen and how they affect these children.  They should not be learning mind games from adults.

For the record, Jill and Bob decided that if they couldn’t take all 5 kids that they wouldn’t go at all.  And nobody got to go to Disneyland.


The whole family in 2004 with Donald


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