Today’s Youth: Social Warriors or Entitled Brats?

I am not putting any pictures of the idiots from this post because I don’t want to promote the insanity.  Hope you enjoy the picture I did find.

Paige Sernowski is a local 16-year old girl who is going to a high school I attended briefly back in the 80s.  She recently found herself suspended for two days and it is causing an uproar… let me paint you a picture of this heinous criminal act proliferated on two young victims and how three individual aspects make me cringe.

I am sure everyone is aware of how much I dislike political correctness… well it is going to come out today I assure you.

Kid One takes a picture of a bunch of dark-skinned people in a hallway at school and puts a caption under it that says the *N* word.

Kid Two captures the picture and puts it on twitter with the *F* word aimed at the original poster.

Kid Three, who was actually photographed in the picture, is so shaken up that her father now drives her to school.

You can already see where I am going I hope.

For the liberal whiners, the social justice warriors and the psycho liberal housewives (still haven’t renamed you idiots yet though I have heard that you don’t like this name)… here it is… four points that will either help you understand who I am or make you want to throw something at me… or maybe both…

Is racism illegal?

Racism is not illegal.  Truly for someone to not be racist or bigoted against someone for something to any little degree, they probably had to be raised by Jesus.  It is illegal to perform many actions in a civilized society where racism or bigotry play a role in your decision or action and you definitely can’t say something to incite violence against someone you don’t like.

The fact of the matter is that everyone thinks they are better than someone else at something.  It is human nature and isn’t always a bad thing at any rate.  Deciding that you won’t hire someone because of a bigoted opinion (old people don’t learn technology quick enough, white people can’t jump, fat people take too many sick days, girls distract me too much) is illegal.  But we live in a world where physical attributes are required for some jobs to be performed correctly and liberal ideas have pushed this way too far and with the Psycho Liberal Housewives online it is only getting worse.

Do I agree? No.  I think it is ridiculous but it is the law so we are stuck with it for now.  I wish we could live in a world ruled by love and common sense but that isn’t happening and there is nothing that the law can do about it… though it sure is trying.

Is the world still bothered by the N-word

This word bothers me somewhat but it really seems to bother racists and bigots a whole lot more… but only when someone else says it.

I am not getting into that again… here is my quick thought on the word and my opinion is not up for debate.

Where do today’s youth get these egos?

Why the hell do today’s youth think they have the power to change the world before they know how to act in public?  Before they can vote?  Before they can buy alcohol or tobacco? It was a joke when I was a kid that our parents couldn’t wait for us to realize that we didn’t know everything but today’s youth are being empowered to believe this heaping pile of manure.

I am so tired of adults entitling youth to change the world… how about they be kids for a while and change the world once they realize that they don’t know everything.
~ me

It is great for a 12 year old to go out and try to clean all the litter from the school grounds and I will go so far as saying that I applaud youth for trying to do what they can.  I have friends who have some youngsters who sell lemonade to help our local Children’s Hospital and in the past six years they have raised over $35,000.

You heard me right.  Two young ladies, Taylor and Sydney, sell lemonade and took this little enterprise to $15,750.20 last year alone… absolutely amazing and I love to see kids doing what they can do to make a difference.  I bought lemonade from them in their driveway their first year and apparently it was a worthwhile investment. You should all come by and help them out this year at Sobey’s Namao in Edmonton in July.


I love what those kids have done and what their parents have empowered them to do. Why can’t all kids have parent’s more like Kelly and Lisa?  I have no idea.

What I wont do though, is applaud a youth for doing what I should be doing as an adult.

It shouldn’t even occur to a 10 year old to run across the country in support of something or try to cure cancer. It should not occur to a 20 year old to run for provincial politics but how many MPs and MLAs sit in Canada and Alberta who are in their 20s?

It certainly shouldn’t be acceptable that saving the world from bigotry is on the shoulders of a 16 year old girl who doesn’t understand that profanity has no place in her high school.

So here are my big problems with this story in a nutshell…


Kid One got expelled for being a racist bigot and sharing a picture with the N-word across the bottom of it.  Perfect.

He is a bigot and deserved it for being a d-bag at such a young age.  I sure hope that his parents take this personally.  That kid’s father is failing at his fundamental role in life. I wish more people were questioning where this kid learned that being a bigot was okay.


Kid Two got suspended for a couple days.  Perfect.

She reposted the same picture that she accused Kid One of sending out… which means she hasn’t learned how to use common sense yet and doesn’t understand what ‘irony’ is.  She added the F-word to the post which proves that she isn’t mature enough to understand that there are rules in the school and civilized society about profanity.

So why exactly is this over-entitled brat whining and why are the Psycho Liberal Housewives jumping to her defense? I actually know why but does this youth understand that having these people on her side is not a good thing? Sorry that you got suspended Paige but it was the perfect punishment for your crime… suck it up princess.


Kid Three has her dad driving her to school now because she is afraid because someone used the N-word. Not perfect.  Not even acceptable.

As pissed as I am at a society that makes this acceptable, what the hell is her father doing? When he gets the opportunity to teach his daughter a life lesson to make her a stronger person he drops the ball and coddles her. He is teaching her that is is okay to be an over-entitled brat.  I am sad for her that she is experiencing bigotry in the school system but this is nothing new.  Please tell me that someone taught her about slavery?

Just because racism and bigotry are a new thing to this girl, what is creating this fear and how is it that she can survive all day at school but needs a ride to and from home suddenly? Did I miss something about the story where someone threatened her? That would be a police matter and not something for her father to handle so lackadaisically.

And now you know…

This young girl is experiencing bigotry first hand and I feel for her.  Where are the adults in her life to tell her to suck it up. This is how we used to build character. If we aren’t giving the youth of today the opportunity to build character when they meet obstacles, how are they going to gain it?

Go ahead, call me a redneck. Call me a conservative right-wing nut.  Call me whatever you want and you know what, I learned how to handle that in grade 3.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

I credit that quote to every kid on every playground in the 1970s… I can’t say when that saying stopped being repeated but what people have to realize is that just because you stopped saying or believing it, does not make it any less credible today.

Names are simply that.  They don’t hurt. You can be a d-bag though and get all mad at me for pointing out that someone calling you a name offends you. You being offended doesn’t affect anyone but you… or it shouldn’t.  That is totally your choice to be offended.

Suck it up princess.
~ me

I am guessing here that with the actions of the adults in this story, these youth had better get used to disappointment and being offended. They are going to be meeting people like me with big mouths, big opinions and no filters.  They are going to meet bigots and racists for the rest of their lives. They need to get off their high horse and come down to the playground with the rest of us so we can have a conversation.

I will try my damndest to convince you that there is a benefit to being a mature adult and that growing up does not mean that the world owes you anything.  You can sit and suck your thumb and whine until some PLH or Social Justice Warrior coddles you into comfort… and when the attack someone free speech to keep you from being offended, I will be there to attack them right back and defend free speech with my dying breath.

For those of you that wonder what I think of if I offend you… here you go…

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