Racism and bigotry and the N-word.

Is racism Illegal?

The world is still rocked by the N-word. But it is okay to be a racist bigot.

Really?  I don’t use the word myself but I have conditioned myself to not look at it in as much of a negative light anymore either. I teach my children (and students) that it is a derogatory word used to define a group of people with darker skin.  But is it?

It is difficult to imagine that a word with such a negative connotation would be used so prolifically by the very people who claim it has a negative meaning.  When black people stop making music, TV shows and movies that glorify that word’s use, I will take more effort in listening to it.

I hope that you understand my position here but if not, let me illustrate… I have never in my life heard of a Chinese person using the slang term “chink” to describe one another.  Hence, if I was standing in a high school today and heard someone behind me say…

“Move it nigger”

And I heard someone else say,

“Move it chink”

I would be appalled by the second sentence and immediately swing around and lose my shit on someone.  Why wouldn’t I turn around for the N-word? Because I would assume that it was some black punk talking to his friends.

I am more disgusted by them using the word in referring to themselves than I am by the word itself because I am forced to hear it in public, in music on TV and movies.  I am simply getting immune to it, and that is sad.  I don’t blame pop-culture though, I blame the dumb-asses using the word.

You simply don’t hear caucasians calling one another whitey, chinese calling one another chink, and I could go on for a month… and don’t give me this nigga and nigger are different words.  Can you be so stupid that you might think I might be that stupid?

Do I care if you have a better tan than me and you use the N-word to holler at your buds? Not enough to do or say anything.  Actually, that totally depends on my mood.  I could absolutely see me sitting on a bus and hearing two guys behind me using the N-word and piping right up and confirming that they aren’t hypocritical ass-hats (which they probably are).  We would find out very quick when I repeated the word back

It would not be a good idea for you to dare say the N-word and then get upset if someone else uses that word if you don’t think it is appropriate because of who they are.  Your hypocrisy will not end well for you because I will defend that person’s right to use the same words as you any day of the week.  And I defend a stranger’s free speech much more voraciously than any of us will ever defend our race.

Apparently I do care and if you disagree with me then that is your right to free speech.  I told you it was okay to be a racist bigot, just now you know that I know you are.


5 responses to “Racism and bigotry and the N-word.

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  2. Good points. This is just another example how the pretended “victimized minorities” have more freedom of speech than the people who are unreasonable supposed to be oppressing them (ie, white descendants of European theists who founded this country making it as great as it is)

    So if it’s not racist to call white people “whitey”, maybe we should call other ethnic groups “blackie” or “brownie” or “yellowy”?
    No that’s not racist at all. It’s colorist.

    I am of the opinion that nigger or nigga or negro is a pejorative term because of recent history; but if blacks want to call themselves that, that might be a manifestation of a form of self-hatred perhaps, I dunno.

    Either way, teaching any child (black, white, or anything in between) that they came from a puddle of magic soup which turned into monkeys is not a good way for the public education system to build anyone’s self-esteem or ultimate self-worth.

    • I love the idea that we came from a “puddle of soup that turned into monkeys”. A bigger problem of course is that not many people outside the public school system believe much in the theory of evolution any longer. Public education just takes a few decades to catch up. Kids learn too much negative terminology in public schools mostly due to two problems… kids are horrible at displaying character when they are trying to learn what character is, and adults with character should be teaching these youth, not talking about them.

      • You believe in evolution? You can’t be serious. Isn’t evolution fundamentally racist against blacks and browns and everyone else except “the favoured races” (ie the whiteys) as Darwin put it?

      • Not a believer here actually… i can’t understand how public schools are teaching it when they don’t teach alternatives…

        I am more of a believer in the theory of adaption and not evolution at all.

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