Climate Change: There aren’t many ass-hats left…

I don’t have to tell you how I feel about the whole “global warming” and “climate change” disaster.  I would have to publish a book to include all the ridiculous quotes uttered from supposedly respected people… but let’s try a few…

Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.
~ Bill Nye (the science guy)


I’m often asked whether I believe in global warming.  I now just reply with the question: Do you believe in gravity?
~Neil deGrasse Tyson

What about world leaders?

No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.
~ US President Barrack Obama


There are some sane individuals out there who are not willing to be the sheep that Hollywood has unleashed on us…

The last 15 years, there has been no recorded warming. Contrary to all the theories that they are expounding, there should have been warming over the last 15 years. It hasn’t happened.”
~ Senator Ted Cruz

If you can watch this video and not be disgusted by the Sierra Club’s (a publically funded organization that is supposed to fight for the environment) position on science then you need to take a long walk off a short dock.

I have been talking to anyone who will listen for so long that it hurts about how these scientists really don’t have a consensus.  I have read so much arguing data that I actually started questioning everything in my life… I actually read up on the flat earth theory just in case.

There are people out there like me, who are so disenchanted with the fact that scientists can be so close minded, that are looking for more ways in which political and global business propagandists are lying outright to the public.


Yet there are still people out there listening to people like Leonardo DiCaprio.  He used the oscars to get his message out.  His message is of course that he is a complete idiot who jumped on the climate change bandwagon to spew more propaganda to help big business and governments steal from the middle class.  If this king of ass-hats actually believed a single word of what he said then he would be the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

He owns several multi-million dollar mansions, a yacht, an island and constantly flies on charter jets.  I am a firm believer that CO2 is insanely beneficial to human kind and the earth but let’s look at CO (the yucky stuff that comes out of the exhaust of vehicles) and other pollution that is actually bad for the environment.  Ass hats like Leonardo spew more pollution in one day than the majority of us do in our lifetime.  Why are these idiots using a few minutes at a microphone to talk about the hoax when they could take their hundreds of millions of dollars and do something that could actually help the world.

Because ass hats like Leo don’t give a shit about the earth or the people who live here or have children who will be inheriting it.

Thanks Leo.


In Canada, we had one of the only two world leaders I had ever heard of who challenged the status quo and Prime Minister Harper did it with the perfect argument.  He never said that climate wasn’t important, he simply stated the facts when he backed Canada out of the Kyoto Accord…

(the accord) was based on contradictory evidence about climate trends
~ Prime Minister Stephen Harper


He muzzled Canadian scientists from spreading false information as propaganda and refused to allow the federal government to invest money in the lie going so far as to call climate-based regulation of the oil and gas industry “crazy”.

On the flip side, President Obama has spent over $20 Billion dollars per year in “science” that proves global warming is a crisis.  Not one penny on debunking the propaganda.  That alone should scare anyone with a shred of common sense.


You are Not Alone!

If you believe that there has been some mixed messages by the world governing bodies, the world scientists and by big businesses willing to push the climate change agenda, you are not alone.

I constantly hear people tell me “but dude, 97% of the world’s scientists believe!”

Dude, that report with the 97% was debunked the day it was released.  It is like asking a bunch of liberals if they like raising taxes and then saying that 97% of Canadians like raising taxes.  First off, it was 97% of liberals, not Canadians so when you ask scientists that are funded by the UN and countries that only back global warming fear mongers, that is who your responses are coming from.

So now that so many sheep believe that the “97% of scientists” study had some bearing, how do we convince them of the truth?

97% of scientists who are paid by big business and governments that only support spreading the global warming agenda, believe that mankind is warming the earth with too much CO2… even though the evidence they gathered has proven that the world isn’t warming and it undeniably has nothing to do with CO2 increases… the data actually shows that the more CO2 we pump into the air, the cooler the earth gets.

Secondly, what happened to the other 3% of people that you paid and why did they argue with you?

Well you are not alone.  In 2013 the IPCC, that is the UN group responsible for spreading this propaganda around the world frivolously, released its report (WG1AR5_TS_FINAL) and in it, buried in blurry quotes on page 37, it admitted that there has been no global warming since 1998.  Did you hear that?  NO GLOBAL WARMING since 1998.

Think about how far back that was… 1998… damn!

In 1998 there were still people that believed the President didn’t have sexual relations with Monica Lewinksy!


NATO was still in Kosovo and Serbia instead of Iraq and Afganistan.

photo Robert Deutsch

photo Robert Deutsch

Titanic was the number one movie in the world.


The biggest news in the world of 1998, Viagra was approved by the FDA.


Now think back to before you could buy that little purple pill… there has been NO warming since then.  None.  That report came out in 2013 and nobody could be convinced except the leaders of Canada and Australia.  People don’t even listen to the scientists when they are trying to admit they are wrong.

We have talked about the faulty science and the way scientists are no longer using the scientific method that always worked for them and we have talked about so many of the biggest scientists (including Hal Lewis and Judith Curry) in the world coming out against the global warming hoax, but now it appears everyone is coming out to tell the truth slowly…

It is insane how many times some scientist has been busted faking data or lying outright (even NASA) yet there are still believers…

When the National Post reports that Ezra Levant “made mincemeat” of uber environmentalist, David Suzuki, you have to shake your head and wonder what is going on in the world.

What is going on is that the world is waking up!

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Nature magazine, a respected publication that climatologists around the world read and quote, has published an article that was written by a series of climatologists who basically reiterate what the IPCC hinted to in 2013… the planet is not warming up.

It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming slowdown or hiatus, characterized by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations.  The evidence presented here contradicts these claims.

So will the world finally capitulate to the facts?  Global Warming had nothing to do with man.  Climate Change is called weather.  Climate Severity is just another rename attempt for government-backed theft from a population?


I hate to turn this conversation political, but at some point, will a sheep like Justin Trudeau or Rachel Notley ever apologize to Prime Minister Stephen Harper when the whole world realizes he was right?  I mean the fact that this man had it so right when almost the entire rest of the world had it so wrong has to mean something doesn’t it?


How about all those whiny liberal ass-hat scientists who were screaming that they were being silenced by the federal government?  The more I read about them the more I was shocked that people actually took up their mantra.  There are clearly too many sheep in this world right now and too many of them consider themselves “Social Justice Warriors”.

I might just stick with calling them Psycho Liberal Housewives because so many of them seem to be home school mothers with nothing better to do that propagate lies to make their lives look more meaningful!

climate chqoute

where do people like this come from and how do they get on in life without knowing how to read or think?

We need more people who are willing to admit they were wrong and start spreading the word that Climate Change and Global Warming were hoaxes perpetuated by big business and government.  Maybe we will be more prepared to open our minds next time the governments decide to state facts based on “settled science”.


4 responses to “Climate Change: There aren’t many ass-hats left…

  1. Yup. It’s easier to fool a fool than to convince him that he’s been fooled.

    Besides, Climate Change actually happens every year.
    It used to be called the “four seasons”, but making edgy new names for stuff that exists already is part of science too, I guess.

    Therefore, since Climate Change exists in it’s regular age-old fashion, “Global Warming” must, by necessity, also exist – in a two-part annual combination of events called “springtime and summertime”.

    Good thing we have an annual two-part combination of Global Cooling to even things out 😉

    Indeed, our Creator is astonishing in the way He fashioned our world like no other, in such balance, intelligence, and order, regardless of the illogical liberal idiots trying to control it..

    • There appears to be no shortage of fools out there… I understand liberal ideology, i understand transgendering, i understand socialism and communism… I just can’t understand someone who refuses to look at facts and is willing to admit that the idiot they listened to yesterday was an idiot and today they need to follow someone else if they want to be right.

      • What an excellent read – as many as possible should have the opportunity. One of the locals that worked on the set of Mr. Cappucino (you know who I mean) – said he took a break with Leo while they were filming, and explained to him what a Chinook was. I almost hit the floor when I watched him on the Oscars, again talking about this global warming. Shut the set off, I am so fed up with the mess of egotistic govt., I can hardly talk about it anymore, but I will. Thx again for the article!

        • Your welcome. It was my pleasure. I actually enjoyed writing it now that there are more scientists against global warming than for it.

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