I Already Miss My Shamrock Shake

In light of McDonald’s decision to discontinue the best desert in the world, the Cinnamon Melts, I had decided that I would not buy a Shamrock Shake from any McDonald’s that did not still have Cinnamon Melts.

This decision has taken my annual Shamrock Shake count from around 50 to two this year. Less and less McDonald’s have Cinnamon Melts so I am stuck waiting until I drive by a new McDonalds or more typically, just going without.


If you live in the Edmonton area and know of a McDonald’s that still has Cinnamon Melts, please share the location in the comments below… unless of course you are greedy and don’t want to share those last boxes with us.  I am honestly not sure if I  would let you know.

Yes I would. I am a bigger man than that (mostly due to Cinnamon Melts).  But since McDonald’s has decided to force me onto a non-Cinnamon Melt diet, I will share my last few cases of Cinnamon Melts with you… my friends. I know of only one McDonald’s on the North side of Edmonton that still had Cinnamon Melts last week… I mean Westmount had a lot a month ago but I simply don’t drive past Westmount Mall very often so I am not too sure about them.


For those of you who hate clowns… this is Ronnie running away from me next time I see him…

And actually there was one on Callingwood road that had them a while ago.  Or maybe it was in Terwillegar.  Anyway, it was South of West Edmonton Mall somewhere.  I will find another one for you… but for now I need to get back to work… and I need to finish the blog about voting because I have a great many friends out there who need to know that I care still… well, they aren’t ‘really’ friends.  My wife would call them Facebook strangers who hate socialism as much as me.

That would actually be quite accurate.

Thanks for listening and have a great day!


What is that you say?  I didn’t tell you the address of the one McDonald’s that I for sure knows had Cinnamon Melts last week?  I was sure that I did… let me re-read this quick and show you the err of your ways…


Uncle O’Grimacey loves you … but not as much as I will if you know where I can still get Cinnamon Melts!

I stand corrected.  You might have had a point.  I had meant to tell you the address and the name of the McDonald’s I knew had Cinnamon Melts but apparently I didn’t.  I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe that St. Albert was the first to run out in all three McDonalds but then maybe there were some still at Westmount and in the West end… relax then… here is the address…


Kensington McDonalds on 127 St. and 136 Ave.

Such hostility.  Now share an address with me please… *smile*




2 responses to “I Already Miss My Shamrock Shake

    • but they are only here for a limited time man! being a quitter is bad… it’s why I never liked rehab… they breed quitters.

      enjoy a couple shamrock shakes… it won’t kill you. I ate almost a whole dozen hot cross buns last night while i was plugging away on my laptop… truth be told i am finishing it right now which is why i cant make any capitals… dont want my shift key to get sticky… but these buns are gone at Easter so it is okay.

      shit. now my shift key is sticky.

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