the morning after a good night sleep

For a guy who usually doesn’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day, last night was kind of a departure for me.  I took my wife to Hooter’s for some shrimp (her favorite food on Earth I think) and my son and his wife joined us as we sat there for 3 1/2 hours talking about everything under the sun.

Cydnee's princess closet... it is bursting at the seems

Cydnee’s princess closet… it is bursting at the seems

The service was a little less than desirable but that just gave us something else to talk about.  Let’s face it, Hooters is not the restaurant you go to expecting a great serving-training program.  We got home before 11pm and talked to the kids, Cydnee showed off her new Cinderella dress for a Ryan and Helen, I mentioned that I had to make her a bigger closet for her dresses, we all ate some of Casi’s baking, and then I finished off 1/3 of an apple pie so it didn’t go to waste. Now I was too fat to get off the couch and apparently Helen knew the rules to some crazy banana scrabble game so we played that for an hour before we all laid down and passed out.

interrupting a nap sometimes results in cuddles

interrupting a nap sometimes results in cuddles

At this point I have to mention that I won that crazy game twice, though I am going to be getting more practice with the kids so that Helen doesn’t give me so much of a challenge in the future… I mean so that my kids learn more spelling and vocabulary skills.  I also want to mention, because it doesn’t happen often, but my wife apparently had too much to drink and spent a few minutes talking to the porcelain telephone. For those of you that thought she was indestructible in Mexico and Vegas, apparently 100+ ounces of Molson Canadian is too much for one night… for you American’s that is the equivalent of 250 ounces of your watered down draft (sorry Miles, one more reason to come visit us).

Russel and Cydnee holding hands all night...

Russel and Cydnee holding hands all night…

We all know how I feel about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day (Kevin is right, it is not a holiday).  Last night I did spent $200 on dinner.  Well, $20 on wings, $50 on shrimp, $120 on alcohol… not healthy, but a fun night of bonding with the family.  Those that will remember it anyway.  And now I get to what I wanted to post about this morning…

five people and a dog... thank God for King size beds

five people and a dog… thank God for King size beds

i tried to cover up Cydnee at the back without disturbing the dog

I tried to cover up Cydnee at the back without disturbing the dog

I woke up this morning and was walking around the house realizing that I have a weird family.  Probably mostly my fault, but still noteworthy with the weirdness.  Casi is not as sociable as I would like, but to come home last night and see her baking for her siblings was a sight for sure.  Raimond babysat and played with his brothers like a trooper.  He is growing into a great young man.  This morning, he is not waking up in his own bed.  Neither is Randal.  All three of them are sprawled out across Rembrandt’s double mattress where they fell asleep watching Netflix after the games were done last night… and of course the dog found a spot as well.

wow... kid number five was hiding at the other end of the bed

wow… kid number five was hiding at the other end of the bed

Cydnee doesn’t have her own bed, but she is three so I am sure it is coming soon, but she was so cuddly last night I can’t imagine anyone saying anything about her sleeping with mom and dad (except maybe in the comments below).  Russel didn’t sleep in his bed either last night, he wanted to cuddle dad last night which I was not arguing with.  Casi is 17 and has her own room in the basement, we were lucky to be blessed with her presence for baking and games last night… not pushing that one.

brotherly love... interrupted by a morning camera flash

brotherly love… interrupted by a morning camera flash

But with Ryan and Helen sleeping over, in our busy little house, it should have been crazy but it felt warmer and cozier than ever.  Sure, there were a few empty beds last night, but nobody missed them. Are we a weird family?  Hell yes.  Would I have it any other way?  Not a chance in the world.  This is my weird family and if the six I still have at home are anything like the three that have escaped already, I will be the most successful man on the planet in my eyes. [edit] I just spent 30 minutes going through my laptop looking for pictures of my kids sleeping… wow… I take a lot of pictures.

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