Keeping a wife happy seems impossible some days

Are any men out there as big of screw ups as I am?  I know that these blogs don’t get read but   I have to confess that I work harder to keep my wife happy than anyone I know.  Mostly this is due to having to fix my own mistakes.  Well today was no different than any other day I suppose, and why should it be?

ImageWhile trying to track down stuff in the garage that Stacey had planned to sell in a yard sale next week, I realized that we had a water problem in the back of the garage and I ended up with a trailer load for the dump (that is a whole other blog).  Well this morning I took that trailer to the dump in my wife’s Durango (the truck that she fell in love with the moment she saw it).

Momentary craziness ensued on the way home from the dump and I ended up with some rear end damage to my wife’s truck as well as the trailer.  Now I find myself in need of a welder and an auto body shop as well as a marriage counsellor.  Grant it, I deserved the cold shoulder for this one, I feel like I was still in the doghouse for letting so much of our stuff get damaged from two years of rainwater.  The hits just keep on coming.

So how do you make your wife happy when everything you seem to do turns to crap.  The harder I work toward making peace the more it seems like I am starting a war.  So now I am going to start a new week of trying to appease the love of my wife.  Hopefully everything I try doesn’t turn to crap because I have no more time or money to fix any further self-inflicted crisis (what the hell is the plural spelling of crisis?) no matter how small.

So for those of you who had a rough week and you feel like every step forward predicated two steps back… you are not alone.  (Raising fake glass into the air for symbolic toast) Here is to this week being better!  With any hope someone will find this post and in reading about my life, they might feel better about theirs.

2 responses to “Keeping a wife happy seems impossible some days

  1. Hey Shane…I for one love reading your blogs…I have raised my glass fille half full of water to you…..indeed sometimes 2 steps forward 3 back…keep on blogging.

    • i will Wanda… thank you. I apparently drafted this response 18 months ago but never hit post… but I am back and paying more attention

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