Another Dancer!

After almost a decade of Casandra dancing every year from Disneyland to Penticton and all over Edmonton and St. Albert we have another dancer.  While Cydnee is only 2 years old at the moment, she can’t stop dancing.  She walked into the living room the other night and started dancing to the theme song from Magnum PI.  Granted, it is one of the best theme songs ever recorded, but it is was still adorable.

The video above was taken at our public library in St. Albert.  The second the headphones went on her head she just had to start rocking.  She is a gorgeous little girl and I would do anything to make her happy but I was so looking forward to saving the $8000 a year when Casi stops dancing (soon I imagine).  Apparently I am going to transfer that money to Cydnee in a few more years.

I remember a year when 6 people in our house were attending DanceCo weekly.  Chelsey and Chantell were dancing, Ryan and Raimond were in musical theater, Casandra was doing her typical lyrical, ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap and modern classes each week and even Stacey (that would be my wife) was doing a hip hop class.  After so many hours a week the additional hours billed per household come out to almost free training so Stacey thought it would be fun… I think it turned out to be good exercise too.

That year I tried to get Randal into dance as well, he might have been 4 or 5 and he was absolutely too shy.

For the past couple years it has just been Casi and in a couple years we will be adding Cydnee.  I look back at Casi and thought about the $60k I have spent on her dance and I absolutely could have spent it on some awesome stuff (thinking holiday trailer or amazing vacations) but what will those memories and skills be worth to my daughter in her future?  She has been on stage in front of thousands of people and that has to be worth something.  She is amazingly flexible.  Maybe she will be dancing in music videos in a few years and make a living at it?

So the question is, if I could, would I be willing to take all that away from her for a couple amazing vacations and am I willing to pay another $60k for Cydnee to dance for the next 10-12 years?  Maybe I will bribe her with a guinea pig…

20130527_214642 (Small)     20130527_214837 (Small)

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