US police assassinating blacks?

That title seems a little insane doesn’t it? There are people who believe it though. There are people that believe Donald Trump is a racist too yet I have never seen a single shred of evidence there.

How about black people assassinate police?

Do black people get killed by the police? Yes. So do whites, hispanics and every other race who lives in the USA.


Did Anton Sterling get murdered by police in Louisiana or was it a justified shooting?  I have no idea. I definitely find it hard to believe that he needed to be shot because he was on the ground under two police officers but in the video you can hear the police yell that he has a gun and that he lied to them about it.  Why on earth would someone lie to a cop about having a gun today? I just can’t believe that his life had to come to an end.  It is insanely sad.

Did Philandro Castile need to die?  He was killed by police in Minnesota during a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light. His girlfriend said that he was just reaching for his license, he had a concealed gun and a permit for it, yet the cop claimed he told him not to reach for anything just before the girlfriend started video taping. Regardless of whether the cop honestly believed that his life was on the line, Philandro died because of the country’s attitude toward police and the police attitude toward not wanting to die.


You can argue the facts but the fact is that you are more likely to die in a police altercation if police need to draw guns… and then if they feel their lives are in danger. I can’t count how many times I have watched a video with a guy with a gun pointed at him and he can’t follow simple instructions.

Do I defend the police in all their actions? Hell no. I saw a homeless guy gunned down a couple years ago and that was when I started investigating and reading everything I could find. There are bad police and bad mailmen and bad ministers and bad computer geeks because there are bad people and people do all kinds of jobs. But the facts simply do NOT point to police racism or police departments systematically assassinating blacks all over America.

If you are a cop pulling someone over for a traffic stop and you are more nervous because the person in the car is black are you racist or intelligent cop? Using 2012 and 2013 statistics, black males committed 5 times as many murders as white males. This is a simple fact that makes cops nervous when they see a black guy. It does not make them racist. Call it racial profiling if you want but it is a simple fact.

The fact is that over 50% of homicides are committed by black people and they only represent 7% of the population. This makes police (black, Chinese, white, etc.) all a little more nervous simply because they know the facts.


The real problem is that black people are turning out to be the biggest racists

People call me a racist for saying this but if black people were so concerned about black lives they would be walking the streets of Detroit. More black people have been killed in Detroit each year than enemy soldiers in Afghanistan. That is a war zone. I guess both are.


The fact is that domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, is making the claim that police brutality against black people needs to be stopped without addressing 300+ murders in Detroit every year is sad and sickening. And don’t get on me about the BLM movement not being a terrorist organization either. Just because Obama likes them does not mean they are good. They should have been stopped when they were parading down main street telling people to kill cops. Just carrying that sign should be illegal but because they are the president’s pets they are getting away with terrorist activities on US soil.


there’s no better way for us to celebrate Black History Month.
~ Barack Obama

Obama’s quote is akin to saying there is no better way to celebrate memorial day than inviting a white supremacist group to the white house. Those WWII vets would appreciate it I think.

When you see a group of people marching down a street chanting “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” you should be able to call 911 and get them all arrested. It is an arrest-able offense, a hate crime, to promote violence against a group of people.

If you picked up a bullhorn and yelled that you wanted all blacks dead, all muslims dead, all liberals dead, all anyone dead… you would be arrested. That is a simple fact that is lost on these hypocrites.

What? You have never heard of BLM assholes threatening people? Some of them are actually serving time for their big mouths.

Black Lives Matter as a terrorist movement.  They have the backing of so many liberals and social justice warriors.  I have a draft post about a wonderful Sheriff who wrote about how these “terrorists” (that is in quotes because he said it too) were getting on his nerves and he ended up getting fired over it. He isn’t just some citizen or public servant but he is the top cop talking about people publicly claiming to want him dead.

That post has too many swears in it right now. It needs a whole lot of editing.


Hopefully some action will come of the BLM assassination of 5 police officers this week in Dallas. The people put their lives on the line every day to protect people like me from people like you. Your actions speak louder than your words and your words offend the shit out of decent law-abiding people like me.

The Black Lives Matter group set up a demonstration in Dallas and someone’s plan included a sniper who shot 11 police officers where 5 have now died and 3 are still in critical condition. I pray that black people who understand now that this is only hurting their cause of equality because their group is overrun with terrorists and murderers. They will be going hard to find links to organizers of this event and if there is any link they should all be in charged with first degree murder.


The mentality of black Americans to claim this ultimate victim status that allows them to claim so much more equality than other races hurts me. We need to reduce poverty but this alone can fix nothing until people stop raising children in racist and bigot homes.

I am praying for the families of the slain officers in Dallas and their families but we all need to pray that other police please understand that there are misinformed members of the BLM group that do not want all police dead. Do you black terrorists not see how hard it is going to be in your future if you attack and kill the people that other’s pay to protect you?


You guys better elect Trump.  Good or bad your country needs some monstrous changes and they start by fixing your economy and you really don’t have any option there as only one candidate is even offering to fix it.

I find it immensely sad that these people’s parents, grandparents and ancestors fought such a battle for equality and now people are using the term “Klan with a tan” to describe so many black people. Here is a video of BLM terrorists and their battle tactics to threaten people and events, just like they did to the pride parade in Toronto this month.

If Bernie becomes President, apparently we still won’t negotiate with terrorists, we will just give them whatever they want.


True idiot: this girl thinks that all lives matter EXCEPT white males. Great mantra.

9 responses to “US police assassinating blacks?

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  4. I didn’t know BLM was that damn racist and wicked. I bet they would love white people to be enslave too.
    It seems #blacklivesmatter is basically #whitelivesdontmatter ..and they should all be thrown in jail or better yet, be shipped to Africa where they will most likely be killed or enslaved by – you guessed it – other black people.

    That shit is still happening, and the only places in the world that have any stability or security are the colonized nations, thanks to the evil white man, of course. Just ask Barack Obama’s estranged brother, George.

    • I have a whole other post about BLM and where they came from but it is actually too racey for me to hit submit at the moment. *smile*

      BLM actually pay supporters to show up and break the law. Who pays them? Guys like George Soros. European billionaires that hate Donald Trump… and that just makes me like him all that much more.

  5. I stopped reading when you wrote that Trump should be elected. You’re obviously insane so every word here is now in question. Sorry Shayne but I don’t think we can be friends any more 🤓

    • Why don’t you like Trump?
      Is it because he doesn’t pity the aggressive criminals like you do?

      You know Mike, if you exonerate the BLM of their violent crimes simply because they are black, then it’s YOU who is the racist, not Trump.

      Don’t be a chump. Vote for Trump.

      Also he’s the best hope America has.

      • Wow. Well spoken Nate. As I said in a previous blog, I think Trump is not a good man but he is better than any politician I have seen in 20 years and right now America needs someone who can’t be pushed around by big businesses.

        I don’t know if Trump will come through on his promised but I KNOW Hillary and Bernie won’t. I know that Donald at least doesn’t lie when he talks during the election so only time will tell.

    • One of my best friends in the world voted for Notley last year and we remain friends so anything is possible… he needs me now more than ever to help him with the guilt he needs to work through

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