Americans need to vote… or do they…

Hey America, I want you to know that the world is watching you. We love to joke about the horror of your choices but the fact is that Hillary or Donald will be running the free world in a short time. Is one better than the other? Tough call eh?

I don’t think I have a friend who likes the idea of another Clinton in the Whitehouse. She is a perpetual liar. You can’t trust a single thing that comes out of her mouth and I can’t think of a single redeeming quality about her.

I also don’t have a single friend who is confident that Trump is going to be a great president either. He is loud, brash, insulting, and changes his mind more than his underwear… he also seems to forget what came out of his mouth 5 minutes after it passes his lips.


I have been saving soundbites and quotes of these two clowns for a long time, in hopes of claiming a candidate to champion as heroes. I just wanted to be proud of someone like I was of Ronald Reagan. I honestly thought I might be able to feel that way about Donald for a little while, but that was some short lived hope I tell you.

Watch this video. In the first 13 seconds they bring out this awesome quote…

You have a chance, you have an obligation, to be a part of that decision.
~ Hollywood elite

Apparently Hollywood (and California by extension) is a predominantly Democratic state even when it makes no sense… but then this is the same state that now taxes the farts of dairy cows.

Voting is a privilege. Voting is not an obligation. Get that shit out of your head right now. America is not a Democracy so stop acting like your vote matters. It only matters if you vote with an educated and informed decision. If you are flipping a coin, your vote counts, but doesn’t matter. It simply adds numbers to someones results, but you don’t even know who or why.

I basically don’t want you to vote because of some twisted moral obligation invented by Hollywood elite. I don’t want you to vote because you saw some funny picture on Facebook, or watched a shocking video on Snap Chat, or read a compelling blog post or WordPress… actually, if you did any of those things and it led you to click on some links to do some research and that research led you to form an educated opinion, then I actual will encourage you to vote.

But most of you won’t. You will read something about Trump being a racist…

Or you will read something about Hillary being a criminal…

And you will vote because you saw a funny or shocking picture on Facebook.

If you want to be a shallow idiot and vote on one issue where you determined your stance while sitting on social media… be my guest… and make sure you vote on November 9!

For those of you that spent more time on fact checking quotes by either candidate, let’s get to something important… let’s stop being sidetracked by racial tensions brought up by European billionaires and terrorist groups. Let’s stop talking about feminists and rape cases and missing emails.

WARNING: if you are not interested in learning anything and already have your mind made up to vote for someone do yourself a favor and save yourself 10 minutes and just kill this post.  Go ahead and hit subscribe if you want before you exit because we might be talking about homeschooling, inept city councils, Boy Scouts of America or something that you are interested in next. ADHD right?

Now that we have gotten rid of the people who shouldn’t be voting and the ones who have already informed themselves…

I want to say now that a post in the very near future will discuss the potential rioting that people talk about after the election and I am not too worried… unless of course the Electoral College does something it has never done in the history of America and actually changes the popular vote next year. It will be exciting to explain to Americans exactly how their system works because a massive number of people actually believe that they are voting for a president this week. If there was ever a chance of this happening though, this is the election to watch for it.


This US election comes down to 3 major things (yes there is 1000 other things that it is about like should the president like women with big boobs but should that really affect your vote when America is is such distress?)…

  1. The Economy
  2. Immigration
  3. Free Speech

I am not sure if Trump will be a good president but I know that Hillary will be a horrible one.  She was a horrible Secretary of State and a horrible Senator. Her backroom deals have made her husband and her $250M since he left the oval office. That is insane. Hillary only thinks about Hillary and she has proven that time and time again. Clinton simply cannot help the economy because she has been bought and paid for a dozen times over by the very people who want the status quo.

There are two reasons that are irrefutable as to why I think Trump has to be the next president…

  1. He is not a politician.
  2. He has no filter.

I am simply sick of politicians. Hillary is probably the one person who has destroyed people’s faith in politics more than anyone in a century. Last time the world was pissed at America for electing a non-politician, and I still remember the headlines about a Hollywood actor getting in power, it didn’t turn out so bad and after 8 years of Reagan rule the economy was back on it’s feet, the world feared our military might and America was one of the freest places on the planet. Trump probably can’t reach the same pinnacle but at least he has a chance.

Donald Trump’s best feature, aside from not being a politician, is also his worst attribute. He has no filter. He just tells it like he sees it and often his team is behind a curtain banging their heads against a wall I am sure. But he doesn’t lie. He simply sees no need.

Let’s talk some trash now… since I know you think that the economy and immigration and freedom of speech can’t be the only important issues.  What about that “pussy” video? Since Hillary has no hope of beating Trump on the three issues that I see as significant, let’s give her a chance with some others…

Flip Flopping and lies

Trump changes his mind every time he meets someone smarter than him who convinces him of his erroneous ways. I don’t know if his forgetfulness is true forgetfulness and he honestly can’t remember what he said 10 minutes ago or if he just constantly says things that he doesn’t mean.  It bugs me but certainly not enough to affect who I would vote for.


Clinton has never met anyone smarter than her. Hillary is one of the most deceitful and conniving individuals that I have ever heard of. She has been busted lying to congress on two occasions and has a history of changing her mind within days depending who her audience is.

I gotta go with Trump here.


This is a tougher call.  It is a fact that Donald Trump is not a fan of immigration as it stands but neither are most Americans. He has a great point that most immigrants, especially Syrians and muslims from abroad, don’t want to be here.  They want to be home but that isn’t a safe option so he wants to give them a safe was to stay home. This is one of the smartest policies I have ever heard of. He wants to build a wall between Mexico and The USA to prevent illegal immigrants from coming to the US.  He never said he wanted to prevent Mexicans or Canadians from working in the US, he just wants them to do it legally.


Clinton had a huge role in the creation of the terrorist organizations that have plagued our lives for decades.  She had a huge role to play in creating ISIS and toppling Libya, one of the most stable governments in Africa. Most of us hadn’t heard of Libya since Reagan blew up a palace there. Trust Hillary to get in there and not only has she taken a role in creating the current migrant crisis that is devastating Europe, but she agrees with Obama’s liberal immigration policy.

This one goes to Trump.

How would I vote if I were a woman?

First I would watch the video where Donald talked about a woman like a piece of meat. I would absolutely agree that he was a pig. But all men are pigs. Usually they grow up but Donald has had a lot of money to give him freedoms most men didn’t have. He called a woman a fat pig but he was arguing with a woman who was overweight and being more rude and hostile that need be. I can’t disagree with the way he treated Rosie O’Donnell even though some Psycho Liberal Housewives are going to call me out for bullying and talking men toward a woman. There is the fact that he told a woman she would be great looking if she had boobs. Once again, he is a man, I mean pig. Do we even have to talk about the pigs that have been in that oval office in the past? Every one of these things happened decades ago and he is married to a woman I can’t believe he would ever cheat on.  That would be a nice twist eh Hillary?

The thing that the video prompted was something you will never get from Hillary, an apology.

Hillary on the other hand has laughed about getting a child rapist off, the girl was 12 years old and I get that Hillary had to do her job, probably the hardest thing she ever had to do, but WTF was she thinking in that interview. I mean that is her voice laughing about the case where she destroyed a 12 year old girls life. Hillary Clinton has intimidated her husband’s rape victims and her racial attack on staff at NBC showed personality traits that should not be allowed in the Whitehouse. A direct quote from Hillary in describing what the president should have, above all else, as a most important quality?

Steadiness. An absolute rock steadiness.
~ Hillary Clinton

25 minutes later, this woman is backstage throwing water in her staff’s face, verbally accosting a black lady telling her to be a janitor and basically losing her mind. That alone tells me that she simply cannot be allowed in the Whitehouse.

Lack of care about American lives

Trump said that he didn’t like a hero that was captured, he wanted to hear from a hero who wasn’t captured.  Not cool, but totally not something you would prevent him from the Whitehouse for.

Hillary condemned 4 Americans to death in Benghazi. She was Secretary of State and it was her job to protect those men and she went out of her way to sacrifice them. She should have been investigated back then.

Who is the Racist?

This is a non-issue to me. Hillary is a Democrat and the party has done nothing but promote white supremacy for longer than any person has been alive. She herself has a long string of racist remarks and has called Robert Byrd (the jackass from the KKK) her mentor.

Trump gets flak because David Duke said he supported Trump.  How the hell is Trump supposed to stop someone from liking him and why would that look bad on him? If the election could be based on that alone it would have been over the minute asshats like Leonardo DiCaprio and his Hollywood elite started backing Hillary.


Every racist in the country, even the entire BLM movement, hate and attack Trump. His supporters have attacked nobody because they aren’t racists or terrorists. If you don’t think that Black Lives Matter are terrorists, watch their 2014 video from this post.

Let’s not forget here that if Donald is a racist, it is against white people. Any black person voting for Hillary needs to smack themselves.

Fools like David Pakman simply don’t get it. When Donald Trump says that black people and black neighborhoods and black schools are disproportionately horrible, he is stating a fact. Who cares why if you know that Clinton will do nothing to change anything. If a black Democrat made life worse for black Americans I honestly can’t understand what they could possibly lose? David has a hidden agenda to keep black people in poverty but Trump came out and said what do black have to lose?  How could I make it worse?


People think this is a stupid platform but it makes so much sense. Why do Democrats and liberals think that keeping a segment of your people in poverty benefits you in any way. I honestly thought the race controversy was over before the BLM movement got going but in researching a post last year about the infant mortality rate it became clear to me that America needed to do something with their healthcare system and right now Trump is the best chance America has… actually the only one until 2020.

Who gets the button?

Everyone keeps talking on social media about giving Trump the button and that he would start a nuclear war. Are you people stupid? Trump is a businessman and hates the war machine that the USA has built. It is a huge waste of money.

Clinton has said that not only would she go to war with Russia or China over computer hacking (which is absolutely insane), but she said in plain English, that nukes are on the table and would absolutely be used on Iran or anyone in the Middle East.

Who do you Trust?

American polls have said over and over that nobody trusts Hillary and it is no wonder with the fact that the FBI have investigated her, come out with a conclusion that she broke the law but then said they weren’t charging her with anything.


She has been caught lying to congress on two occasions, deleted 30,000 emails which she said were mostly personal, got busted cheating in the primaries against Bernie Sanders and we can’t even get going on how many backroom deals that woman has done for cash donations to the Clinton Foundation. I am not alone in wondering how this woman has stayed out of prison this long.


Tax Evasion?

Let’s face facts. Donald is not a choir boy.  I don’t even think I like him as a person but for the next four years America doesn’t have a smart choice except to give him a chance. Is his Trump University thing kinda shady? Hell yes.

Is it horrible that he hasn’t paid taxes? Hell yes.

How has he gotten away with Tax Evasion all this time? Well quite simply, he hasn’t. It is only tax evasion if you evade paying taxes that you legally owe. If he pays an accountant $100,000 to save him $5M in taxes that isn’t evading taxes, that is being a smart businessman. He publicly came out during the debate and talked about getting rid of the carried interest deduction which has saved him millions of dollars in federal taxes. Clinton herself said that Warren Buffet was her friend (and also a huge donor) and he used the same deductions. She will never help out the little guys because she owes too much to the big guys.

Trump likes Russia!

Unless you aren’t aware, Putin is one of the best leaders in the world right now. The fact that Hillary is threatening war with Russia and Trump says “Wouldn’t it be nice to get along with Russia” makes this a very clear decision.


I simply do not understand how or why this is a close race. I thank God every single day that Hillary got away with cheating in the primaries so that Bernie Sanders is gone now… if Bernie had made it this far I think he would have a much better chance of beating Trump and Bernie would actually be worse in the oval office than anyone in the race.


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