Special Thanks to a Father and Son…

Today I got to say thanks to a young man who is home schooling in Northern Alberta and attended the court proceedings between Trinity Home School and the Alberta Government.  At every chance he had, Alexander Barendregt was tweeting results and discussions from the proceedings. It was extremely helpful even if I was half expecting Twitter to start censoring his tweets all day.

Thank you Alexander

Now Alexander is no friend of Wisdom that I can tell and his earlier tweets showed more faith in big government than Home Schoolers.


I am not sure that Alex has changed his feelings toward Wisdom or Trinity or if he is even a fan of home schooling, but I said thank you to him for the tweets.


He had some good ones and then the finale I was waiting for… not a victory, but this was not the day for a victory and we haven’t had the fight that will make said victory taste so sweet…


But he definitely told me first about the temporary reprieve from the tactless attacks from big government. And for that I appreciate his attendance.


Thank you Dick

But this thank you would not be complete without a nod to Dick Barendregt (Alexander’s father). There was a point in time 17 years ago when home schooling was going through changes and a government was being a little close-minded… not quite like the agenda to wipe it out like we face today, but there were big changes on the horizon and without people like Dick Barendregt out there speaking up for freedom, I don’t think we would be where we are today.

So thank you Dick for being the man in 1999, who stood up for the rights and freedoms of parents in Alberta to educate their children in the best way they choose.

It is with great pleasure that I read about your fight and your struggles and your goals only to realize that every single thing that you fought for 17 years ago, are the exact things we are fighting to preserve from today’s tyranny.

Thanks for helping to get us here. We will do our part to hold the line and it will be easier with the help of people like Alexander.


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