Liberals and Union bosses… a different breed for sure

I have never understood Liberals or Union leaders. I suppose it had something to do with being raised in a house that respected hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. I don’t hate Liberals, I simply don’t understand them. Like I don’t understand Socialists, Anarchists, communists and many other groups. Their ideologies simply do not make sense to me but I find myself very curious about them.


I wrote recently about all my favorite political figures and how they had been in the news for the past couple months with stuff I had missed while I was camping. In that post I defended Ernest Bothi, the president of the Brooks Big Country Oilmen’s Association, who put the infamous sign on the golf course.

It seems like I am the only person in the world that thought it was funny. They weren’t using her picture for target practice with guns, they were using golf clubs.  It was a joke dammit! And for the record, even though I would think that her picture on a gun range would be in very bad taste, and would definitely get your name added to some unforgiving lists, it still isn’t illegal.


I remember putting up a picture of some liberal Hollywood entertainer on a dart board in my bar 20 years ago and it was a huge hit with patrons.  I would do the same thing today with Notley, Trudeau or Leonardo DiCaprio and I wouldn’t apologize to anyone for it.

There is a part of me that has asked myself over and over if I am wrong here.  Am I missing something? How could every politician, every reporter, every business owner, every person on facebook, virtually every person on earth be against me?  I am simply not that good at trolling.

Political correctness reaches a new low

We’re still living in Canada and as far as I know, it hasn’t become a communist nation, not as of yet.

~ Earnest Bothi

Well Earnest, you and I must have missed the memo because the Psycho Liberal Housewives have taken over. They are actually asking the RCMP to investigate ‘toxic rhetoric’ aimed at female politicians. Granted the request is coming from The Alberta Federation of Labour, feel free to insert Rachel’s husband’s name in here because all those old school union boys are in cahoots.

Let me say this one more time for those of you with an impairment of some type…

This has nothing to do with Rachel the female, it is about Rachel the Premier who is systematically destroying our economy. Anyone who disagrees can look at Ontario and what Kathleen Wynne has done there. They have a $300B debt (the largest non-sovereign debt on the planet) and Rachel is following her game plan to the letter.


how do people this stupid become elected representatives… nevermind

She is destroying the primary industry, manufacturing there and energy here, raising taxes to pay for a green program to replace all fossil fuels and pushing the envelope of insanity by banning burning wood in homes.

When toxic rhetoric and behaviour … becomes normalized, it allows extremists to dehumanize women who don’t agree with them on political matters, helps them justify their deranged actions.  In short, violent speech begets violent acts.
~Alberta Federation of Labour statement

Stop your damn whining. Rachel has added 100,000 unemployed people to EI lines, raised minimum wages forcing more small businesses to close their doors than ever, attacked every resident of Alberta with a Carbon Tax that has no hope of helping the environment, and attacked everyone trying to make a living off a farm. So you see AFL, the violent acts of the NDP, attacking our way of life, has begot violent speech and not the other way around.

If you want the violent speech to stop, tell Rachel to stop. Ask Brad Wall to run Alberta and Saskatchewan and you will see the angry speech and violent tempers subside almost overnight.


I don’t believe it’s a gender issue, I think it’s an issue of being disrespectful to another person
~ Thomas Lukaszuk (former deputy premier)

Wait, is this a politician who is actually thinking and not running off with the mob of crazies?

The federation said many are willing to tolerate or offer excuses on behalf of those who exhibit misogynistic behaviour.

So a note to the Alberta Federation of Labour… this had nothing to do with women! Nobody cares what sex or gender Rachel is. We care that she hates Alberta, oil, farms and Albertans. Before you go spouting off about me being misogynistic, you should know what the word means…

Misogynist: a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

There is nothing about that sign on a golf course that said anyone disliked women. I love women and you would be hard pressed to find a woman who would disagree with me. I think they excel in way more areas than men, they are way more flexible and adaptable and they are beautiful.


The AFL can kiss my ass.  Did you hear that?  Did you want to call the cops? It’s called free speech. I said it yesterday and I will say it again as many times as I have to… I can say anything I want if it doesn’t hurt someone else or attack a segment of people or incite someone else to violent acts.

This is just me talking dumb ass, and that sign on the golf course had only two purposes…

  1. get a good laugh out of everyone at the golf tournament
  2. improve everyone’s score

You cannot use your right to free speech to limit my free speech, at least not yet. Give Trudeau some time though, he has only been in power less than a year.

Me criticizing someone for my beliefs is just me expressing my right to free speech and sharing my opinion, this does not make me a bigot, racist or misogynistic unless those opinions show me being superior in every way to a person I think has less value as a human.  You trying to limit my free speech to force me to not express my opinion makes you a socialist or communist and a likely a bigot… definitely a liberal.



2 responses to “Liberals and Union bosses… a different breed for sure

  1. “Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you; they send you down the wrong road.” – Isaiah 3:12

    (And who can say the bible isn’t true when it prophesied about Trudeau and Notley almost 3,000 years ago…?)

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