I missed a lot of politics while camping

I have been camping for 9 weekends in a row and might have missed some big news while relaxing in in a hammock but I have been trying to catch up on all the political stuff happening in my world.  Let me know if I have missed anything…


Bernie Sanders is gone.

How the hell did this take so long. His signs that say “A Future To Believe In” have made me very sad. Bernie wants to be president based on policies that would clearly destroy America yet he has garnered so many fans that it breaks my heart to think of America.  I love that country and it kills me that so many people want socialism.

Hillary Clinton is still not in jail.

Let’s not mince words. Hillary’s email fiasco, where she lied and deceived the government and the people of America of sharing classified documents and hiding them, proves one thing. Hillary is too stupid to run a country.

This was proved further when she sanctioned and watched an American Ambassador and American civilians get tortured and murdered in Benghazi. She was by far the worst Secretary of State that the USA has ever seen.  I am stunned that she is even in the running for President when she should be in prison. I would not want to be a Democrat today… they are stuck between voting for the only two people that would be worse than Barack Obama, a socialist who publicly wants to destroy the American economy and a politician who should be in prison.


Barack Obama refuses to fight Radical Islam Jihadists

Barack Obama doesn’t just refuse to fight Muslims, he refuses to call them Muslims. While my personal belief is that all Muslims are not bad, I believe that there are a monstrous numbers of Muslims who simply want to watch the western world, and America in particular, burn to the ground. America has been funding radical Islamists for decades and in every front they end up fighting the guys they funded.

Barack refuses to call Radical Islamists by the name they use. We aren’t talking about the Westboro Baptist Church.  We are talking about millions upon millions of Muslims who are killing people in the name of Allah every day. They are killing Americans and killing them in America but your president refuses to acknowledge that they are doing it in their religion’s name but rather wants to isolate every single incident as a separate cause and effect because he doesn’t believe that they are linked.

Barack has zero desire to protect America or Americans and he wants to make this whole thing political by making it about labels.  It is about extremists killing Americans in the name of religion and despite the liberal rhetoric, the world has never seen anything on this scale in its history and the President of America is fighting to protect their religion.


Trudeau is not just pretty hair anymore

The Prime Minister of Canada is systematically destroying Canada’s economy but he sure has pretty hair. He got elected by re-energizing the division between the East and the West and doesn’t seem like he will be happy until Quebec and Western Canada are in different countries. He is doing everything in his power to block all economic growth in the West by attacking the energy sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Somehow Eastern Canada thinks this is a good thing and the fact that Quebec alone takes in $10B in transfer payments from Alberta each year, this line of thinking is a mystery to me.

Trudeau has given away $4.3B to foreign governments for everything from helping them create less CO2 to helping to eliminate youth unemployment but he is paying for it all by taxing Canadians as he destroys the county’s economy and refuses to create a single job in Canada.

On top of being horrible with money, even for a Liberal (no PM has had a worse record since his father in the 80’s), Justin is also not interested in the transparent honesty he spoke of during the election. His office has been working diligently to have pages removed from Google searches.  This is not uncommon as the RCMP had a news release removed from searches when the charges were dropped in the case and National Defense removed some documents online that have more recent versions available. What is astounding is that the Liberals had the nerve to launch 51 different requests to basically remove everything that Prime Minister Harper released in his tenure. These were not out of date documents… not legal documents… just web pages that were not all about how Trudeau is saving the world.

Despite all the good he is doing in the world (at the expense of Canada and Canadians) he has been dealing with the insanity of “elbow-gate”.  This does not speak well for our society.


Kathleen Wynne should be sharing a cell with Hillary

Someday I will have to spend some time trying to understand why the people of Ontario are such masochists. Not only have the kept Kathleen in power after destroying Ontario’s economy and stealing money from tax payers to give to the teacher’s union, I am now reading that she might actually get re-elected. What the hell is wrong with these people?

This is the woman who has single handedly created the largest non-sovereign debt on the planet. Ontario’s debt has now over doubled that of California, a state with more people than the country of Canada that imports essentials like energy and water.  With a total debt that will surpass $300B this year, it is almost half the size of Canada’s total debt.


Rachel Notley is running Alberta into the ground

Alberta’s debt may only be at $21B but well over half of that is less than a year old. Once again this is not much of a surprise as she ran on a platform of adding horrendous debt and destroying the economy by attacking the energy sector. She hasn’t eased up on anything from increasing taxes, hiking minimum wage and crippling pipeline construction.  She is systematically wiping out every small business and making enemies in every business sector in the province… except a few that are looking to clean up on her green energy initiative and out of work NDP cronies.

She knows nothing about economics and yet she is a great politician. She convinced a majority of fools that their vote would help the province but somehow they didn’t stop to think about where that vote was going and now she runs her fiefdom until 2019 unopposed.

Of course, because she is doing such a bang up job wiping out small businesses, she will have to put up with the odd golf ball hitting cardboard cutouts of her head. There will be some ranting from psycho liberal housewives, liberals for sure, and even some whining feminists, but the fact of the matter is that something like this could only improve my golf game.

And if you call me a misogynist for aiming a golf ball at that girl’s picture you are saying more about you than me. First you don’t know what the word means. Second, you are a whining feminist liberal that I don’t have the time of day for. Nobody hit a golf ball that day at a “female”, they aimed for Rachel Notley as a premier who is systematically destroying the lives of these businessmen and they have that right just as much as you feminist libtards have the right to complain about it.

You even have the right to ask for an apology but my reply might come back with a big laugh or a picture of an untanned ass that is another example of freedom of speech. You feminists and liberals are treating this like a hate crime and you sicken me.

The cardboard cutout was hilarious. It should not have been apologized for.


Donald Trump is Brash, Loud and Obnoxious

Trump has a lot of bad qualities. I believe him to be dishonest at heart and somewhat of a megalomaniac but he has a couple things going for him that I simply cannot ignore…

  1. He is not a politician and at this point in my life I find myself just hating politicians. They are all lying sacks of crap that I wish would just stop talking and doing anything because every time they open their mouths it costs hard working people money, jobs and their future.
  2. People that I hate (see Kathleen Wynne, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, etc) seem to hate Trump. That only makes me curious as to what he is doing right to get on their nerves.
  3. Psycho Liberal Housewives, Liberal Extremists, Feminists and Racists are among some of the people on this planet I would spend my life fighting against and everywhere I look, these people are spreading lies and misinformation about Donald Trump.


If people would just let Donald shoot himself in the foot he wouldn’t be the man he is right now but they attack him with lies like “he is a racist” and the next thing you know you have a guy like me blogging for his defense.

Yes, Donald Trump said that he thinks that Judge Gonzalo Curiel is mishandling legal issues because he is of Mexican-decent.

Is this racist? Only if Donald thinks that the Judge’s genetic makeup makes his stupid or inferior in any way and I have never heard Trump even hint to that regard.

Donald said that he should be proud of his Mexican heritage but he should also recuse himself from the case because of the inherent conflict of interest because Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border.

I do not know much about the case but if what I heard was right, that the case needed to be brought to dozens of US state attorney’s to find one willing to prosecute and then lost it’s only witness yet it is still being ruled to move forward, I tend to agree with Donald that this judge seems to have it out for him for some reason.

Is Donald racist for saying that he thinks it is because of his Mexican heritage? Absolutely not. Our liberal social media warriors need to start recognizing that this opinion is just an example of the freedom of speech they are using to attach Donald Trump and call him a racist. Lucky for them, freedom of speech is still alive and well in the USA or many of these activists and true racists would be on their way to Guantanamo to share a cell with Hillary.




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