Is Netflix enough? Great New TV shows?

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I need to tell you that we haven’t had cable service in our home for the better part of 17 years minus a couple stints when my wife was pregnant and needed a little TLC and E! to survive.

I haven’t really wanted TV since 1999, except for the occasional craving for Person of Interest (which has now been cancelled), but this year has me a little turned on by what’s coming.  I do have to say I am going to resist the urge to pay the insane fees that cable TV providers are charging but it is going to be more difficult than ever!

Let me know if you are getting away without cable service! I know some Americans could care less but in Canada it is not uncommon to pay $80+ per month for a ton of useless channels to get the shows that you want to watch. That is $1000 a year and I know I could find a better use for $1000 a year.

This year could belong to ABC and FOX if I have any taste in TV shows. They respectively have 6 and 4 of my top 17 picks.

Prison Break: Sequel FOX

Prison Break was some of the best TV I have ever seen.  I resisted for a long time because I honestly thought the premise of some guy breaking out of jail for a whole season looked stupid.  After 4 glorious season, the writers did not let me down and Prison Break ended with two of the best wrap-up episodes to a series that I have ever seen.

A little warning here that if you are currently going through Prison Break seasons on Netflix or DVD right now for the first time, this clip for the upcoming new season has some monster spoilers!

Lethal Weapon FOX

Leave it to Fox to bring the roles that Mel Gibson and Danny Glover made famous to the little screen. I honestly can’t wait to see if the series is as good as the trailer which looks awesome.

Training Day CBS

Here is another movie being converted to the small screen.  This one was starring Denzel Washington and now it’s getting a fresh start with some pretty new talent.  What do you think of the trailer.  I think it looks pretty exciting and I can definitely see it making a multi-year run if the writing keeps up.

Westworld HBO

I heard about Westworld coming to TV for years but apparently the stories are no longer reserved for Internet gossip. If you liked the movie you can’t be anything but extremely curious as to how well HBO will stick to the thematic passion that the story portrayed… let’s see if HBO can deliver.

MacGyver CBS

If you are bringing successful TV shows like Prison Break back from the grave, you might as well do a classic like MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson’s character is now in the hands of Lucas Till and though I am not too sure how I feel about that, I really look forward to seeing MacGyver on the air again.

Star Trek CBS

Aside from my wife, who isn’t just wound up waiting for the new Star Trek series? It has been a decade since a new episode of Star Trek aired and even though I loved Enterprise, it only lasted 4 seasons, which kinda jinxed the 7 year charm (TNG, DS9 and Voyager all lasted 7 seasons). Hopefully the clowns running CBS next year are smarter than the ones who were running UPN back in 2005.

Kevin Can Wait CBS

Kevin James is back and this show looks amazing! I can’t wait to check this show out, and maybe to retire myself. I haven’t seen a great comedy in way too long.

Powerless NBC

I can’t say that I am in love with the trailer because as of the writing of this post, there hasn’t been one. The concept sounds cool though.

This is Us NBC

If I had to pick a promising drama for TV, this would be it. If you can watch this trailer and not want to watch a couple episodes then you clearly don’t enjoy a drama like I do. I have no idea if the show will live up to my expectations but I will be crossing my fingers.

Second Chance FOX

This is yet another Sci-Fi show that stirs something in me… the show looks like it is going to have some interesting twists. Looking forward to see if this one can make it past the first season. Fox has been a little picky with Sci-Fi.

Time After Time ABC

A time travelling Jack the Ripper.  HG Wells chasing him into the future. How can you not be interested in Sci-Fi?

Designated Survivor ABC

This looks like a great drama about the President of the United States. It introduces questions about the role and introduces a bizarre situation in how it might be filled. Who doesn’t think Kiefer can do the job. This could only get better if Fox ties in the new 24 series by having the new Jack Bauer (Eric Carter next year) save the president, who looks a whole lot like the old Jack Bauer. I can dream.

24: Legacy FOX

What more needs to be said? If the new Jack Bauer, Eric Carter, can save the country again and again, maybe he can last 8 more seasons.

Notorious ABC

I don’t know if this is a 21st century Mary Tyler Moore or something much worse… but it sure looks promising. It is nice to see Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs, Coyote Ugly) back on TV every week.

American Housewife ABC

What can I say, I love this show already. I think it is going to ring bells all over and capture the Desperate Housewives viewers who miss Chelsea Lately… oh wait, that is my wife I am talking about. I can’t hope enough that this show is a success because it will be something my wife and I can enjoy once in a while when we are both awake at the same time. Katy Mixon gets a little retribution after getting the brunt of the joke for 6 seasons on Mike and Molly… and I for one will love it if the writers can keep up to this story line.

Plus-size woman have a new hero and skinny bitches better look out!

Speechless ABC

My wife showed me this one and besides being another show that we could watch together (get used to that being important because it is to me), the show looks like an amazing drama with the perfect amount of comedy. And who didn’t fall in love with Minnie Driver in Gross Pointe Blank and if that wasn’t enough, I am currently enjoying watching her charm her way though a couple seasons of About A Boy (which you can read about here). This girl has some serious talent and if the trailer is representative of the show, so does the rest of the cast and the writing team.

Pure Genius ABC

And now for my favorite of the new year and my best bet for success. If the writers can dumb down the ‘geekanese’ and keep the drama from getting too heavy, we might have a great mix of House and Grey’s Anatomy, and who could complain about that? Being a geek myself, I just can’t wait to see all the cool tech they come up with. A show like this becoming a success could play such a huge role in advancing medicine.

I haven’t even had time to open my box-set of House yet but hopefully there will be a few seasons of Pure Genius on Netflix before I finish it. Now that House is also on Netflix… does anyone want to buy a brand new box set with all 8 seasons of House?

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