Celebrating Gayness and Sexuality in High School!

This blog is not about gay-awareness in high schools, as described by 16-year-old Kaela Wilton as she explains how she had to take time off school because she was so distraught this week.  It is also not about a gay agenda of convincing straight youth to become their cannon fodder.

What this is about is a line.

I am not a big fan of lines because the only ones I hear about are the ones laid down by liberal parents and politicians who have no thought of repercussions but only of their own selfish agenda to get their 15 minutes of fame.  This is a line however, about the sexuality of our youth.  As bad as it is that youth are being pressured into these topics at such a young age, it should not be happening with the blessings of a school, and sure as hell not on walls that my taxes paid for.

As parents, we struggle with this line on the tv shows and movies that we let our youth watch, on the internet sites they visit, and the things they read.  Should we as parents not be shocked when we hear that our kids are being allowed, let alone encouraged or forced, to view this sexuality at school all day?  Why can schools not figure out how to educate our youth and help prepare them for what is out in the world?  Go ahead and expel your energy fighting bully-ism and bigotry but don’t be selective and say, hey, stop picking on gays.  Stop picking on people dammit.

What happened to a 16-year-old art student, that she thought it was appropriate to even ask to paint a wall mural depicting two people kissing.  And two youth?  It would be inappropriate to post a picture of my wife and I kissing in a hallway school… it crosses a line I am not willing to support.

Oh but the line gets so much farther behind when you change the picture to teenagers and then gets blurred in the distance when you make it two gay boys kissing.

But here is a kick to the head of common sense…

The school covered up the picture because apparently an adult with some moral compass spoke up.  The young girl cried and took time off school, mostly due to the way our schools and society are raising kids nowadays… God help a kid that has to deal with any degree of rejection in this world (but that is a whole other blog, or maybe a book).

But wait!!!  Here comes another kick…

This kick comes from the liberal housewives and media that have been so twisted by a gay agenda that they can’t see past the tip of their noses… the idiots get ahold of this story and suddenly the mural is back on display.  Do the schools boards and government understand that it is partly their flimsy moral code and complete lack of ethics that force record numbers of parents to start home-schooling every year?

Forget for a moment that the painting is about promoting a gay agenda to our youth, forget that it is even a portrait of two gay teens locked at the lips, and even forget that it is two teenagers of any gender kissing… now look at it as a ten foot wide picture of expressed sexuality in a public building designed to educate our community’s youth.

Now look at the education you are promoting.  Look at Kaela, a youth so distraught by the covering up of an overtly and obviously inappropriate picture she made, that she has to take time off school.  What are we teaching our youth that they can be rocked to their core by something like this.  Suck it up princess.  Shit happens.  People are going to condemn your work and paint over it, especially when it is so controversial.

Don’t let idiots affect your character or integrity.  Stand by your beliefs.  Go and paint another picture but do it in art class or at home, even on the wall of your garage or on the side of someone’s building downtown (with their permission of course).  But stop asking to put stuff like this in pubic venues where we teach our youth.  I love that arts are promoted in schools, but decisions like the one your teacher and principal made (to allow this in the first place) are partly to blame for art programs being canceled across our country.

Now I am not saying that you can’t draw something controversial in an art class, but I am saying that it is monstrously inappropriate for you and the facutly to even think of putting in on a wall for everyone to look at outside of the art room.  I expect to see some bizarre artwork when I walk into an art classroom, that is freedom of expression and youth learning how to use it, but I do not expect to see it on the way to my math class.

Use your time in high school to improve your skills and learn about lines you should not be crossing… nevermind, there are no more morals or ethics in our education system. Use your high school years to learn how to love learning, not to promote an agenda, that is what university is for.

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