How Can Another Book Affect a Christian?

So, I am not sure if any Christians read my blog but an atheist did, and commented on it in her blog.  This resulted in hours of reading her various writings.  I do not know this person, but I am not even totally convinced that she is an atheist.  I stole a snapshot of her blog’s banner for this writing… I really think I like this person… despite our fundamental disagreements.

I cannot actually come to the conclusion that she is a ‘she’ either but from I read I have a picture of a 37-year-old lawyer who had an issue with religion and started calling herself an atheist.  She was married but is now divorced with no kids.  She has shoulder length brown hair and struggles within herself with weight loss while she is actually quite physically attractive.  While she likes to have fun, she is very much a perfectionist and hates not completing tasks on time.  It bothers her that she is driven to always have the last word in a conversation or argument but not as much as it bothers her to not have the last word.

Now how or why would I come to these conclusions?  How the hell would I know?  This is the picture that popped in me head listening to her voice in as I read her stuff.  She might be a 17-year-old ‘he’, with red hair and struggling with getting through high school… but I see a she with law degree… or at least some law schooling and you can all get over my preconceptions.

Why on earth would any of it be relevant to my blog?

First off, since when does something have to the relevent to be included in my blog?  Secondly, how I see this person reflects how and why I would ever comment on their blog and actually read their stuff.  I have spent dozens of hours just looking for people who write stuff I enjoy and I really do enjoy her writings.  Even though we disagree on the basics of life and our beliefs, she writes well and is entertaining, and that is all I care about.

If that last statement is enlightening to anyone reading my blog, I hope you haven’t been reading to learn something.  You will only learn that I have several chains of thought at any given moment, and I am all about the fun.  The education, not so much, especially in the socially acceptable definition.

Boy Who Came Back from Heaven cover... Kevin Malarkey and Alex Malarkey

Boy Who Came Back from Heaven cover… Kevin Malarkey and Alex Malarkey

As it pertains to the book from the previous post (yes, I actually remembered what this blog was about after 20 minutes), this blogging atheist is a subject of a post now because ‘she’ makes more sense and understands more about the story of Alex Malarkey than most Christians I have talked to or heard talk on the subject.

After suggesting that Alex write another book on the exploits, I talked with my wife and haven’t stopped thinking of what an amazing book it would be if he ended up writing about why he lied.  not the lie about never-dying, but the lie about lying about dying.  The book would be about the struggles of watching his very un-christian father profit from his experiences and twist his experiences for his own gain all the while seeing this new fame and fortune disintegrate his family.

The only way he saw to stop the train wreck was to come out publicly and claim the story was a lie.  And it worked.  The book is being pulled from shelves everywhere and undoubtedly his father will be lambasted in the press when they get done with this sad young man.  But that won’t be the story.  The story will be that the lie was a lie.  The boy did die, did talk to God, did tell his father, then lied to shut his father down, then told the truth in a book where the twisting was gone, the co-writer was God Himself and not a shameful father.  That would be a great book.  And as the story unfolds in my head I realize why I enjoy fiction so much.  I would buy that book if it was written by a third-party and totally make-believe with a princess and a happily ever after ending.  I would be interested in hearing about Kevin Malarkey’s adventure to prison too though… that should be a whole chapter.

The big question I had for these ‘Christians’ that are claiming that they are having struggles with faith due to Alex’s deception is how on earth do you call yourself a ‘Christian’ if your belief in a higher being is based in any part on the stories of a 6-year-old boy?  I think you need to sit down with the bible, and maybe some siriusbizinus blogs… you might not be a Christian after all?  If you want to be, it is a simple choice, start reading a different book.  It is the biggest selling book on the planet and despite my rants against Christian book stores, they should all have plentiful stock.  If you can’t figure out what I am talking about, stick to the blogs.

And now I need to get back to reality and start thinking about what my Sunday was supposed to look like before I stayed up to late working on spreadsheets so I could feed my wife and six kidlets.

4 responses to “How Can Another Book Affect a Christian?

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  2. Hey there! I apologize if I’m being too verbose here.

    Just wanted to clear one thing up: I’m actually a man, although to be fair I don’t think I make my gender clear on my blog. I had been a Christian most of my life, but I realized that I no longer had my faith as of a year ago.

    Although my style doesn’t always reflect it, I am most interested in conversations between those who have faith and those who do not. When I was a Christian, I spoke with people who did not have faith. I suppose I haven’t lost that habit when I discarded my own faith. So I have had practice. However, there are still very touchy subjects out there, and I think people on both sides of this issue mismanage the conversation (myself included).

    I think Alex writing a book about why he lied would be important. I also think that Christians talking about how the book affects their faith is important. At any rate, thank you very much for the kind words.

    • And from now on you will be a ‘he’. *smile* Are you at least a lawyer or white collar worker? I guess I just want to know how bad I blew it with the ESP thing.

      Thanks for the link too. Without it I never would have found your blog.

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