Working on a greener thumb…


I have tried to grow every kind of green thing I could find over the past 20-some years.  This effort has not been rewarded with a green thumb.  Aside from skills in the kitchen, there is nothing I would like to suck at less than growing things.

Before I try to plant a garden of peas, carrots and raspberries I thought it would be nice to try keeping some flowers alive.  I decided to use as much help as I could get from God and mother nature and focus on growing stuff outdoors.

So the problem comes from trying to ask Stacey for money to buy plants that will undoubtedly die.  Then good friends stepped up to offer a solution to my problem.  Derek and Anita have beautiful flowers surrounding their home and Anita offered to split a bunch of Lilies and assorted colorful plants of names I will likely never know.

Shayne's attempt at building a flower garden

Shayne’s attempt at building a flower garden

I have now transplanted a few groups of colorful plants and we will see how they hold up to my efforts.  I would tell you what they are but some have already bloomed for the year and have no further flowers to help me out.  Some were orange, yellow and pink lilies.

I am looking forward to updating this blog with some more pictures of blooms that have taken since the initial transplants.

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