Feminists in politics… what the hell are women thinking?

Alright. If you have been looking for something to push you over the edge so that you could finally say that this was the last straw… you hate me enough to never read anything I write again… you probably should have read more earlier and saved yourself some stress. You sound like a pussy and there was probably a ton of things on this blog that you could have used to justify finding something less controversial to read.

For the Social Justice Warriors that are still reading (God only knows why), I love women a lot more than you so get the thought of attacking me as a misogynist out of your head.  If it even crossed your mind already you need to have a serious look in the mirror next time you want to see the definition of someone who hates women.

For those that haven’t read my last post on Sandra Jansen opting out of the PC leadership run, I commented in the previous post about two things…

  1. I was sick of writing about politics and needed a break
  2. I was sickened by her excuse to leave… “I was harassed and bullied by the boys” <– those were air quotes for my words, not actually hers.

Can women serve in public office?

Do I think that women should stay the hell out of politics? Sometimes. Then I meet someone that changes my mind and just in local municipal politics I have been blessed with having the privilege of getting to know an amazing young woman on our city council named Cathy Heron. I would vote for her for mayor in a heartbeat except I am currently torn between loving her and running against her. That has always been a figurative “running against her” because how could someone as opinionated and brash as me with no filter and a tendency to speak before thinking ever get elected into any office?  Oh right… nevermind…

And we also have Sheena Hughes on our council and although I haven’t met her, I have thoroughly loved watching her debate the few times I have seen the council meeting recordings, including our last budget meeting.

But now Sandra Jansen, a provincial PC MLA, has crossed the floor. Nope, she didn’t cross the floor from the devastated PC party to the Wildrose, the conservative official opposition party… she crossed to the socialistic NDP who have almost nothing in common with the PC party, conservatism, sound economic policies, or common sense.

If you aren’t aware, I have strong feelings toward floor crossings. I live in a riding that was served by a great conservative MP who was pulling the party line until it conflicted with his beliefs (and their promises) and what he felt his constituents wanted. Did Brent Rathgeber cross to another party? Nope. He ran as an independent in the 2015 election and lost because most voters are simply not knowledgeable enough about our system to understand what it meant to actually have an independent voice in the house of commons.

I don’t know enough about politics at any level to call myself a politician, even if I ran and won something at this point. But I would rather run and learn than put myself in the same boat as these current “politicians” who consistently make me want to go beat my head against a wall (or theirs in some cases). What I do know is how I feel about crossings.

Leave your party!

Go right ahead. I can think of a hundred reasons to leave your party and I would support anyone who made that move.

But I think it should absolutely be illegal to join another party without an election or by-election. If you want to leave your party you should have three choices…

  1. leave your party and become an independent until the next election when you could run for a different party or join your old one again if they smartened up,
  2. leave your party and call a by-election with you as a candidate with another party,
  3. quit.

Crossing to another party should be illegal and if I was in Sandra’s riding in Calgary I would have found myself going from one of the lucky ridings not under the NDP thumb, proud that the majority of my fellow community members saw through the socialist propaganda to stick to my guns and vote with my beliefs and not out of disdain for a party… to just another NDP riding waiting for 2019.

But back to the thing that still has your hair standing on end, do I think women belong in politics?

There are women like Cathy Heron that make me proud to support women sometimes. I disagree with many of Cathy’s views, so much so that I am seriously considering running against her at some point, but she is a phenomenal public servant to the point that it pains me to admit that I currently could not serve the public with the passion or time that she does. If we could get along on more views I would probably hand out flyers for her.

But then there are a long list of women that need to take a long walk off a short dock into cold November waters of the North Saskatchewan River. We don’t need to talk about psychopaths in American elections, we can stick much closer to home. In 2015 half of the provincial opposition crossed the floor from the Wildrose party to the near defunct PC party, including the leader of the official opposition party, Danielle Smith. I wish that they all could have been arrested for what they did. They gave us the NDP in my mind.

Many more educated friends of mine will argue till the cows come home that the Wildrose and PC lost due to platforms and twenty different things but I am a redneck white collar worker in this province and I will tell you that most voters don’t care about the fine details of a party belief on the rights of alphabet people or abortions or public education funding or taxing the shit out of the working class to pay for business expansions for energy companies in the name of changing weather.

We voted because we didn’t trust a politician or a political party not to screw us.  Or we voted because we were tired of being screwed over.

The NDP had never screwed us over so they got elected.  It was that simple.

Here is Rachel explaining why the Wildrose was the official opposition…

In 2015 Rachel Notley spoke… and I agreed (two posts in a row I said that and it hurts). Here she talks about betrayal and the basis of why I believe crossing should be illegal…

I think this represents a betrayal to a number of different voters, not just to Wildrose voters but also to PC voters so both leaders are equally guilty of betraying the people who voted for them in the last election”
~ Rachel Notley, Dec 17, 2015 Global Edmonton

The question is now, will she look at herself as betraying her voters? What about the backroom deal? Will she be as open and honest about the deal as she asked then-Premier Jim Prentice to be?

Is it possible that the NDP still see crossing as a “betrayal of the Parliamentary process”? I acknowledge that Sandra Jansen wasn’t the leader of the official opposition but she was about to run for the leader of the party that governed for the past 4 decades… that is serious enough to me…

I agree with Rachel when she implies that Sandra Jansen was not very good at her last job… but I go much farther than that… mostly because I don’t choose to use the filter that God gave me. I would rather be brutally honest and if you don’t like it… stop reading… and definitely don’t vote for me. I would love to be able to put my personal opinions aside if they ever differed with my voting constituents but lets be honest, because that is who I am… if you are a Social Justice Warrior who would rather be politically correct that simply correct, then I believe that this world has had enough of your opinions.

Let’s look at Sandra to outline why I have such hard feeling toward women in politics… let’s hear it from her words… not just her quote her about quitting the PC leadership race because someone wrote insults on her nomination forms, lets hear why she went to the NDP (the farthest party from the politically ideological beliefs of the party she wanted my vote to run last week)…

Sorry Sandra. It doesn’t say a lot that you had some voicemails from the NDP. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you switched to the enemy because they made you feel good? You emotional little wretch. Could you please get out of politics before you really hurt someone?

And herein lies my problem with women in politics.

Women are emotional creatures. Men are logical creatures. There are amazingly logical women and supremely emotional men but all in all this is how we are built. Typically, men are physically stronger and women are emotionally stronger. Want a tree moved, call a man. Want some empathy, call a woman.

There are women in politics like Cathy who are simply amazing. Undoubtedly she is more emotional than I am but she has a balance that I think fits amazingly well in a public servant willing to commit her life, or a part if it anyway, to serving the people. My problem is that in some sick and twisted race to balance some gender equality scale in politics you get idiots like Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley putting women who don’t belong in politics, who do not have aptitudes, skills or strengths to serve, into positions of power that require a level of wherewithal that they simply cannot deliver on.

I would rather have a man who would be willing to listen to a woman and take her positions and concerns to the government than a woman who quit because she was insulted and switched parties because they “were struggling” and more voicemails came from the socialists than the conservatives.

And I would rather have a woman with strength and conviction who would be willing to stand toe to toe with me when my argument wasn’t sound, or listen to my opinion as a voter when it was directly contradicting theirs, than a man who thought he had any advantage due to his sex or gender or race or…

Most importantly, I would probably vote for an illegal alien if they were the only voice of reason standing with me to eradicate political correctness and Social Justice Warriors, Psycho Liberal Housewives and the opinions of biased media warping our society today.


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