Mississippi takes a stand against the far-left

Mississippi just enacted a law allowing businesses to make decisions for their business based on their religious belief.

Is there a problem?

There has been mass outrage from the LGBTQ community that this new law is discriminatory. This is partly due to their high presence in both the “social justice warrior” and the “liberal media” groups… and of course, partly because it is discriminatory.

Let’s look at some of the articles from the liberal media:

The Advocate:

Washington Post:
Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people

Mississippi enacts law that allows denying services to gays

The claims that the law is there to discriminate are simply not true even though the law opens up doors for so much discrimination.  This is why I am blogging about this today. Am I pissed that America is enacting laws like this? Absolutely!

I would like to think that we were past all this crap but we are apparently not even close to some level of civility in our discrimination awareness. Any thought of acceptance has just flown out the window.

Who is to blame?

So here is a good question, who do we blame for this law and many others being considered across America at the moment? Do we blame the far right for this attack on civil liberties and freedoms? Let’s be honest, the far right, the conservatives, the republicans; these are the people making these laws. Republican’s like Phil Bryant are going to be blamed but is that blame being laid justly?

Absolutely not.

I warned about this exact problem a long time ago when we talked about the PLHs (Psycho Liberal Housewives) and their liberal media attacks on Christian values. People like the idea of a right and a wrong. Some choose a deity to believe in, one who emits these qualities and promotes morale and ethical behavior in followers. Some choose to believe in nothing and claim that by not having a deity they can better choose right and wrong on their own.

The problem here is freedom. It is the most quintessential value we have in this country and freedom of speech is the most highly regarded of all freedoms.

If you take away every freedom and liberty and right from me but leave me with only the freedom of speech, I can use that to gain back all others.

So how is freedom the problem?

Freedom of speech is being used to silence people. Just look at the lawsuit brought on by Michael Mann (father of the infamous global warming hockey stick) toward Canadian writer, Mark Steyn.


Freedom of religion is being used to persecute religious people everywhere (typically in the name of “accepting” another faith. When a muslim says that you can’t wear a skirt because it impedes on his right to not have to look at your legs, and you point out that him telling you that you can’t wear the skirt impedes on your right to wear whatever you want, he simply assumes that you don’t understand that his right’s trump yours because he is a religious minority.

check out 1:56 of this video…

The problem with our left-wing acceptance is that to them, he is right. There are so many instances of this from Europe where countries have asked women not to wear short skirts to avoid being raped (which is absolutely insane) to my home town in Canada where public pools have women-only swim sessions so that religious minorities can go swimming.

Left-wing nut jobs, with the help of these PLH’s and liberal media, have taken all this common-sense and started turning it back on the people who made the laws in the first place. We now have so many instances of laws that infringe on one person’s rights to impose another person’s will that what we are seeing today in Mississippi, North Carolina, and all over America, is not only expected, but necessary.

The universe needs balance.


Is freedom to blame for  HB 1523 in Mississippi?

Nope. The far left is to blame with their radical views and social media attacks and biased use of the media.  Let me tell you why because I know that you are dying to understand…

Government should be there to ensure that one person’s rights are not impeded, but more often than not, they actually impose the will of the minority and much of this was due to the PLH’s and their social justice campaigns.

When the right gets too tired of being pushed around, they push back. Welcome to being pushed back LGBTQ community. You may not have started it but you never spoke out again the social justice warriors when they were trampling the rights of God-fearing Christians and now they are trampling yours right back.  I feel bad for you but this is a necessary step in getting to some form of balance.

Without this step, the pushing would eventually lead to bloody revolution and civil war. Hopefully we have avoided this with a jaunt to the right but we need to always keep in mind that there needs to be a balance. The universe always looks for it and it will find it one way or another.

The allies found it in WWII, the Bolsheviks found it in Russia, the blacks found it in America (almost), and the list could go on forever.


We need to stop with the extremist attitudes!

I need help here because I get pushed into far-right radical views very easy. If you are a minority, understand that most of the world understands your plight if you are fighting for balance, but that balance does not come overnight.

Black people in America fought for decades for balance, to be seen as equals, but on the way to balance, greed kicked in and they overshot equality so they could be ‘more’ equal and America ends up with affirmative action. When I apply for a job and it asks if I am a racial minority I get so damn mad. The fact that the government has quotas for racial hiring should be illegal; it is outright racism by the government but you would never hear a racial minority complain (except a few with common-sense).


The LGBTQ community wanted the same rights under the law as heterosexuals and they were well on the way to being seen as equals in the eyes of the law but… as they dreamed of balance, they saw past it into a realm of insanity that got dragged into school bathrooms and wedding cakes.

When a baker refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, the public decides if the bakery should lose business and more accepting bakers will slowly replace them. Instead, the LGBTQ community applauds the baker being fined and put out of business by the government when this had nothing to do with the government. Therein lies the hypocrisy.

It is okay for his rights to be trampled but not mine… because I am the minority and I have more rights than he does.

There is no logic in the world that can argue that a business owner having his freedom and rights trampled is unjust and an act of unprecedented overreaching of government authority.  If the LGBTQ community can applaud one person for having his freedom trampled on but then complain when the government holds up a person’s belief to infringe on that community’s rights, well they have to see the hypocrisy.  It is monumental.

If they couldn’t see the writing on the wall years ago, or didn’t believe us when we warned them (in the several warnings that I read anyhow), they are seeing it now. The community allowed PLHs to fight for their rights and to push for retribution instead of balance and now the retribution is being met head on. Welcome to the universe.

Karma is a bitch.

I will say this as a short aside, to those supporters of Bernie Sanders… the left has brought enough harm to America in the past decade, putting a socialist in power will take any hope of achieving balance and burn it to the ground… reckoning comes to those who don’t know when to stop pushing.


4 responses to “Mississippi takes a stand against the far-left

  1. I really appreciate your column – today was very eloquently put! Should be in the comment section of a paper (if anyone would allow it these days). There are getting to be more instances of problems in the LGB (can’t remember the sequence) bill with the school bathroom situation. From the getgo, I was in shock that it was even presented, actually thought it was a joke. Seriously, would anyone listen, if I said “I told you so?”. Not so much. Keep up the good work!

    • Shirley. I have to tell you that I love the comment. I used to write articles for magazines way back when… hell that was back when I was divorced so quite a while now. I never felt as much at ease as I do writing the blog but the pay kinda sucks. I used to get between $600 – $1000 for 1000 words and now my blogs are hitting 1500 words and I get nothing but satisfaction. *smile*

      It all seems worth it when someone says such nice things about my work… I am so glad that you don’t know me personally… it will help you to read my stuff with an open mind. *smile*

      As for the “I told you so”, I would rather the left calm the hell down before the shit hits the fan (it might already be too late) than get the satisfaction of saying anything at all. I could go back to writing about my kids in a heartbeat.

  2. Just to give a perspective on how wide the Mississippi law is, if a Mississippi business didn’t want to serve Canadians because of religious reasons, that business wouldn’t have to. So it’s not just anti-one particular group; there’s potential for all kinds of other things happening. While discriminating against Canadians isn’t likely (except that maybe if you sound like a Yankee, they might not like you), it would be more likely that they’d discriminate against people based on race and being Catholic.

    The thing is that Mississippi doesn’t even need a law like this. Cake bakers and wedding floral arrangers in other states have only gotten in trouble because their state laws are broader on what is considered deceptive business practices. In short, state lawmakers are messing with something that is only going to backfire.

    I say backfire because in their attempts to protect religious freedom, they’re just going to get court cases and other law running against their wishes. Since these laws conflict with Federal law, they’ll get struck down. So in a very real way, this law is going to end up restricting religious freedom more than protecting it.

    • I cannot disagree with you. I thought it was odd that they declared the law didn’t contradict any federal ruling while at the same time I hate that we live in a world where we think that we need them or that politicians think it is any of their business.

      I have my own business and if I decided not to serve someone I would just tell them politely that they weren’t welcome. If they argued I would call the cops. It is my business to do with what I please. I love a show repair place a short drive from my home who recently told a woman in a burka that she wasn’t allowed in his store. Everyone went nuts (except the girl denied access) but that was completely his prerogative in my mind. He spends $15,000 on a security system and the law thinks they can force him to allow people in with masks and he said “kiss my ass”.

      Time will tell how these laws will impact us all but these psycho liberal housewives have to stop with the activism like making 6 year old’s learn that having two dads is okay. That is not, in my mind, essential learning at 6 years old… or even for public education.

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