Calgary-Greenway by-election way too close for sane people.

Eating wings and losing my mind…

So last night I was sitting with my wife and daughter enjoying some wings and hearing stories of her recent adventures in the Caribbean, Florida and Whistler but I could not keep my eyes off my phone. I had to know if Calgary was a political lost cause in the Calgary-Greenway by-election.

I could not find live updates anywhere but thanks to the St. Albert Poliwings group we got a chat going over a wonderful link to the government site and the votes were rolling in.

At first, there were over ten polls still to report but the clear winner by 350 votes was the PC party.  They were the incumbent and the election was due to their winner last year getting killed as he helped a stranger change a tire.  Tragic and definitely not a story that I would have wanted to run against.

The NDP came in second in that election but surely now that the people know that Rachel doesn’t care about Alberta the vote will be different.  In the past 9 months we have seen the provincial NDP outright devastate the Alberta economy. Don’t give me any shit about the price of oil either.  In the same time that Alberta has lost over 100,000 jobs, Saskatchewan has gained 6000.  We have lost tens of billions in investment and Saskatchewan has gained hundreds of millions.


We have the same federal government that hates energy, the same pipelines that go to Nowhere, Colorado and the same dollar down 25% in the same time.  With the same price per barrel of oil, there is only one difference.  Rachel Nutley sucks at running a province and she even looks worse when compared to Brad Wall because he is one of the best premiers any province has had since Alberta had Klein.


Now back to this crazy by-election…

With ten polls left to tally we sat on top (we as in anything that did not represent Rachel or Justin) with 55% of the votes to PC and WRP…

  • PC 2050
  • WRP 1750
  • NDP 1450
  • Liberal 1420

Half a plate of wings and a short story in pictures of my daughter proving she can’t snorkel… and shit is getting real in Calgary…

  • PC 2150
  • WRP 1850
  • Liberal 1560
  • NDP 1550

I was like, woohoo, the NDP are in last place and the Liberals suck too… this is exactly how I called it though I would have loved to have seen a WRP win too… but then the shit got real with less than 5 polls left to report…

  • PC 2200
  • WRP 1900
  • Liberal 1800
  • NDP 1650

Now I was perplexed… could the Wildrose be beaten by the Liberals? There were probably not enough votes left to overtake the PC party but the Liberals hate Alberta federally.  They have blocked our pipelines through BC and killed any hope of getting a ship to take our oil to Asia.  They have blocked all attempts to get a pipeline through to the East coast which would not just allow us to sell to Europe but to supply Quebec and the maritimes as well as New York.

Let’s face it, the Liberal party of Alberta is not the same party as the one Trudoh runs our country with but they are ugly step-sisters to be honest.  Liberals hate everything that I thought Alberta stood for.  We were the one shining light that fought against socialism.  Now that light is held high by Saskatchewan.  How can a province with less than a million people stand their ground alone? They have Brad Wall. That’s how. We, have not been so lucky. Our options were not so great in the last election.

Maybe if Jim Prentice was arrested as he should have been, but he wasn’t.


So the final tally comes in…

  • PC 2292
  • WRP 1957
  • Liberal 1870
  • NDP 1667

The NDP got what they deserve… an invitation to leave our province.  The Wildrose came in second by 345 votes but capped a 51% majority with the two right-wing parties.

Then there is those damn liberals who ended up less than 100 votes back at 1870, still over 200 ahead of the NDP, but how did they make that mad dash at the finish?


What shocks me is that Calgary is so socialist.  I thought that was Edmonton’s job with all the public and union workers but to vote Liberal on the day that Justin announced his wonderful budget shocked the hell out of me.  I was pleasantly surprised that the Liberals beat the NDP but that run for second place pissed me off.

Justin promised to devastate Alberta and we expected that.  He has publicly shown his disdain for all things West of Ontario more than once but look at the dick who raised him. I have said it before, Pierre created Western Alienation and Justin will create a Western Canadian nation. He also promised to run a $10B deficit this year to boost infrastructure spending to keep us out of the recession.


He is boosting infrastructure spending but not allowing our #1 export to leave the country. This kid is a fool and that is the worst thing I can say about him.  He is simply not qualified to work at McDonald’s but he runs our country. He promised to balance the budget before the next election and would be adding $30B to the debt but he has since chosen to add $30B each year to our debt and has already, 3 months after being elected, tossed out any hope of ever balancing our budget.

And this is the party that 20% of Calgary wants to be in power provincially. Wow.

Calgary might not be insane but they sure dance on that line. Sadly, I now rely on farmers and rural Alberta for any discussions that require common sense… and maybe a few people at our local Poliwings meeting.


4 responses to “Calgary-Greenway by-election way too close for sane people.

  1. The Liberal was a former Wildrose wannabe candidate. Who claimed undeserved credit for the PC build of the huge Genesis Sports multiplex in the NE. And all the final polling districts were from his home community of Taradale. Local politics matter, especially with a low turnout.

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