Pet Peeves… Please Share This!

if you think in any way that it isn't theirs, you and I are NOT on the same page

if you think in any way that it isn’t theirs, you and I are NOT on the same page

On Facebook, you might notice that I share things that I enjoy and think others will enjoy as well.  I like things I enjoy that I think might be more of a personal preference.  If I share something and you don’t like it, you and I are out of sync in some form.  You may think you have a great sense of humor but if I share something I think is funny and you don’t… well you  have the freedom to be wrong I guess.  *smile*

The same goes for whether I share something for inspiration, drama, information, etc.  Now I don’t have a ton of Pet Peeves, well not as many as some people… okay maybe I have a lot, but they are likely the same ones that you have or you wouldn’t be reading my blog.  I don’t share this everywhere ya know.  I don’t befriend people on Facebook who I don’t know or like.  And I typically never share off things that ask me to share them.

Geek New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Geek New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

When you have to put the words “Please share this” or “Share this and the heavens will open up for you and a leprechaun will shove a horseshoe up your butt”, well it just sounds like a desperate plea for self-recognition which drives me nuts.  Would I like to make money off my blog or my YouTube channel?  Sure.  Will I?  Doubtful.  For the most part I am not a nice enough or smart enough person to appeal to enough people out there.

If I was smarter, and maybe that is the wrong word… but if I was smart enough to restrain myself once in a while, maybe turn on that filter between my mouth (or fingers in this case) and my brain, then I might not offend so many people.  But with my personality and so many stupid people in the world, I simply don’t have time to worry about offending people.  Not that you are stupid if you disagree with me.  Really.   hehe

Yes we do, or we aren't.

Yes we do, or we aren’t.

Every once in a while, you drive me nuts by making me share something so profound, despite those words that drive me so nuts… and they really do.

In any case, I am so happy that I get to share some of the great things I share and you make it all the more likely or even possible by not telling me to share it.  I have a brain, and I will share what I want, not what you tell me.  Thanks for trusting me with this little thing. found respect for Chris Rock.

…new found respect for Chris Rock.

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