The left just keeps on pushing.

Well the left has finally done it.  They have destroyed the Miss America pageant. While I am not sure what their endgame is in this fight, I have always enjoyed pageants even though I don’t watch them anymore.  I was a much bigger fan as a teenage boy… as were most young men.

I surely don’t believe that they are amazing opportunities for young women to get ahead in this world but I also don’t think they are the destruction womenhood.

If you haven’t heard yet, the Miss America pageant has announced that not only is it never going to have a gown or swimsuit section of the pageant again, but judges are now forbidden to judge the women on their looks.  That is like asking Mr. Universe judges to not look at the mens’ bodies, or telling American Idol judges that they can’t judge singers on their voices.  It is ludicrous.

If these liberal whackos believe that the Miss America pageant is some scholarship program aimed at helping young ladies get into the best schools, then they are well on their way to destroying it… oh, and they’re idiots.  The pageant has worked very hard over the years to not be the male-ego-stroking search for this year’s most gloriously physically beautiful woman in the USA.  They have done a good job of finding more diversified women that still hold a serious level pf physical beauty but make no mistake, Miss America has always been about finding a physically beautiful woman to represent the USA to the world.

I love that they look for a woman with talent and a brain but who are we kidding if we think these are the only things that matter?  Men are the target audience and you psycho liberal housewives haven’t got the first clue as to what makes men tick.  I am stunned at this level of ignorance.

I don’t know what your end game is here…

  1. are you trying to employ more judges with vision impairments?  Those are the people we used to called blind before you asshats got all politically correct.
  2. Do you want to make it so that ugly women can win Miss America?
  3. Do you want to open Miss America up to women in burkas?

I get that you think Donald Trump talking about cheating on his wife and grabbing a woman in a physical and highly demeaning way is horrific and nothing that your husband or son would ever be a part of but I am a man and I can tell you that not only have I done and said things that would make a snowflake melt, I have heard your husbands, sons, and fathers say much the same.

What I really need is for you social justice warriors to get a hobby.  I don’t much care what it is but this incessant attack on people’s freedoms is getting so out of hand it is going to destroy you and I kinda like the balance you offer.  Don’t get me wrong, I think you are nuts for the most part and I disagree with you on just about everything you believe, but without you, there are no checks and balances when someone like me thinks about doing anything.  You are our devil’s advocates.  You make us think before acting, or shortly after in some cases, which teaches us regret and sometimes humility.

Just because people don’t want to fight, it does not mean that you should keep attacking them.  You can kick a dog only so many times before he bites you and the people who are a little right of center are so totally exhausted from seeing you leftists destroy people’s freedoms (many times affecting the lives of other leftists) that the bite is coming.

As long as the left is destroying livelihoods of people who want to enter pageants, you have to be conscious of the changes they have been forcing on women who enjoy making a living off physical attributes…

  • F1 Grid Girls
  • Dart walk-on girls
  • Miss America contestants
  • and the list could go on

The fact is that the snowflakes that are whining about social injustice are in need of some self-esteem so they can stop attacking these women.

While I am not a big fan of any woman using sexuality to sell anything (mostly because I don’t find it fair to the dumber sex of our species), I have no right to take away a woman’s freedom to do what she wants with her body unless it hurts another person… and neither do you useless sacks of skin called liberals, leftists, feminists, social justice warriors, flower children, psycho liberal housewives, or whatever you go by today.  Stop using your freedoms to crush the freedoms of others.

Canada’s Martin Reader (L) dives for the ball next to teammate Joshua Binstock during the men’s beach volleyball preliminary match against Britain at the Horse Guards Parade during the London 2012 Olympic Games July 28, 2012. REUTERS/Marcelo Del Pozo

Why don’t you feminists get up in the face of female beach volleyball players and tell them to dress like the men?  Instead of criticizing everyone and destroying their jobs, just have them dress the same.

Most men are pigs but most women who don’t understand this are idiots.  Wait, am I allowed to call you idiots?  Just please stop attacking other people’s choices.  The more you turn society against freedoms by adjusting social behavior and laws, the more you deserve the Trumps of the world.  They are the answer to your stupidity… someone has to provide balance and when you jump crazy-ass left and tip the scales, someone has to push it back.  You people can complain all you want but stop affecting change that affects good people.  And you good people need to start standing up like the F1 Girls.  Not only have Russia and Monaco told the F1 committee where to go by having F1 girls at their races, but sponsors are now supporting the girls with more advertising opportunities.

How will this affect the Miss America pageant?  I have no idea.  What I do know, is that as long as Social Justice Warriors are out to destroy the world we live in, all in the name of making everything more in their image, the less of a world we will recognize when it gets time to be straightened out.


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