Covid-19 cause and effect

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers… actually I don’t care if I ruffle your feathers.  I have struggled for a couple weeks but there are too many people who are ignoring facts and common sense and trying to turn me into some kind of pariah for questioning our reaction to the Corona Virus or Covid-19.  This post is for those of you who hate me for thinking differently than you.

I want to make sure that you understand I was 100% behind the social distancing stuff when they were talking about “stopping” the spread.  I was 80% behind it when they were talking about “flattening the curve” which was based on the assumption that we would spread the infection rate over a longer time to limit the hit to our healthcare system.

I am now much less than 80% in favor of staying home for the next month.

If you want to save yourself 15 minutes, read this post by because clearly he is a much better writer than me and not nearly as pissed at the people who don’t use logic to consider the ramifications of their social causes.

People continue to tell me that I need to take the virus more serious and I don’t know how to tell you that I am taking it serious but you need to understand that I am a logical person.  We can both believe that lots of people are going to die in the world from this disease. Let’s go with Dr. Fauci and say that 200,000 Americans will contract the virus.  Heck, why don’t we agree that 1 Million get infected and 100,000 Americans are going to die from Covid-19.

Let’s Get Serious!

You think it is insane that I ask what those deaths are worth but I say that it is insane to say that those life’s are priceless.  The difference is, I am willing to lock my family down, watch my economic world crash around me while I listen to you and try to have empathy.  You are sitting there on your righteous pedestal refusing to even consider that your child or dying grandparent is not worth $60,000,000.

Don’t give me your crap about a life is priceless.  If that was the case we would have shut the country down a dozen times in my lifetime.  Despite what you think, the world does put a value on a human life and we always have.

At this point, Covid-19 is infectious, and it kills people.  Every number I have seen shows that it vastly kills more older people than younger people (by a factor of a hundred).  Is it possible that a teenager might die from Corona Virus?  Absolutely.  But he could have died from any of a half dozen illnesses which kill over 100,000 people a year in the USA and yet we never think to shut the country down for these things.

Before you attack me I want you to consider a few facts:

  1. Covid-19 kills the old and sick over 90% of the time (99% by some studies) which means that of that 100,000 deaths, only 1000-10,000 will be under 60 or healthy.  Only 250 will be under 30.  Think about that number.  250 is half the number of people who have died at Black Friday sales. For crying out loud 450 people die each year because they fall out of bed and not only do we NOT shut the country down to stop it, we don’t even demand railings on beds.  Dogs kill 43 people every year in the US and we still have dogs but if a virus might kill 250 healthy people then we need to grind a $6 Trillion economy to a halt.
  2. We are way past the point of preventing the spread of Covid-19 but I still hear lies and misrepresentations from the media to push the narrative that the world will end if we don’t stop this virus.  See Biden comments below.
  3. Do not talk about the number of infections to me either because that number and it’s increase, is not indicative of a spread rate but of increased testing.  You are an idiot if you think otherwise (and that is a fact).
  4. A lot of people die every year that none of you cared about last year!  Don’t say that you cared unless you gave all your income away to that cause because you are in favor of all of us losing all our income over this covid-19 today.

2017 USA Deaths:

  1. Heart Disease (640,000)
  2. Cancer (600,000)
  3. Accidents (170,000)
  4. Chronic lower respiratory (160,000)
  5. Stroke (145,000)
  6. Alzheimer’s (120,000)
  7. Diabetes (80,000)
  8. Influenza (60,000)
  9. Kidney (50,000)
  10. Suicide (45,000)

When you get your job back, keep your self-righteous standards high and give away half your income to a non-profit that helps with any of these ailments, which will cumulatively account for over 2 Million deaths again this year, and the next year, and the next year.

There is no way to have a vaccination against this thing before the end of summer so why are we taking suicide as a course of action?

What should you NOT do?

The USA has a much higher standard of care in their hospitals.  Laws and agencies are getting fixed due to their love of free market.  In Canada we are kinda screwed, like every other country with socialized healthcare (like Italy, UK, Iran).

And please stop politicizing this disease.  I am so sick of people cheering on Biden releasing a commercial of lies and the media making fun of Trump for asking doctors to re-use masks and chastising him for accusing people for selling masks that were shipped to hospitals when clearly this is happening.

Here is Joe Biden blaming Trump of being a xenophobe for banning travel to Europe and China on March 12.

Here is a video of Doctor Mike (for the record, I love Doctor Mike) buying $50,000 worth of black market masks.  These were not scooped up on Amazon, they fell off a truck at a hospital or someplace.

Mere days after CNN made fun of Trump for asking people to wash or reuse masks because it is illegal and impossible, the FDA has not only issued instructions, but the FDA is allowing a company to get paid for it.

I am not even going to acknowledge Biden’s commercial because anyone who criticizes the way the USA has handled this pandemic is just as asshat.  They complained that he closed the border too soon and didn’t ship enough medical supplies to China when it started but he stopped all mask shipments when he realized that Obama didn’t replenish the supplies after the last Ebola scare.  He didn’t run to the press and blame Obama, he just let it die but now the press is all over him for shipped  and supplies to China in the first place and for not closing the border fast enough.

The only SLOW response that Americans have been actually slow on, was building a wall between their lackadaisical neighbors to the North.

We should all make our peace with our neighbors to the South because as a Canadian, I know that it is only a matter of time before US troops shut down our border.  When they realize that our Prime Minister has “shut down” our border three times but then got busted allowing immigrants to keep walking across the border, then the second time they were still allowing temporary foreign workers and International Student Visa holders to keep coming (even after the jobs were gone and the schools were closed), and now we still find out that they are still allowing flights every day coming in from China.

That’s right, but not only are we NOT stopping flights from all countries, we aren’t even quarantining these people coming in from China.  And what is more, we are not stopping them from getting on a flight to Dallas or Miami where they are allowed to lie to US border agents about being in China.

Trump is going to treat us like the bitches we are and we are going to hurt for a long time for our social righteousness.  I get that we don’t give two shits about Canadians, but we are now putting American lives at risk and they are not going to be nice to us when the dust settles.

At the end of the day, the numbers are going to be much closer to 100 Million Americans will get infected no matter what we do.  Of that, 1 Million might die.  Of that number, 10,000 will be under 60 years of age and healthy.


At the end of the day, we will survive in Canada.  8 Million people will contract the covid-19 virus and 80,000 Canadians might die from it.  Of that, maybe 8000 will be under 60 years old or healthy.  And we will survive.

When the dust settles, Trudeau will dish out $50 Billion to save the banks, the airlines, and Bombardier.  The unemployment rate will pass 25% and a million small businesses will go bankrupt and the government will do nothing for these entrepreneurs.  Millions of Canadians will file personal bankruptcy and their lives will be reset to nothing in their 40s and 50s.

But at least we will all catch up on all those Netflix seasons that we have not found time for in the past year.

While I will be sad that so many people died from this, it will be no more so than the millions who die every year from everything else.  I do not think it was worth bringing on a new depression.  I don’t even think it was worth shutting down Disneyland.

But I do love what this disease has done to the traffic for the past few weeks driving to client sites because I am classified as an “essential service”.

The Real Blame!

At the end of the day, let’s take a cue from the people who are already planning to ostracize me, or who have already stopped reading, let’s blame CO2.  Of course it is to blame.  We blame CO2 for everything!  Surely it must have caused Covid-19.

Okay, that was a joke.  You can blame China for allowing people to eat bats but where we are in the world, more blame should fall on the shoulders of the WHO for helping China lie to the world and sadly, you should blame Canada for our involvement in doing and saying whatever China wants to promote this one-world government. Dr. Bruce Aylward should be ashamed of himself.  Canadians should be ashamed with me.

We should be blaming ourselves for allowing our countries to be locked down to propagate this pandemic propaganda.  It is our reaction that has been ridiculous.  Is it not more logical to lock down the 1 Million seniors in Canada than to lock down the other 30 Million who pay for their healthcare?

Follow the Money

When in doubt, I always say, “follow the money”.  At the end of the day, billionaire asshats are going to make billions more off stock market crashes.  Would it be any surprise if this virus outbreak was declared a pandemic so the UN could pocket $500M from pandemic bonds that were about to expire?

It would be sad, but not a surprise.



I just had to add some pics for Mark Gerretsen on Facebook because he is part of the Canada contingent sharing misinformation… I fixed his picture below where he is critical of the USA response… but I couldn’t post the pic to his profile because he has it locked down…

Here is the edit with a more factual representation of the situation…

17 responses to “Covid-19 cause and effect

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  2. Sometimes we’re blind to the very things that bring “Peace” to us. When earlier I said “stay away from vaccines” because they are part of the follow the money problem (for we have an epidemic of legal and illegal drug use) same as with legal and illegal immigration. HOWEVER, you know when you get that “gut feeling” – it’s usually the Holy Spirit. I got that feeling yesterday, to simply add my website address with my comment, but because I thought I should preface it with a comment about God, I didn’t obey the “gut feeling”. BUT because I was alarmed by the amount of fear people are taking in from main-stream news media and gov’t sources, I want to obey that feeling and offer some “Peace” that surpasses understanding. You need to take it or receive it though.
    My son being the computer tech, probably wonders why I don’t always add my website to everything!

    • You are a published author and phenomenally intelligent woman… there are people out there who would love to read what you write. I DO believe that you should be selflessly promoting yourself more… and if you think God wants you to then does what I think even matter? Just do it!

      • Thank you for your insightful comment.
        I did only self-publish though, but am trying to make my books available in e-book before offering them online.
        Maybe I’ll try harder to be sure I’m ready the next time “that gut feeling” comes, which I do believe is usually The Holy Spirit – of course, He’s patience so I returned the following day and did the post. Glad you responded.
        I just mailed out a new Bulletin yesterday which I will upload to my website later today.

          • It’s hard to believe what most of us accomplish in our lifetime. e.g. I did not read the word phenomenal in your comment til after I replied to you. I could sense though that you were writing from your spirit and soul, most people just use their mind. Just this morning I realized I had also replied to you under another comment – now I know you have a sense of humour. God Bless – is there anything I too can pray for?

  3. Stay away from vaccines – they too are a “follow the money” scenario.
    I heard there are virus outbreaks with different “cell strings” so a vaccine developed for “1 string” would be useless against a new or different string of the virus outbreak.

    • That would be no different than any flu vaccination… and if I was a vulnerable person I would be getting the flu vaccination… just to increase my chances of seeing my grand children

      • We’re all vulnerable – I use to be young and foolish thinking I was nearly invincible.
        I have never taken a flu shot, and every 2 or 3 years I do catch a cold or flu or maybe food poisoning, but I stay away from legal and illegal drugs to stay healthy

    • I do not disagree with you but I am publishing three books this year and have no time to think about additional income. Now that everything is locked down I need to make sure that I am at minimum maintaining my business income as well. It is a struggle.

  4. Bang on! 100%. Covid19 is poking holes in our system and what we consider ‘healthy’. If you aren’t ‘healthy’, you should be prepared for the worst. And some truly healthy people will die. And some not so healthy people will live. Any version of any sickness will do that. But you cannot crater an economy or a country because of a percentage. It’s sad and unfortunate but reality. When it’s over, everyone else needs to continue on even when some won’t.

    • After all the time I have spent listening to the emotional people who are detached from reality, I cannot figure out how to get these emotional train wrecks to understand logic… or even to listen to common sense for 10 seconds.

      • This lock-down I agree is not worthy of corona-virus, BUT maybe the picture is bigger – I think God shut down the schools so the children would be sent home where they can be loved and taught. AND, maybe the world is shut down so the evil connections will kinda float to the top and be taken out, if you know what I mean.
        Also to A2Z – these emotional train wrecks, according to Proverbs 28, do not understand “justice” and we don’t understand that they are detached from God, their Creator.

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